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  1. Anomaly2

    Show your boat sailing thread

    I do. Full time live-aboard with a Dickinson cookstove (in winters) that burns 24/7. With diesel, mid-season burner cleanings were necessary/advisable. With kerosene, one pre-season tune-up cleaning and that’s it. Far less smell too because of the cleaner burning. The difference in quality of life more than compensates for the added cost of kerosene.
  2. Anomaly2

    Amsteel for centerboard pennant?

    Amsteel blue on my Soverel 33-1. Installed by previous owner. I’ve had the boat for 10 years. No exposure to UV. Maybe I’ll replace it next spring (haul out), but no signs of chafe or deterioration and it’s a big board and convoluted route for the amsteel.
  3. Anomaly2

    Sad day in RI

    Major fire this morning at Wickford Shipyard. George Zachorne (and sons) wooden boat shop is gone. Just gone. Not sure how many boats were inside....
  4. Anomaly2

    So much for States' Rights

    Wow. Thanks for the explanation Fast.
  5. Anomaly2

    So much for States' Rights

    Can you elaborate? I'm not following the argument here and, who knows, one day I might be shopping for a used car....
  6. Kim and Longy have pretty much covered the benefits of the boom bensons. I moved the upper blocks for the lazy jacks from the mast to the spreaders at a distance from the mast equal to the spread of the bensons (relative to the boom). This gives a wider “slot” when hoisting the main (but that’s irrelevant if you slacken the lazy jacks and take them to the mast at the gooseneck before hoisting— the sail will sit comfortably on the bensons while you do this). I had a stack pack before adding the bensons but won’t go back as the bensons produce a much lower profile “stack” and the reduced windage is appreciated. I’m not convinced the lazy jacks are still necessary and plan to experiment with incrementally eliminating them to see how many lines/legs I need/want.
  7. Kim, What a great idea......
  8. Anomaly2

    Sunset pictures

    Nice one here this evening:
  9. Anomaly2

    How much bigger?

    The opening sequence(s) in Jon Sayles’ movie “Limbo” capture the cruise ship packaging of SE Alaska as well as any commentary (the rest of the film is not so good...).
  10. Anomaly2

    Sunset pictures

    How about a moonrise? Last night:
  11. Anomaly2

    Sunset pictures

    How about a sunrise photo (from a week ago)?
  12. Anomaly2

    Navigation App for Amazon Fire?

    So.... During the next two days Amazon Prime days sale, the new Amazon Fire 7 starts at $29.99.....
  13. Anomaly2

    Sunset pictures

  14. Anomaly2

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Hmm, now how do I get myself out of this....? When I'm talking to myself, I call them boom wings. When I'm bragging about them and trying to convince others to try them, I call them boom bensons and direct people to the designer. AKA Bob. There!
  15. Anomaly2

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    My name for it? I call them boom wings... But that isn't relevant. BOB calls them boom bensons. You did read the CAD drawing didn't you? Sheesh! (I hope Bob is reading this thread... )