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  1. Ironically for your statement, there isn't a helmsman in the Navy that ever looks out the window. Only the bad ones do. Their job is to have a laser focus on the compass, and let the officers who get paid the big(gish) bucks decide what course to steer and how to avoid big things.
  2. Good point on the crossing situation. I do beg to differ on the lights, however. The sound signals are a "shall" and the light signals are a "may." I could have been more clear in stating that flashing lights alone are not a signal. I do believe the Crystal could easily turn 90 degrees in less than 10 minutes. You can see on the AIS track, it does so in about 5 minutes (from 135 to 41) while accelerating. And that would be a turn broad enough not to spill any cargo, most likely.
  3. Interesting, in that the Crystal's actions are totally improper if true. Flashing lights are not a warning. Of course the media treats it as the Fitzgerald "failed to respond to warning signals" but there is nothing about a flashing light that implies a warning signal. You want to fire off a warning, five short blasts (or lots of short blasts - the regs say "at least five") and start hollering on the radio. Hard starboard turn? In a crossing situation (if that's what this is, which seems likely) you shoot the stern. Starboard turn for the Crystal would've had them racing to cross in front, not behind. Collided ten minutes later? That's a really, really long time. I'm calling horseshit on this "advance report." There are holes in it a mile wide.
  4. I'm not putting my head in the sand about the long term effects of all the bashes to the head football players take, and that helmets may have contributed to a false sense of security. Certainly a big aspect to that. But the truth remains that football was a deadly sport before helmets. It probably would be again. Rugby isn't very comparable - much of it is spent in a slow-moving, low-momentum scrum. Helmets keep football players from getting whacked in the head and dying, which was awfully, awfully common around the turn of the last century. So much so that the President got the college presidents together and said, look, something has got to be done. Harvard-Yale games were canceled. Schools banned football. Nobody has died on the football field from a blunt-trauma head injury since the advent of helmets, and that to me is a step forward.
  5. Anyone who thinks football helmets should be banned for causing injury, needs to be reminded of how many college football players died in the late 19th and early 20th century before helmets were introduced. More than a dozen per year. As for helmet-wearing kids on Optis, well, kids are more perceptive than adults give them credit for. If adults say "this is dangerous, wear a lot of safety equipment" and it actually isn't all that dangerous, the next time an adult says something is dangerous (and is right) then they're less likely to be take seriously. In other words, helmets on Optis is crying wolf pretty big-time.
  6. What a fucking asinine thing to say. Passenger planes don't crash? Fighter jets don't crash? Air forces never accidentally bomb the wrong target? Like bombing Afghan hospitals? Airliner pilots, of course, have a whole army of air traffic controllers telling them exactly where to be and when to be there. Close quarters navigation is not on their plate, unlike onboard ships. And sometimes ATC screws up too. Like at Tenerife. Human error is not the sole province of the US Navy, which, by the way, "gets it right" every day and bumps into another ship or the ground once every few years or so. It's not like the freighter that wandered outside the Lake St. Clair channel last year made CNN, though. As for your ignorant assertions about the Vincennes, let's correct a few of your blind assumptions. They were not "patrolling a no-fly zone." Iran was at war, enforcing a no-fly zone would've been the classic closing the barn door after the horse escaped. There was never a no-fly zone. Vincennes was escorting shipping through the Straits of Hormuz to prevent it being intercepted by Iran. Being in the correct place was not the problem. Vincennes knew they were in Iranian waters. Their higher-ups didn't, but that's because Vincennes didn't tell them. The reason they shot down the airliner was because they thought it was an Iranian F-14 responding to Vincennes attacking Iranian gunboats that had been firing on their helicopter. They made a lot of errors, obviously. Not knowing where they were wasn't one of them.
