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  1. A few years ago we finished the PH-Mac at like 5:00 AM on Monday. Shore course, fast race, and we finished and corrected second in our class. So, feeling pretty good, and the harbor is relatively empty, maybe a quarter of the fleet is in, if that. Mackinac is in a rare state of dead calm. Very few people in the harbor, nobody on the street, and even the Pony is quiet at 5:30 in the morning. Someone was playing some rock playlist kind of quietly on the other side of the harbor, though. Sister Christian came wafting across the docks. I always liked that song about the same as a thousand other songs, but right then it sounded absolutely sublime. Used to think 4 or 5 in the morning would be a horrible time to finish that race. Now I know better - it's the best time. That song always takes me back to that moment which was really the beginning of a pretty perfect day.
  2. Sending the n00b to admin for an ID-ten-T form, or to the bosn's locker for a bosn's punch, are old Navy standbys.
  3. I feel like torpedoing boats that violate the port-starboard rule is a little harsh.
  4. Neat little diagram, but it would be better if it were made more clear or at least consistent who should keep clear of whom. A complete noob wouldn't likely know. In most cases there yellow keeps clear / gives room, but not all.
  5. Well especially if Uranus is crewed by a bunch of Klingons in a fleet of TPs It didnt take long for this thread to go right in the toilet. Sunseeker will be along shortly to tell you everyone in sailing is a knuckle dragger other than his crew and your sophomoric humor is boorish, socially unattractive and uncouth at best Uranus is boorish, socially unattractive, and uncouth at best
  6. Anyone who can't laugh at Uranus jokes needs to re-examine some priorities. Life is less fun if you kill off your inner 12-year-old.
  7. Why not. Its not attached to the mast, Its not a spinnaker pole. Its some other kind of spar which may or may not be legal under class/rating rules and in the case of a rating rule will probably require rerating. A spinnaker pole is a spinnaker pole. To use it, you have to attach it to the mast. It doesn't become a different piece of equipment by attaching it somewhere else, otherwise there'd be no point in the first place to a rule that says you must attach it to the mast.
  8. excellent point. It ceases to be specifically and practically a spinnaker pole and becomes simply a spar. As long as it does not extend beyond your rated JC, it's all good. But for the sake of argument, let's say it is still used as a spinnaker pole. The mast track runs all the way down to the base of the mast. Totally legal. The foreguy is snugged down so the tip of the pole is a low as it can possibly go. Totally legal. So what's the issue? That would probably be OK, but not what the OP said - his idea was to attach it to the deck. I'd think most spinnaker poles aren't long enough anyway to be useful as sprits, if you attach them to the mast. The pulpit would get in the way of your tack and tackline. I don't think anyone would really buy the argument that you've turned your spin pole into something else just by rigging it differently.
  9. Heard just today at club board meeting: "I have one correction to point out in last month's minutes. Jane Doe should be listed under 'new members', not under 'passed away.'"
  10. I really don't think it's even legal to do while racing. 50.2 Spinnaker Poles; Whisker Poles Only one spinnaker pole or whisker pole shall be used at a time except when gybing. When in use, it shall be attached to the foremost mast. Creating some kind of permanent or semi-permanent rigging setup to use your spinnaker pole as a bowsprit doesn't make it not a spinnaker pole.
  11. Speaking as a sometimes bowman on a boat that races with this exact configuration (that is, an asym tacked to a tackline on the deck) it's definitely preferable to run the sheets inside the tack line, not forward of it. Hourglasses are common that way. The sheet likes to tangle in the sail, or the tackline itself.
  12. Innovative tacking technique by the Sled helmsman. Hitch your bowsprit to a convenient attachment point on a competitor and allow their momentum to pull you around. Upside is, it requires a minimum of effort in turning the wheel - all the work done for you! Downside is it's illegal and likely to result in disqualification. Competitor may protest.
  13. OK, if that's your thing, why the fuck are you even talking about going through start lines and around buoys? Sounds like what you want to do is sail across an ocean. I think the rest of us would like you to as well.
  14. But did you respect her in the morning??
  15. Yeah, there's an unwritten rule. It's called don't be a lying dickhead. In other words, Owner B should conduct himself so that if he gets a repair bill and presents it to Owner A, Owner A already knows Owner B is trustworthy and the repair bill is what it should be. And Owner A should conduct himself so that when Owner B goes to discuss, he already knows Owner A will be willing to do what's right. It used to be called being Corinthian, or being a gentleman. These days I think it's called being a sucker. I blame Trump, Obama, Bush, video games, Facebook, millennials, and other things as soon as I think of them. In the absence of any trust, I suggest A simply ask for an itemized invoice, not be a dick about how B could've gotten that done for $100 less if he'd talked to this one buddy he knows, and pay anything related to the collision repair. Sometimes it's the price of having a reputation.