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  1. slug zitski

    Will there be a third wave?

    Ban me ..asshole
  2. slug zitski

    Will there be a third wave?

    The newspapers are telling me that the US did a catastrophic job addressing the corona issue ? It appears that this in not true who is correct ?
  3. slug zitski

    Will there be a third wave?

    Numbers I do not understand them I’m in Puerto Rico , super high risk population and a broken health care system what’s going on with these numbers ? it appears that the UK is a death camp ?
  4. slug zitski

    Cold Feet, But Not Sea Boots

    The dubarry sea boots are first class expensive and clumsy for everyday use when cruising
  5. slug zitski

    Winter Car Storage

    Sounds correct boric acid is all purpose and doesn’t kill the kids ask an insect pro is your region for suggestions
  6. slug zitski

    Fridge lid seal

    Yes hollow profile gasket the best seal requires very little surface contact ...very little round profile seem best for many applications remember to punch breather holes in the gaskets to allow air to escape you can’t mitre a hollow profile instead you cut a 45 wedge out of the inside edge ...not the rear edge ..remove the chunk ... then bend the gasket around the corner the only “joint” is a perpendicular cut .. perform this cut and super glue this joint after the gasket is installed double sided adhesive tape is used the keep The gasket on
  7. slug zitski

    Winter Car Storage

    My brother places an outdoor type carpet , treated with insecticide , underneath the classic cars i dont know the insecticide type’s a white powder all engine room air inlets and cabin air inlets are covered rats and mice are controlled with standard traps in the garage Seems to work carefull with alcohol gas in the tank.. over time the alcohol morphs back into corn cobs and clogs things up
  8. slug zitski

    Will there be a third wave?

    I’m not smart enough to interpret the numbers and the second wave please explain the minimal “second wave “death rate Something looks fishy does testing give a misleading picture ? is death rate the only reliable number ?
  9. slug zitski

    Cold Feet, But Not Sea Boots

    For cold sailing normal outdoor style Lightweight, water resistant , boots work well Nothing expensive ... normal winter shoes with decent wet traction soles my last pair had Velcro instead of laces good choice
  10. In us dollars Those numbers are generally correct add in health insurance , plus expenses then consider Nationality and income tax savings It’s common on many yachts to received 13 months salary , the extra month is a pension contribution rich folks spread plenty of money around
  11. slug zitski

    The Swedish Experiment

    Georgia implemented a “soft lockdown “ their corona fatality rate seems about average I just read that Georgia’s 2020 tax receipts are 7 percent higher than 2019 tax receipts it appears that decent results can be achieved without destroying your economy
  12. Those boats consume many thousands of construction man hours and millions in annual running costs Get your share of this cash and skip the guilt trip
  13. slug zitski

    Waterproof socks?

    I like the brand “Sealskin “ comfortable and reasonably long lasting expensive pick up one “waterproof” pair and two pairs of “quick dry “ synthetic socks “waterproof” is a relative term
  14. Those jumbos are obnoxious to sail a mate of mine runs a jumbo close reaching in the carribean at 20 knots creates so much apparent wind on deck that guests sunglasses get blown off their faces crew must glue their baseball caps to the top of their heads and talk via headphone mic setups
  15. Yah, after a season or two the new GIGA yacht becomes faceless and disappears into charter time to upgrade to BIGGA yacht