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  1. Anomaly2

    onboard coffee??

    Kamira, made by Nino— backyard inventor in Sicily. We bought five in his first year, my wife called and talked to him, asked him about being his US distributor. He said it was too soon, was focused on sales in Italy. A year later, we were with one of my wife’s good friends- a guy from Sicily who now lives in Minn. We show him a Kamira, tell him the distributor plan, ask him to go visit Nino when he goes to visit family in Sicily. He’s up for it- a partnership is quickly arranged over several bottles of wine. Then... he Googles “Kamira” on his phone: “ Hey, it’s on Amazon” Sigh. I coulda been a contender. Back to the salt mines for me. Yes, it makes lovely espresso
  2. Anomaly2

    onboard coffee??

    We have both a mocha pot (Bialetti to some-- but Bialetti are often made of some unknowable aluminum alloy like stuff..) and a Kamira on the boat. But the Kamira is really the tool of choice.
  3. Not to be fussy, but let's clarify that you're referring to the Soverel 33 by son Mark, not the earlier 33 by the father Bill. World of difference between those two Soverel 33s.
  4. Anomaly2

    Our Daily Bread...

    Hey SoCal..... I ran out of einkorn flour so decided to try your recipe using my trusty sourdough starter. Made a test loaf the other day by cutting your recipe in half. Wife liked it so much she stole it for some Thanksgiving related purpose. So I made another loaf using the full amounts. Only I ran out of my stock of organic whole wheat flour. So, I threw in some spelt and some rye to come up to 1 kg. Baked it in my Griswold dutch oven. 450 was perhaps a bit high but it still looks pretty damn good. Taking it to share with friends on Thanksgiving. Thanks for the recipe!
  5. Anomaly2

    Wood Stove

    I know they're expensive....
  6. Anomaly2

    Wood Stove

    I'll second the suggestion to investigate the negative air pressure.... I have a Dickinson stove (kerosene/diesel) and lived aboard for years with it as the sole heat source. Early on, I had trouble with it back-drafting, and going out. I called Dickinson and spoke with a nice tech there who asked if I had the barometric damper in the first section of pipe leaving the stove and did I have enough overall height to the stack. Check. His next question was whether I had any large obstructions near the flue cap. "Like a large, shrink-wrapped boat in the next slip?" I asked. "That would do it--- what kind of a cap do you have on the flue?" I described some round, fluted thing I had acquired with the stove. He said that is what yachties tend to like because of aesthetics but that I really ought to switch over to a proper H-cap. So, I bought an H-cap and my problems went away. Subsequently, I have ducted an air supply directly to the vicinity of the stove so that the stove consumes outside air rather than pulling air from the cabin. I hope you don't pitch your Taylors over......
  7. Anomaly2

    Our Daily Bread...

    Great thread. For the past several years, I have been making bread exclusively with sourdough starter. The sourdough starter has now reached a stage where its pretty bulletproof and I have traveled with it to Italy and out to the west coast so I can make bread while away. I had settled on a made up recipe involving organic whole wheat, organic white, spelt, and sometimes a bit of rye (I have used King Arthur but mostly used the organic flours from Bob's Red Mill). Then I discovered einkorn flour.... Now family and friends "make" me bake only the einkorn bread. I adapted a recipe and now bake a loaf that is a 100% einkorn blend (1/3 white, 1/3 whole wheat, 1/3 sprouted). The only other ingredients are a pinch of salt, the sourdough starter, and 2/3 cup water. I guess its a no-knead bread cause I just mix it up and put it straight into the loaf pan. Rising time varies with the ambient temp anywhere from 3 hours to 8 hours. The "sourness" of the sourdough increases with the rise time. The Dickinson oven on my boat has been out of commission for a while during a renovaiton of my galley but I am looking forward to baking in it again this winter as that oven has something special about it. Here's this weeks loaf:
  8. Anomaly2

    Show your boat not sailing

    Meanwhile, to the south of Maine, things were "kind of blue" the other evening. (thread relevance: my boat is out there. Not sailing.)
  9. Anomaly2

    Show your boat not sailing

    Just an iPhone 5se. Two more views--- one with another boat not sailing (not mine, but on the mooring next to me...)
  10. Anomaly2

    Show your boat not sailing

    Sorry to interrupt the discussion of petrol prices.... Today there was a gale warning out on the bay for the afternoon so after work I went out to test out some new rigging refinements on my staysail. After, when I had just put the boat back on the mooring, I snapped a few photos of the sky (there was an unusual purple color in one direction and silhouetted clouds in the other). Technically, this photo below shows my boat not sailing.....
  11. Anomaly2

    Show your boat not sailing

    That was a fun day! Didn't know anyone got a shot of the lil Pearson rafted up against Coup d'Etat before we moved off for fear of scratching a paint job worth more than our boat... Are you in RI now BJ, or back down under again?
  12. Anomaly2

    Show your boat not sailing

    Apologies for the delayed reply--- I didn't have any knowledge of a "Truth" in Wickford, so I waited until I could catch up with a buddy who has a longer history here. He didn't recognize it either....
  13. Anomaly2

    Sunset pictures

  14. Anomaly2

    Show your boat not sailing

    Just another sunset in Wickford.
  15. Anomaly2


    Any more word on the Furuno wifi radar?