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  1. boomer

    What Did I Ever Do to Piss Off the Gods?

    Tough one Ed. Hope it goes well. All the best to you! BTW - Have they determined anything, is a age related dementia? If so I'm sure you've read about the benefits Coenzyme Q10 or Curcumin on dementia. DHA or fish oil alone can also slow early stages of progression, or Cocunut Oil for possibly reversing all type of dementia - though there have been no in depth studies or clinical evaluations of the benefits of coconut oil effects on dementia.
  2. boomer

    Tom Wolfe DTS

    A writer the likes of Tom Wolfe comes along but a scant few times in a generation.
  3. boomer

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    TTOP may indeed pull a rabbit out of the hat.
  4. boomer

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    Reel back the tracker. However, AKZO has still had better overall speeds, distance sailed and VMG the past 24 hours. FF the vid to 7:59 for the numbers. Scally has actually made the biggest gains, they've been sizzling hot, though more than likely, way to many miles to make up....
  5. boomer

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    In the past 30 hours Vestas has whittled off 41.2 miles of BRUNEL's lead, while AzkoNobel have whittled off 40.8 miles.
  6. boomer

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    Vestas has gained more ground the DFRT in the past 12 hours, gaining 14 nautical miles to DFRTs 2 nautical miles.
  7. boomer

    VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    I'm quite certain there's a collective groan by all when Conrad isn't hosting the daily live. We all look forward to Conrad. There's no doubt, no one brings as much to the table, while being so entertaining and such a pleasure to watch.