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  1. To Be Hosed Or Not To Be Hosed

    Race authorities could make these boats , cruiser racers, safer by limiting crew numbers. only sailors...no rail ballast . you dont need twenty five crew to get around the course
  2. Very distubing video. The law enforcement officer is guilty of premeditated murder. He intended to kill its possible that the incedent is not correctly reporded by the press. action should be taken to clarify the situation
  3. To Be Hosed Or Not To Be Hosed

    A fully crewed boat needs clear walkways that enable a team of crew to rapidly move. fore aft and side to side , all while. Staying clear of danger zones. . A recent very seriuos crew injury occured on a wally. The crew. was hit by the boom, mainsheet. The reason the crew was in the danger zone was because the deck layout was comprimised to act as a racer cruiser...with .cabin house, cockpit and a racercruiser sail control layout that forces a big crew pile up during maneuvers.
  4. Safety Gear versus Practice

    The issue is how to get the dummy...man over.... back on the boat. Not easy...all boats are different the last man we lost over board need a crew to go into the sea to grab him ....a halyard was used as the safety tether to the crew and the whole pile was winched in. not easy..full crew involved. dont fall overboard...you will die
  5. Older well known IOR Boats

    Barefoot Contessa....brings back memories
  6. To Be Hosed Or Not To Be Hosed

    The Farr class 40 has substantial crew protection and is regarded as a very fast boat.
  7. To Be Hosed Or Not To Be Hosed

    You can see the design evolution in the class40. Cockpit layout , crew protection . The original 40 s were cruiser racer layouts. Modern 40s have substation crewprotection to reduce crew fatigue and keep water outof the boat
  8. Slightly Obscure But Very Helpful

    On boats you are always singlehanded.... even when you have a full crew......people are ashore touring for instance. This is why you are a cruiser...to check out the region anchor watch is typically solo. A doubled...continous sternline that you can let run is very long, perhaps One hunded meters ..not practicle for most situations. Additional the typical routine for stern too is to send the tender ashore with a line, the crew search for a suitable fastening point , then the crew drags the stern line back to the boat...this is difficult to do with a continious line that is attached to the yacht if you cant perform a manuver singlehanded you are not practicing good seamanship and I have dumped and lost many many stern lines into the sea when evacuating . These lines are lost. This is the reason I never use floating rope. Floaters become a hazard to all boats using the anchorage . Sinkers dont a good methed for handling the stern line is to first...fasten the stern line to the tender...then flake this long rope on the tender sole....find a suitable landing point onshore...scramble ashore with the end of the line in your hand ...then give the tender a good push , launching to the tender back into the sea. Tender Free floating , but attached to your stern line. This way the tender floats free of the rocks and surge while you search for a fastening point. When its time to reboard the tender simply pull it in by the stern line ....jump aboard...then ...in reverse...haul the line back out to the boat. Best to always keep the outboard running and in nuetral when you perform the manuever. Hauling the rope to the yacht in reverse keeps the rope clear of the outboard motor as you feed out and reverse thrust is more prescise when pulling a load
  9. "There is no such thing as 'Sound Science'"

    Sure...nuclear energy is expensive. Dont forget that fossil fuel energy requires the global military industrial complex to defend its supply and distribution network. Biomass ? Sounds good to me...one more leg in a diverse energy network. in the end all energy is expensive. It makes most sense to me for society ....tax payers money ....to concentrate on science and policy that optimizes energy use , efficiency . Sources of energy will always be changing . Its bad science to pick winners
  10. "There is no such thing as 'Sound Science'"

    Germany is about the rejection of nuclear power. Now they are stuck....burning coal, russian gas, windmills.... nuclear rejection is ideology
  11. "There is no such thing as 'Sound Science'"

    Multiple energy source sounds good to me. It implies efficiency use of resources. I would like to see more science aimed at reducing transmission loss and citizen energy efficiency if the citizen uses half as much energy, they produce half as much pollution and consume half as much precious resource. I read someplace that to build the electric charging infrastucture needed to make electric cars viable will cost 1.5 trillion most auto makers reject electricity , battery cars, as future mass market transport . 1.5 trillion might be wasted on ideology
  12. "There is no such thing as 'Sound Science'"

    Im not convinced that the german experiment is valid...its not based on science...its based on ideology. in the case of the US i prefer that ideology is kept out of the discusion and that best practice, energy efficiency , and multiple energy sources guides energy policy picking a winner is not science
  13. Slightly Obscure But Very Helpful

    Its a lot of work to anchor with lines ashore. Always a possibilty that your crew punctures the rib on rocks or falls down while walking on the slimy surface and breaks or cuts something . Retrieving your stern line when things go bad at night is not fun ...mistakes happen when things are not easy . I seldom go stern too also Im 3.8 meters deep at rhe rudder...i dont like the rudder being so close to the bottom , particulary in green water with poor visability that prevents me from visualy surveying the area. . Regardless of draft....All sailing yachts are vulnerable aft . Im many areas I avoid stern too because of rats...those buggers will walk right out on your shore lines. Additionaly ...for some reason when another boat sees me stern to in an anchorage they Think its a good idea to also come over and go stern tooo right next to me. Sometimes they even attempt to fasten to the same rock crevice or strong point that Im using . The reason people like an anchorag is the peace , quite and privacy ...not listening to the next door neighbors wind generator or barking dog As for anchoring Ive been a full time sailor for 40 years, perhaps 130 or so days a year on anchor . I feel most secure when on a swing an horage , well offshore, deep water, , standing watch , prepared to break free, clear of other boats , singlehanded , in a moment notice.