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  1. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I quickly was looking over NPR this morning.. and... almost spit out my morning drink.... when I saw the front page linked story Had to run over here later to verify that ... this most amazing return from the dead was noted here... I'm Gobsmacked.
  2. Irma

    Richard Branson is blogging and has some photos... He is in Puerto Rico.. saying the place needs lots of help... No gofundme for him.. He is soliciting donations for victims in all the islands... Stand up guy..... unlike the mischief clowns.
  3. Irma

    ARG... and I thought you were going to get some sleep... Hoping for a good outcome for you... Rest up...
  4. Irma

    Get real. He is a Floridian. 90% of Floridians have a CC (Concealed Carry) permit. Where else could he conceal?
  5. Irma

    Crazy... and... Miami is not even getting the brunt of it .. (Not to imply that Miami is going to be immune from effects...)
  6. Irma

    So.. Washington Post had a huge article regarding Tampa and the issues they shall have after a hurricane.... (from Jul 28, 2017), unfortunately it predicts a situation worse (and more expensive) then Katrina was. Tragic... It is humbling to remember that we are just human, and not able to control nature. We can adapt... we can impact... but not control. Wishing (as that is all I am able to do today) that the impact be less then expected....
  7. Irma

    So they shall help the cruising community, of which they are the leading members... and what better way then to spend on oneself first... (in case someone thinks I am serious, this is the SARCASM disclaimer.)
  8. Irma

    Charlotte has been helping with the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean, helping the children there... last I heard.... what is the link for your gofundme?
  9. NASA has announced that their space weather system detected a coronal mass ejection (CME) arrival and effects from the 4 September CME. Additionally, a G3 Watch is now in effect for the 8 and 9 September UTC-days in anticipation of the arrival of another CME associated with the X9.3 flare (R3-Strong radio blackout) on 6 September at 1202 UTC (0802 ET). Analysis indicates likely CME arrival late on 8 September into early 9 September. So... GPS and ham radio, sat coms could be flakey... I would like to blame Lil Kim and his nuke toys for this... yet can't think of a valid scientific reason... not to worry.. I am sure that someone on the conspiracy web sites shall find a 'valid' connection..... ;(
  10. Irma

    Please note that this is a sale FACILITATED by amazon.. but sold by "Prime Central Store". (Disclaimer: I am not associated with amazon, other then a satisfied customer using their services...)
  11. Irma

    Looks like Sir Richard Branson survived with his staff on Necker Island... but quite telling that 'all humans' survived.... they had a large number of species on the island... suspect the parrots and iguanas etc are no longer.... Claims all buildings are 'DESTROYED'.
  12. Irma

    corrected that minor error..
  13. Irma

    Miami Herald reports that the price went up 10 times...
  14. Irma

    missed that 'minor' detail.... Amazed they do not have real hurricane shutters...
  15. Irma

    Hopefully not filled with water.... From what I managed to find, Necker island has an altitude of 16 meters... The NHC storm advisory claims storm surge 7-11 feet for BVI. so.. hopefully no issues with being inundated by waves and water.