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  1. Bronze Nuts?

    Your bad language doesnt give you knowledge. .go back to school , grow up in future, educate yourself before opening your mouth or you will forever be trapped in a life of frustration and failure Have I been perfectly clear ? http://www.boltscience.com/pages/faq.htm
  2. Singlehanding a 44' cruiser?

    A lesson i have learned when running cables is to always route extra cables..blanks. both power supply and control cable blanks boats always add equipment...running an extra cable, after construction, is very troublesome Recently 8 hours to run a single data cable for a new cockpit instrument and remember the " service loop " of extra cable at the component.. i recently replaced a water pump...same model. Old model had electric connections on the port side of pump, new model had them on starboard side of the pump . The exsisting power supply cable was now too short...much time wasted to make the cable longer And one of these days I will get a modern autopilot. My old style is very reliable...but its is easily overworked in a seaway when broad reaching
  3. Singlehanding a 44' cruiser?

    A wiring diagram , Marine cabling, junction boxes, breakers, fuse blocks , switches ....and the skill needed , make electrification a big job. for a do it your self type , the way to save money is to only run the cables and supply the needed infrastructure ... free space if you speak to a marine electrician , they will tell you the best way to save money .
  4. Bronze Nuts?

    Fine threads are prone to galling . Bronze is the common solution . They are used on turnbuckles because fine threads develope more preload with less torque . Its also easier to cut fine threads inside of a tube.
  5. Teak deck..how difficult to strip off

    Didnt watch your video.... the normal method to remove the teak planking is with a circular saw. set the blade depth to teak thickness. cut kerfs perpendicular to planks...across the deck perhaps 100mm apart take a chisel...wide chisel ...and break the teak apart. use a randon orbital with #40 to remove teak residue and adhesive. fill all the old holes with epoxy dont use screws to hold the new deck down
  6. Bronze Nuts?

    For stainless to stainless, assembly paste we. Use Weicon . Other products are available itis much easier to clean up . Tefgel is sticky , persistent , the finished product is prone to hand smudges tefgel is expensive and reserved for stainless to alumium fasteners Stainless has a oxide on its surface. This is why it is resistant..passive . Galling is when this oxide is scraped away to allow metal to metal contact ...cold welding galling is normally only an issue in industry...with high speed machine assemby ...the nut turns too fast, oxide is stripped, gall marine , hand assembly does not have the issue . assembly paste such as Weicon acts as a lubricant and prevents oxide loss. Be sure to also lubricate the flat washer under the fastener pump shafts, prop shaft, turnbuckles ...face different issues...this is the application for Bronze double nutting stainless is dangerous. The first nut can become overloaded, over torque and gall. Double nut with bronze, brass or use locktight and a single
  7. US v Microsoft

    It used to be adventagous to shop around and find foriegn banks to hide money . this was closed down . If an American touches the money, it must be reported to the US Treasury . https://www.treasury.gov/services/Pages/TD-F-90-22.1-Report-of-Foreign-Bank-and-Financial-Accounts.aspx Data is no different . If an American has data stored , the US government should have access to it . how this data can be used is a good question ....
  8. Nav & Performance Data w/o Through Hull Transducers

    Well...we can compare sailing resumes !!! And i guarantee that you will come out looking like a little boy in short pants
  9. Bronze Nuts?

    Fuck off lttle boy
  10. Taxpayer Bailout of Retirement Plans

    Dont know what to say . Other than the system is broken someone smarter than me must come up with proposals
  11. Bronze Nuts?

    Careful you dont cook the fastener when cutting it off. .goo like sikaflex cooks fast
  12. Taxpayer Bailout of Retirement Plans

    Sounds correct... ... The driverless cars ?..... tax them disruptive buisness models like Amazon ? Tax them electric cars ? Tax them we shall see .
  13. Nav & Performance Data w/o Through Hull Transducers

    The way the electronics are packaged speed and depth come together in one thru hull. the compass is my most important steering aid ...the units that mount on the back of the mast Allow your eyes to do the most looking around. i could sail with only a compass. In general i find instruments distracting at night...to much light pollution. less is best
  14. Taxpayer Bailout of Retirement Plans

    This is unkown...we do know that pension commitments used unrealistic 8 percent returns... we Do know that machines may displace workers in the decade before they retire. we do know that workforce participation rates are on the low side the problem is real...i will be listening for logical solutions
  15. Taxpayer Bailout of Retirement Plans

    Yup...it smells bad what else can you do ? poverty wont work . Perhaps this concept of " basic income " might work with retired workers Perhaps the tax payer tops up the workers stunted pension plus SS , to whatever level is judged basic income