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  1. mid-size performance cat that sleeps 1-2 & trailerable

    I'll bite and chime in on the G32 ... I'm owner of hull #8 (Guerdon's old boat). Magical, brilliant, freaky, and a ton of fun. Capsizing is no fun but self-righting works well and takes most of the drama out of it. She can be endlessly tweaked but generally sailed really easily with minimal loads. Easy to launch, recover, single-hand, sail with kids, and is good for a lot of long stares on the water (or the road from California to Michigan!)
  2. Reynolds 33 18' Stretch - tuning guides?

    There's an R33 from Michigan that races Chicago-Mac most years ... named double time. http://competitor.cycracetomackinac.com/boatdetail.cfm?ID=1221 Don't have any contact info but Ron White might - there was a bit of work to get the boat 'legal' to meet Mac requirements iirc.
  3. West Michigan Thread

    Tripp/Queens question: A few years ago when Tripp left from South Haven they offered free docking/slip from Saturday/Sunday thru Wednesday for boats doing the Tripp. Any info if they are offering this again, and who to contact? Que Loco!! coming down but trying to plan delivery, etc. Thanks
  4. West Michigan Thread

    At this point Que Loco!! is planning on delivering to South Haven unless there are better options ... but because its still Area 4 that's likely what we'll do.
  5. West Michigan Thread

    Is BT back in the game after his injury? I heard he was pretty busted up ... See Fetzer's post above ... bionic leg and all!
  6. West Michigan Thread

    Que Loco!! will be there also. Looks like a sled ride down for the feeder. Maybe the Peerless will hit 20 kts again, eh?!?