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  1. Looking for a yard...

    MC-TEC in Tunisia builds the wally , Class 40 yachts and catamarans Cape Racing Yachts , south africa is doing some class 40 s
  2. England car rental

    You could go with a convertible or a roll top max headroom
  3. Matt Damon uses his Rich Liberal Priveledge

    Hey...whats going on ? didnt that Damon guy move to Canada after Trump got elected ?
  4. Be alert for mosquito bites in that part of the world. Curacao Is sophisticated , so the problem may be slight the collapse of Venezuela is the big issue facing those islands.
  5. Trump Blackmailing with Import tariffs

    This is well known. the solution is more difficult even Europe penalizes American imports
  6. Remember...it was the responsiblity of the Russians to notify the Americans of any Russian troop movements the russians made a mistake and paid the price.
  7. Clamptite hose clamp

    I dont know Many different types of hose clamp, each with a specific job. on engines , because of heat and expansion, clamps are " constant torque " style to avoid damaging the rubber hose best to use the correct clamp...not some all purpose solution
  8. 3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    The inside is coated...the coating acts as the primer, uv block There are several manufacturers of window bedding supplies. is see bostik , saba, siki used consult the technical description for product use and names. The key to a good bond is the substrate preparation and following the directions
  9. Sailing Books for Children

    The Encyclopedia for kids is the Ocean Almanac. everything they need to know
  10. Sailing Books for Children

    Flipper is a kids best friend around the water
  11. 3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    UV penetrates the glass and burns the adhesive bonding surface When you look at an auto mobile window you can see that UV protection is applied to the widow bonding surfave and that this black UV protection extendeds several mm past the frame window joint Pro marine window fitters also extend this uv shield ..perhaps 3mm avoid any clear primers...use black
  12. Teak deck..how difficult to strip off

    I work with metal boats, we sandblast adhesive off. A grinder and a soft pad would work with a skilled operator, but its very messy. A dust cloud A proffesional random orb , 60 grit , with a vacume dust removal is more civilized a stiff Wire wheel , turned at low rpm , is very good for removing sika flex type adhesive and may be very useful on a fiberglass deck with molded nonskid pattern .. since the bonding area is so large its not necessary for 100 percent of the old adhesive to be removed.
  13. The new sanctions on Russia will probably be exclusion from the SWIFT system
  14. It's election n time in Russia. To win Putin needs external enemies to silence critics and distract from the internal mess in Russia The nerve agent attack has created many many enemies on its border
  15. Then it is the responsibilty of the Russian Government to admit that they have lost control of these weapons of mass destruction . at present there is only russian denial and bluster.
  16. It was a russian military grade nerve agent , that has been traced to a russian weapons lab. they identified it as russian from samples taken when a nerve agent lab was inspected during arms control procedures its possible that the russians do not have control of the inventory.
  17. Bucket vs RV Toilet vs Toilet w/holding Tank

    Im using an Actana Turdmaster with the optional big gulp bowl. fresh water flush , https://www.deoutletspecialist.com/product/actana-24v-toilet-met-buitenw-spoeling/
  18. Be alert....Acetone can contaminate the surface by disolving whatever substance that may be in the rag. i dont often see composite workers or painters use solvent . Painters often use alcohol for contaminate removal when possible use only detergent and water water gives a clear visual indication of contaminates when is sheets off the surface
  19. Bucket vs RV Toilet vs Toilet w/holding Tank

    Toilet, holding tank and newpaper rack
  20. For a secondary bond , If you clamp the joint, it will be resin starved and weak . gentle pressure to hold the component in place and achieve 100 percent epoxy substrate contact is all that is needed when you vacume bag a laminate stack you are compacting the fibres and generating 100 percent resin fiber contact .
  21. who what where

    Yes indeed...
  22. Insurance-Double Handed race coverage

    I was insured double handed bermuda race, german flag, pantaenius you might double check . its possible that europe and the US are different markets
  23. Secondary bond surface preparation https://epoxyworks.com/index.php/a-better-way-to-prepare-laminates/
  24. 3M VHB tape or Dow 795 to afix acrylic windows?

    The 3m tape requires clamping pressure to a hieve full surface contact this is why its not used in the shipyard stick with sika products. Primer, adhesive and perimeter caulking remember..the adhesive needs a 2mm bondline. this 2 mm is generated with 3 mm square foam tape around the inside perimeter edge ot the frame. the tape...on the inside edge, will also prevent adhesive bleed out on the inside of the frame...very tedious to clean up. the keep the window centered in the frame you need plastic spacers around the perimeter . These can be bought or made by cutting up a plastic bog spreader. Leave them long so that you can pull out after adhesive cure After the window is bonded, its perimeter is caulked
  25. Homebrew EVA/PE fenders?

    Its No joke...rubber tires are the only way to defend against floating onto and being eaten by the dock during meteotsunami conditions . i carry two....compact car size. Heavy timber boards can also be used , but are hard to carry onboard typically the port captain will have a pile of tires ready.