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  1. Anomaly2

    Show your boat not sailing

    That was a fun day! Didn't know anyone got a shot of the lil Pearson rafted up against Coup d'Etat before we moved off for fear of scratching a paint job worth more than our boat... Are you in RI now BJ, or back down under again?
  2. Anomaly2

    Show your boat not sailing

    Apologies for the delayed reply--- I didn't have any knowledge of a "Truth" in Wickford, so I waited until I could catch up with a buddy who has a longer history here. He didn't recognize it either....
  3. Anomaly2

    Sunset pictures

  4. Anomaly2

    Show your boat not sailing

    Just another sunset in Wickford.
  5. Anomaly2


    Any more word on the Furuno wifi radar?
  6. Anomaly2

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    What is all that bright light in the sky? (you arranged THAT for Mother's Day in the PNW? impressive)
  7. Anomaly2

    Another Awlgrip touch-up question

    JGBrown, Thanks (!) for such a detailed response. Really appreciated. Good advice to go see the pro. I'll stop by his shop next time I'm in that area. I don't think mine ever had a clearcoat. And the chalkiness I refer too is pretty even all over (except for the spots he fixed which have newer paint on them and so are not as faded as the bulk of the hull). So I got that going for me... I suspect this is a technique issue. As in, I don't know what I'm doing. Thanks again.
  8. Anomaly2

    Another Awlgrip touch-up question

    Hmmm. I saw a bit of hull color on the pad but I was being very gentle and suspect your #1 statement applies. Surprised by your "can't polish this paint" statement-- I know nothing about this, but several years ago a real pro did some touch up work on my boat and he buffed the whole hull and got his spot repairs to blend in seamlessly with the older paint. I didn't stay on top of it and am now trying to (I thought) make it look like he had it looking (he had recommended the Presta Ultra to me when I asked him for a recommendation for a polish)... If I'm chasing my tail here, I'll just stop (thanks) and think about repainting the entire thing. Next year....
  9. Anomaly2

    Another Awlgrip touch-up question

    Can you elaborate on the water part? When exactly do you use "lots of water"? (asked by someone who just tried to buff out some chalky Imron and had the chalk return within 24 hours.... But I used exactly zero water). Thanks.
  10. Anomaly2

    Old Gori Folding Prop - Any Good?

    Shu, check your messages. Please...
  11. Anomaly2

    Old Gori Folding Prop - Any Good?

    PM sent
  12. Anomaly2

    Coolboats to admire

    Well, I think a PNW TROLLER would beat a "trawler" any day..... (but you did post a pic of a lovely troller so you got that goin for you....)
  13. Anomaly2

    In Hull Transducers

    Thanks Alex. Will do some more homework....
  14. Anomaly2

    In Hull Transducers

    Interesting! But what do you do about the plug/connector end, is there a source for adapters? I just acquired a new MFD and based upon your comment thought I'd try it with the existing transducer but the plug isn't right....