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  1. Boats and sailing are labor intensive. People are always needed. since boats are very small the people on them must all get along . A team . you must convince the boat that you are useful and easy to get along with Boats are very expensive to operate , you should not present a financial burden.
  2. Monsanto is killing you

    Im sure its a challenge. Farming is a challenge. Im not a farmer , but I have seen how a farm works. When i was a child my dad was away in the navy and my mom contracted tuberculosis. To protect us kids from tuberculosis, we were sent away and lived on the farm . at that time the farm had outside plumbing , everything was simple . At present there is no more outside plumbing and everything is complex..a room full of computors and paperwork
  3. Monsanto is killing you

    I suspect property price has alway been a challenge for farmers. My fathers side of the family are farmers. It has taken them three generations to accumulate enough land to be economically viable . They still drive old trucks . subsidies , taxpayer protection of farmers interests , regulations are all tools that can be used to make sure that diverse and abundant food is available from family farms
  4. Monsanto is killing you

    Yah...if farmers cant make a living the world will die. The same with the crop science companies...if they cant make a living the world will die. it must be accecpted that the system will never be perfect , everything has a consequence. . and as you say farmers have become land rich, cash poor. This has created a situation that has the average age of a farmer is close to 60 years. Young farmers, even with an agricultural education , buisness skills and desire cant break into farming because the investment is so high . This will be a new challenge for society to address.
  5. Monsanto is killing you

    Yes...this what I understand
  6. Monsanto is killing you

    Lets hope that tax payers dollars are directed at the scientists who study these things. particularly monocultures and the food supply. look at what is now happening to bannans
  7. Monsanto is killing you

    Its not just bees that are disappearing...its insects...The Biodiversity of farmland its possible that monoculture interferes with the ecology of the insect world .
  8. Monsanto is killing you

    I guess. In reality the food production system in the US works pretty good. Food is abundant and affordable. nothing wrong with keeping a sharp legal eye on industrial and monopolistic agricultural practices. All farmers must benifit from the system
  9. London Boat Show.... fail?

    Now you know what to do with that old slow boat.....cut it in half, paint it, decorate it and turn it into a bar. locally there is a very nice..half boat..beach bar
  10. Monsanto is killing you

    Ddt resistance is from improper use. To eliminate malaria you must kill the mosquito , then eliminate the mosquitos breeding grounds...stagnant water, open sewers...infrastructure investment . if you are incapable of removing the mosquitoes breeding grounds ... Poverty, corruption, ignorance ....you must rely on repeated DDT application as a form of mosquito control.. not good...this is the major reason why DDT is restricted
  11. Emigrate to Norway!

    Since biomass is CO2 intensive it is falling out of favour in Europe
  12. Monsanto is killing you

    Does the company still Monsanto exist ? Or is it now called Bayer
  13. Monsanto is killing you

    This isuue with monsanto...why liberal hate monsanto...is because of intellectual property rights. Seeds are owned by the big companies...you must purchase new seeds every year. This infuriates liberals
  14. Monsanto is killing you

    Not in Olbia, Sardina. to this day the Italian authorities are closely monitoring the population of this city to discover any long term damage From ddt
  15. Monsanto is killing you

    One of the most studied ddt eradication programs was Olbia, Sardinia...after WW2...by Fred Soper, Rockefeller foundation . . To my knowledge no human effects have been detected . if you wish to read about DDT...google Fred Sopper
  16. Monsanto is killing you

    Sorry...i studied DDT at school...as a chemical it is a very powerful insecticide . So effective that the US military used it the win the war in the pacific. the problem with ddt was that commercial farmers began to use it to improve crop yeild. To much ddt entered the ecosystem, to many benificial insects were killed , to much of the food chain harmed if the ddt had been used scientifically.. in controlled applications to attack specific problems....the way you disrupt the life cycle of mosquitoes by selective application...ddt would never had gotten such a bad name.
  17. Monsanto is killing you

    Ddt was improperly used by commercial agriculture.
  18. Pogo Structures...are they closed for business?

    I dont know Pogo...but in Frnace, Spain, Italy ...many shops close for an entire month..christmas,...January. my supplier in Spain is shut down till the end of the month
  19. Monsanto is killing you

    Thats the secret...education and supervision to prevent incorrect use of chemicals or any other technology incorrect use is what gave DDT a bad name. with out chemicals and technology the world will starve to death good idea for scientists to constantly monitor any technolgy to look for unintended consequences. why are insects disappearing ? Its possible there is link to agricultural technology
  20. Emigrate to Norway!

    Infinite is a poor word . The earth has massive energy reserves. But much is Non recoverable....for whatever reason... perhaps future technology helps, perhaps extraction is so dangerous that they outlaw it. Consider gas, methane hydrates. Enormous deposits. https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/Can-Fire-Ice-Solve-Japans-Energy-Problem.html
  21. Tether clips

    I really like glow in the dark safety gear. I wish i could buy sail tie stock ,glow in the dark . its probably made but whenever i ask i get ...huh?
  22. New non skid, eva foam or synthetic teak

    These boats built in the netherlands have synthetic teak decks https://www.wajer.com/models/wajer-55/ most plastic teak is substandard, slippery, funny looking ... the product on these boats is very nice...the best I have seen i believe the product is called https://www.permateek.com/ you might have a look and inquire
  23. Storms and boat improvements

    Upwind, close reaching in a lumpy sea...the boom is moving around like crazy. you cant have good sail trim..leech tension, angle of attack ...if the boom is moving around sometimes on smaller boats, lightweight carbon booms, the reverse pressure in the boom vang is enough to act as a topping lift. not on bigger boats..the reverse gas charge in the vang is not powerful enough to counteract the boon weight, inertia , as it rolls
  24. Underwater Max Prop Lubrication

    Yup, almost 2 tubes.... As i said...lubriplate is a thin grease...its nothing special a max prop is not some kinda precision device spinning a 10,000 rpm that needs a technical lubricant. its a crude piece of bronze. lubriplate is calcium base and its viscosity is NLGI 1 normal grease works fine. That prop pictured has used normal grease since 1994. i think they recomend thin grease so that the prop feathers easily at low speed
  25. Underwater Max Prop Lubrication

    It takes almost 2 tubes of grease to fill my prop...every year. Sometimes i must repack in places without marine stores pain in the ass to carry several different types of grease