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  1. burnsed

    Leopard 42 fore/aft trim question

    I'm not the bartender on this ride, I'll have it moved before we leave the dock
  2. "Racing" this boat for the third time in the Harvest Moon Regatta in a couple of weeks, a 190 mile race down the Texas coast. Everytime I have been on it the first transom step is under water under sail. Owner and I have discussed it but not sure which way to go. Fuel tanks aft are no more than half full and freshwater tanks forward about the same or less. Do we live with the trim or would adding water and weight forward to get the butt up make a difference either way?
  3. burnsed

    what is it?

    I think it more of a skylight to open up the interior and make it more livable
  4. burnsed

    how fast is it?

    It looks like the guy two forward of him is texting his Mom or watching porn. I'm sure he was telling him to cut that crap out. Back to the boat. If you are one of those guys that makes a living hiking out it looks like a relatively comfortable deck to do it on including the non skid.
  5. burnsed

    Bastard Holder 20

    I'm not sure of this is the right forum but for whatever reason I decided to start here. The PO lifted the boat in a hoist, put the keel down wrapped some duct tape around the opening and filled the well with epoxy. It is not coming out and I think it is actually pretty centered in the boat. I faired it out after taking the duct tape off and it sailed well unit hurricane Harvey took the mast, which brings me here. I'm thinking a Soling rig would be a nice turbo option but does anyone else have any ideas or a mast that would work? I'm not worried about class rules and if it gets back into the water it will sail in flat water and 5-15 kts, in PHRF.
  6. burnsed

    Coolboats to admire

    Now that's a coincidence! I just went to Second Wave used boat bits in Seattle and bought these almost new ones for a friend in Sydney. I got the pair for $330. Which,to him, was a bargain. So all of a sudden a Lee's or toe rail fender knot isn't good enough? Phfffft! Well, it's presumed that the owner of such a vessel is much too busy to learn to tie knots. FB- Doug You have to presume that the owner of such a vessel has somebody to tie knots for him
  7. burnsed

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Bolger Birdwatcher - w/some topsides modifications? I like it - it'd be a great marsh boat! My first thought was the ultimate duck blind