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  1. Anomaly2

    Post-covid Cruising?

    Ships passing in the night. I'll try again. Perhaps I shouldn't have used the international example-- that is not the point/question I'm trying to ask. For those of you going to boats in Maine this summer, who are not flying into Maine, how sure are you that you can just fly into Logan and be on your merry way to Maine? It's not clear to me, at all, how this sort of inter-state travel is going to be treated at various places in the US.
  2. Anomaly2

    Post-covid Cruising?

    OK, yes, you're talking about ME. But, if you're not flying directly in to Maine, maybe we should be talking about the Mass rules... I raised the question because I know of someone who was recently planning on returning to the US and was told they would have to serve 14 days at LAX whereas they thought they would do it at their final desitination of WA state. If no one has any concern about flying in to Logan and heading to other states, sounds good to me. But it might be nice to know for sure no?
  3. Anomaly2

    Post-covid Cruising?

    But the question is: upon arrival where? That is, when someone flies in to Logan, do we assume that the state of Mass has no say here and one just hops into the rental car and serves their 14 days at their final destination (e.g., Maine, Rhode Island, etc.)? Or, might one have to quarantine near Logan for 14 days? Asking for a friend...
  4. Anomaly2

    Dinghy build: Two-Paw 8 nesting

    On the bury: I have as much as the trunk allowed (but there is no reason you couldn't have the dolly board go right through the trunk--- meaning, I wouldn't do less that a full bury but it could be more). On the cleats, I just noticed that if you zoom the photo I posted, you can (sort of) make out one of the cleats-- looks like I used stock 1x2 material. I didn't add any extra support if I follow your question correctly. The trunk structure is fairly beefy and I made very healthy epoxy fillets (taped) when I built it. I've seen no sign of any problem even after daily use during "the season" for over three years (that was when I put the dinghy on the beach daily, now my landing spot involves a dock so I use the wheels less but still frequently). I was vague on whether I used a 1x8 or a 1x10 to build the dolly-dagger because I can't remember but I simply chose the size that filled (almost) my trunk (built to take a standard dimension board because I used a standard dimension mahogany board to build the daggerboard in the first place). The point here is that there isn't a great deal of "play" in either the fore/aft or athwartships direction when the dolly-dagger is inserted. But it's loose enough that it slides in easy.
  5. Anomaly2

    Dinghy build: Two-Paw 8 nesting

    Far enough to make it work.... Seriously, I can't remember and am not in the same coordinates as the dinghy at the moment. The trunk is only something like 8" tall/deep so I went something less than that but a full bury if that makes sense. PS its not a CB trunk.... Daggerboard! PSS. Pano: BTW, its an "Auray Punt" design from your neck of the woods...
  6. Anomaly2

    Dinghy build: Two-Paw 8 nesting

    Details?.... You folks are making this more complicated than it is. Here is the "parts list" 1 1x8 or 1x10 board (fir would be nice) about 18" long (for metric.... you get the idea) 2 of those Harbor Freight wheels/tires Toddster posted (seriously, that is what I used) 1 bolt and nut to make an axle some spare wood, say 3/4 x 3/4 to make "cleats" Assembly instructions: The 1x8 is actually 3/4" thick which just fits inside the daggerboard trunk (note, its a daggerboard, not a centerboard...). Of course, I built the trunk so that I could use 1 x stock for the daggerboard and then, years later (why or why did I wait so long to build the wheel dolly? sigh), the wheel dolly. Depending on the diameter of the tires you use, you need that much plus a little bit extra of the 1x8 protruding proud of the bottom of the hull. Install the cleats on either side of the 1x8 to achieve this amount of "protrusion" when you slide the whole assembly up into the trunk. Drill a hole in the 1x8 at the appropriate place to receive the axle bolt. Use washers as spacers as needed and bolt the wheels to the 1x8. You're done. Use Instructions: Throw the wheel dolly assembly into the dinghy and go sailing/rowing. When you make a landing, tip the dinghy on its side and slide the wheel dolly up into the daggerboard trunk from below. Return the dinghy to level and use as giant wheelbarrow (from the stern or the bow). The idea of using oars as wheelbarrow handles (as someone posted above) has occurred to me but, so far, I have been too lazy to implement this idea. Personally, I don't see any need to act on Olaf's suggestion to put the wheels wider apart. I have used the setup described above for several years now, routinely rolling the dinghy (sometimes fully loaded) for distances up to 100 meters on sand, rocks, grass, and pavement. The pneumatic tires are the real secret. Oh, and use 2 tires, one each side of the 1x8, I first tried using just one tire (purely to save $5) but the cantilever involved resulted in poor rolling of the tire.
  7. Anomaly2

    Dinghy build: Two-Paw 8 nesting

    Hmm. I put two puffy neumatic tires on either side of a board that slides into the daggerboard slot. Works a treat even on rocky beaches. Total cost was about $12.
  8. Anomaly2

    Boat Dogs - What to look for?

    This. x100. I've had dogs all my life, but once living aboard full-time, I took a break from dog ownership. Couldn't imagine dealing the hair and the smell on a 33' cutter. Then I read some posts from Bob Perry about what great boat dogs PWDs are. The wonder dog is a mix, half Portie, half standard Poodle. Best dog I've ever known. Smart. Swims like a fool. Doesn't shed, or smell when wet (good thing, cause she's wet a lot). Best of all, she never barks. Never (except when people she knows are in the water and then she wants to save them all.
  9. Yes. Bolger's Tennessee. Read about in his "Different Boats" book. 4' of headroom?--- well, when you build a boat out of butt-spliced 4x8 sheets of plywood, you have 4' to work with if you use the 8' length to get your 30' LOA with the fewest splices. It's a brilliantly simple plan. If you had all the materials on hand and some prior building experience, I think you could build one in a week. I did say that eventually I cut the house off and raised it. The photos posted by others above show a raised house monstrosity from Australia that is clearly not Bolger. I used it exclusively in coastal New England. Mostly Narragansett Bay. Protected waters. The picture was from Marshfield, MA. Nothing bigger than 3' chop encountered on one trip from Noank to Fisher's Island.
  10. I'm looking. It was over a decade ago and I don't have access to my regular computer where I might have more photos...
  11. I know this isn't where folks seem to be going with this thread, but in answer to the question above: I (re)built this many years ago. I can verify that it met the design brief of 10 knots on 10 hp. 30' LOA by 6' beam, she's floating in dew in this photo. Later, I cut the house off and replaced it with a tall glass house, transforming her into a pseudo English lake boat. Lived on her that way for 4 years.
  12. Never intended for my dislike of Perkins to interfere with your hatred of Volvos.... Maybe we should start an "Engines you love to hate" thread.
  13. Mechanics would love em wouldn't they? (couldn't resist). My boat came (to me) with a 4-108 in it. I am "my mechanic"--- ever tried to bleed a 4-108? At sea? While the engine had a certain agriculltural appeal (e.g. the thermostat for a Chevy 350 from NAPA works), the bleeding routine alone caused me to replace it with a NOS Isuzu. Haven't looked back.
  14. Anomaly2

    Work Bench for the Man Cave....

    Never mind the work bench/table, tell us about that Mustang that belongs over on the "cars you'd like to own" thread...