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  1. slug zitski

    Where Has Your Boat Taken You?

    I was just looking at some old picture albums ...there was a newspaper clipping of the boat 1991, second week of July , St Petersburg, Russia , alongside the dock ..river Neva..festival of the white nights
  2. slug zitski

    Automatic fire suppression will kill youself very difficult to fight a fire on a small craft..perhaps impossible , smoke, chemical inhalation will cut you down when a fire breaks out on a small craft..heat rises...the overhead plastic lewmar hatches cave in and you now have a turbo airsupply ... best to spend your time and money preventing fire . Concentrate on .. airtight engine space..airtight battery space ...non flammible materials ...correct electrical installation and maintenance flammible liquids on board. Any automatic fire supression system is high maintenance and dangerous to people best use standard remote control..pull cable ..discharge i have asked fire safety professionals how to correctly fight a battery fire on board a small craft answer
  3. slug zitski

    SUV anarchy

    Dont know those models. my current suv is an Audi...smooth ride, great mileage, luxurious interior with plenty of buttons and electronic gizmos
  4. I speak about houshold debt and household consumtion that drives economic growth
  5. The numbers look good. i worry about global debt levels .
  6. slug zitski

    Type of screws to mount clutches on AL mast

    On mast fastnings Use a thread sealer, threadlocker with PTFE TEFGEL is without thread locker TUFFGEL has threadlocker in some markets Tuffgel is hard to buy . Locktight Brand also makes a sealant, thread locker with PTFE ...i cant remember its part number Dont know your instalation ...typically a mast surface is convex, not flat ...and the hardware to be mounted has a flat base. Bedding the flat base hardware into thickened epoxy will solve this issue
  7. slug zitski

    Weather Map Definitions

    GFS ...low resultion modeling is good for predicting geostrophic wind . The gfs model is not sophisticated enough to predict wind inshore, around land masses , surface topography ... High resolution modeling such as HIRLAM..ALADIN are used when inshore
  8. slug zitski

    Bonding Delrin to SS. Glue Suggestions?

    Bonding delrin to a dissimilar material is difficult . Delrins thermo expansion cooeficient is seven time greater than steel . the adhesive must accomodate this movement or the bond will fail.
  9. slug zitski

    UV Protection permanon was developed for the aircraft industry ......protects aircraft paints from high altitude UV you mix it with distilled water ... apply it as a mist with a Windex type spray bottle , then wipe is off with a microfiber type cloth easy to use . The stuff is expensive and concentrated . One bottle will last you for many many years on your small boat you should contact the company and find out is they sell it in small quantities you can also google SI14 , the nanoparticle in permanon that provides the protection many other products are usung this nano particle permanon is nice because it is so easy to use...wash the boat , mist it with permanon , wipe off with microfiber cloth and you are done
  10. slug zitski

    required navigation tools

    Yes....and the book contains very compact instructions for its use....even simple stuff like constructing plotting sheets from standard lines notebook paper a book is always needed....after a few years I forget everything and must refresh my memory . at present the only time I actually break out the sextant is when my crew are preparing for liscense exams .
  11. Perfect example Chinese theft of foreign intellectual property ...the bullet train technology was stolen from the germans and Japanese
  12. slug zitski

    required navigation tools
  13. slug zitski

    Disposal of out dated flares & shells

    Solas Flares pack a punch and provide area illumination . They can not be confussed with other maritime lights, activety an electronic flashing strobe at sea means attention , stay away from me . electronic transmit gizmos only work if there is a receive station in your area.
  14. slug zitski

    Coolboats to admire can see the Old world klumpen heritage