  7. I don't agree with that. There's no bright-line standard for when to sound off 5 horns. Some skippers and mates are just skittish. Our club hosts Tuesday night races with a start smack next to the freighter channel and a racecourse that crisscrosses it. Freighters are common. They have a massive range of reactions that runs literally from 1) steaming blithely on through without a peep as if we weren't there to 2) blasting their horn in continuous short blasts for like fifteen minutes, whether or not there's even a single boat in the channel. Five short may or may not mean they think they're about to hit someone. It may or may not mean anyone's doing anything dangerous. It's supposed to mean they don't understand the actions or intentions of the other boat(s). It doesn't mean someone was actively doing something dangerous. IMO, five short is not a good standard for DSQ. If we did that we'd have no idea which boat to DSQ. They could be just blasting at the fleet. Often they are. Local mileage will vary. ********************************************* On a separate note, communication with the USCG ought to be highly encouraged if your race is near a shipping channel. Our club has worked very hard and very closely with them to develop a workable set of instructions. We've found them to be very carrot-and-stick in their approach. Stick - they won't let us race if our boats interfere too much with freighters, and we've had to come up with procedures that satisfy them. Carrot - if the club and the racers toe the line, they can help make freighter captains aware of traffic they should expect on the lake/river, and "every Tuesday in the summer" is pretty predictable. The USCG leaves us alone if we follow the rules. If a captain complains to them of all the traffic, well, we have a license to race, and unless a boat was specifically screwing around too much, we don't hear from the Coasties. I agree with whoever said the RC can't just get on the radio and tell racers to move. But the SIs can say anything you want. We fly flag F from the dock and from a mark set/patrol boat that stations itself at a mark, and sound horns to alert racers to it. When F is flying, someone is watching the freighter and any boat traffic near it, monitoring the radio, and immediately DSQ'ing anyone deemed to have interfered. But....five short from the freighter isn't sufficient evidence. Fortunately, in our case, if a ship leaves the channel, it immediately becomes a stationary obstruction. So they're very predictable and everyone knows: in channel bad, outside channel OK. And if the buoys don't tell you where you are, your fathometer will.
  8. Time to start asking some questions among the crew - nobody is hiding for a week like that without help. Who's bringing him food?
  9. Whether in San Diego or Key West, it sure seems to be the case that events flounder mainly because Sailing Anarchy tried to come swooping to the rescue and was rejected. The SA boys can make any racing event into a massive success, just ask 'em. Had they only been allowed to help, boats would've flocked in, begging to be allowed to race. No idea how influential Clean and crew really are.....but we sure know how influential they think they can be.
  10. A few years ago we finished the PH-Mac at like 5:00 AM on Monday. Shore course, fast race, and we finished and corrected second in our class. So, feeling pretty good, and the harbor is relatively empty, maybe a quarter of the fleet is in, if that. Mackinac is in a rare state of dead calm. Very few people in the harbor, nobody on the street, and even the Pony is quiet at 5:30 in the morning. Someone was playing some rock playlist kind of quietly on the other side of the harbor, though. Sister Christian came wafting across the docks. I always liked that song about the same as a thousand other songs, but right then it sounded absolutely sublime. Used to think 4 or 5 in the morning would be a horrible time to finish that race. Now I know better - it's the best time. That song always takes me back to that moment which was really the beginning of a pretty perfect day.
  11. Sending the n00b to admin for an ID-ten-T form, or to the bosn's locker for a bosn's punch, are old Navy standbys.
  12. I feel like torpedoing boats that violate the port-starboard rule is a little harsh.
  13. Neat little diagram, but it would be better if it were made more clear or at least consistent who should keep clear of whom. A complete noob wouldn't likely know. In most cases there yellow keeps clear / gives room, but not all.
  14. Well especially if Uranus is crewed by a bunch of Klingons in a fleet of TPs It didnt take long for this thread to go right in the toilet. Sunseeker will be along shortly to tell you everyone in sailing is a knuckle dragger other than his crew and your sophomoric humor is boorish, socially unattractive and uncouth at best Uranus is boorish, socially unattractive, and uncouth at best
  15. Anyone who can't laugh at Uranus jokes needs to re-examine some priorities. Life is less fun if you kill off your inner 12-year-old.