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  1. Which Chartplotter? B&G, Garmin....

    Nothing good to say about B and G. After one year the touch screen failed. The B and G mouse, pointer control keypad Also fails every month or so . To get it back on , the plotter must be removed, the data plug unplugged, then plugged in again ...to regain keypad communication with the plotter.
  2. The windows must be swept by wipers or you cant see out of them
  3. Bavaria in administration

    tight arsed ? Swedes are drunk with debt
  4. GSM mobile phone reach North sea coast Belgium

    Dont know the answer, in southern europe...mountainous coastline...i get 8 or so miles reception from the shore ant you might talk to an electronics pro in the area. Also Some mobile phone brands have poor reception . an external antenna on the mast is very common. my old mast mounted ant...now kaput from lightnight strike ...would pick up the signal 12 or more miles offshore and was very valuable .
  5. Strain relief for wiring at top of mast

    Pro electricians and hydraulic guys use this type of expandable cover. Threading the cover requires a long clean shop floor and careful measurement https://www.cableorganizer.com/kevlar/
  6. Strain relief for wiring at top of mast

    R Its easiest to use double braid. Fasten wire bundle to center core, then pull it plus the wire bundle thru the cover... you are replacing the rope center core with the wire bundle the same way you hang, strain relief , a shorepower electric cable , between boat and dock this only works with a small bundle of electric wires...if its a big bundle you must use a 1/19 ss wire with the bundle taped to the wire
  7. Strain relief for wiring at top of mast

    UV burns exposed cable..always spiral wrap the exposed cable to keep the sun off it.
  8. Random PicThread

    Glomar explorer...Howard Hughes. CIA.....Russian submarine recovery http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/deep_sea_mining
  9. Strain relief for wiring at top of mast

    Normally the wire bundle is taped , clamped to a piece of small diameter 1/19 ss rigging wire . The bundle is then run inside the mast from mast foot to mast head. The bundle is dead ended at the masthead and mast foot..the mast foot dead end has a small turnbuckle to tension the strain relief wire small boat can bury the electric wires inside the cover of a piece of yacht braid rope that has had it core removed. Again the bundle is dead ended at mast head..tensioned at mast foot. the rope cover gives some chafe protection conduit is best .
  10. Bavaria in administration

    One dead boatbuilder feeds work to the rest . the French will be happy, , the British will be throwing high fives , the Italians will declare a public holiday they struggle to compete with Bavarias robot mass produced , 1000 boats per year,, junk .
  11. Longitudinal Rudder movement

    And machinist fees are generally high ...i just had a pairof small, non technical, delrin bushings machined...120 per unit you can save a bit if you supply a correct drawing if you google bronze bushings you may be able to find a stock size that only needs trim and fit
  12. Longitudinal Rudder movement

    Dont know your boat...be careful with any dissimilar metals . Bronze is a good material The bronze rudder bearings im familiar with are top bearings, above waterline..behind lip seals ..and grease packed .
  13. Bavaria in administration

    If they start driving VWs on the sea and anchoring them in the bay...... then I say yes.
  14. Bavaria in administration

    Whoa...an angry reader !!! ! whoa !
  15. Small metal boats are difficult. the plate is thin and most significantly , the interior is cramped and full of structure to correctly maintain a steel or alloy boat you need full access to the bilge ...100 percent . Easy on a 100 footer ...not a 50 footer. metal boats always rot from the inside out , small metal boats are cramped...you see the corrosion , but you simply cant get to it.. space is so tight on small metal boats that many times I have cut the skin plates off the hull between frames ...so that I can gain access to interior details like tanks or thru bulkhead plumbing also remeber that a metal boat must be electrically isolated. A good Dutch build will be isolated when new...but as she ages electric leaks always appear and must be fixed for 50 footer i prefer glass.