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  1. slug zitski

    How important is a smooth bottom?

    Normally the guys with polished bottoms also have brand new sails ,hired tactician...... they beat you with money thats just the way sailboat racing is
  2. slug zitski

    One-way plane tickets

    Yah thats how it works always use a return ticket. Speak with the airline about unused ticket policy those tickets have value .
  3. slug zitski

    Sealing out exhaust gasses

    Don’t know you project, but the correct way to align a plumbing fitting is with s plumbing nut the various locking compound that I know of are heat sensitive
  4. slug zitski

    Baltic 33 Rudder: Contortionist Required?

    Yah simple jobs on small boats can be expensive and time consuming to repair because of poor access Looks like you must tear out everything in your way to get at the rudder steering gear patience , coffee, gloves to cover bloody knuckles , tools to go around corners and good lighting you might be able to tidy things up a bit to make it easier for the next poor bugger
  5. Plus all boats are different some are all original equipment , junk some are in survey and upgraded 10 year old standing rigging is junk 10 year old sail drive gaskets are junk 10 year old mainsails are junk 10 year old electronics are junk the list is long
  6. slug zitski

    How important is a smooth bottom?

    The question is For a freshly diver cleaned bottom which is faster ? a good , pro applied airless spray a good , pro applied airless spray , wet sanded For me I can’t tell the difference at club level
  7. slug zitski

    Sailing log book

    You can have as many entries as you want in a log book I like the log to be compact With a log book I am most interested in ensuring my crew knows how to Dead Reckon and that they record their watch observations no corrected SOG or COG that calculated data is all over the chart plotter, radar , B and G , iPhone I simply enter time , course , speed, wind speed , wind angle , Wind direction ,log , ,position , bilge level , sail combo and comment the watch plots their DR on the chart comment is a brief description of how you sailed the boat during your watch ...... a short story poled out starboard jibe , sailed 15 degrees high of course to avoid shipping lane , wind soft ..........
  8. slug zitski

    tiller pilot with attached battery

    I was walking thru a boat show and saw a small well packaged lithium power pack for lake fisherman’s electric trolling motors you up might keep a lookout around fishing type gear
  9. slug zitski

    mast vang attachment for 19 " Typhoon

    You can also dead end the vang on the deck , mast collar this takes much load off the mast
  10. slug zitski

    Non-traveler mainsheet

    Many modern yachts eliminate the main sheet traveler and vang sheet speak with your rigger or a naval architect for vang advice
  11. Best to look for a 150 k boat then put 100 k on the table the brokerage market is very depressed way to many boats chasing way to few clients
  12. slug zitski

    Sailing with a partially unfurled laminate jib

    Your instinct is correct upwind reefed is particularly hard on a regatta sail in future notify the sailmaker that you must be able to reduce sail area so that extra reinforcement can be added some sailors prefer a slab reef in the job
  13. slug zitski

    Costs for commissioning a new sailboat?

    I work with big expensive boats so this may not apply to a 40 footer when a boat is commissioned the chief who is in charge of commissioning brings book called the commissioning protocol this book is specific to the boat and is a checklist concerning every aspect of the boat every detail is examined and checked off the list ..OK spare ignition key ? details to verify include every technical manual for every piece of equipment on the boat this list may be 50 or 60 pages long it’s a good idea to request a copy of this commissioning protocol In future , when you re commission the boat , after storage or works , you have a valuable roadmap
  14. slug zitski

    Costs for commissioning a new sailboat?

    Some dealers are pretty good and hire pro contractors some hire monkeys with screwdrivers
  15. slug zitski

    Disappearances at sea

    I remember one from a few years ago the entire crew died of co2 poisoning some kinda exhaust leak Enclose wheelhouse motor sailor No distress was ever sent