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  1. boomer

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    Yes she did. Hands down the best addiction and speed rush ever! I had a few boards with that bottom shape and they did get planning early. In the higher winds I'd put on a high aspect fin, and load the fin with my rear heel, so so basically riding just the last foot or so of the board, but most of all loading and riding the fin, with my front foot being the accelerator I'd just keep pushing down with the front foot, and push her to the max. Usually most boards I could take into the mid 30s easily, but I was 6'3" tall and about 220 soaking wet. So obviously at that height and weight, I did well in speed sailing or just plain straight line speed. The shorter guys did better way better in the turns, and killed me in the slalom.
  2. boomer

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    They were still using the timed speed gate at Klickitat Bar along with the radar gun. They were pretty adamant about making sure everyone knew, not to run through the start gate, on someone else's run. As I recall the Ken Winner Speed Series used the speed gate and the radar. I bought much of my initial gear and first three boards from the Alpine Hut on 15th south of Ballard and from Bavarian Surf on Lake Union, after that bought most my gear in the Gorge, though after Bavarian Surf moved shop to the north end of Lake Union, they gave me a deal on that F2 270. Living in Kingston most of my windsurfing in those days was on the Olympic Peninsula -at Cline Spit inside of Dungeness Spit, but occasionally did Hood Canal Bridge, Marrowstone Point and Inside at Fort Flagler, SiIverdale's Waterfront Park on Dyes Inlet, Purdy and a few others spots on the Hood Canal, along with summer pilgrimages to the Gorge from '87 - '97. Got rid of my sailboats during that period, because I was so addicted to windsurfing. My windsurf partner George Merritts and I usually windsurfed 3-4 days a week. During one five year stretch from '90-'95, we windsurfed at least three-four days a week for five years solid. Depending how one looked at it, I thought it was the best addiction ever, my wife thought it was the worst addiction, because I was gone a lot windsurfing. Finally she put her foot down and said get a sailboat again - or else. So I did, and my windsurfing days slowly wound down.
  3. boomer

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    What speed series or trials did you do speed checks and what years?
  4. boomer

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    Didn't hurt the mast at all, just twisted the boom. Those Neil Pryde carbon masts with a boom protector mounted took a lot of abuse.
  5. boomer

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    Hit the shoal at Klickitat bar doing well over 30 mph - did a hooked in over the handlebars headplant into the shoals and twisted the Neil Pryde boom. However that was rare in open water. Early on windsurfing did a couple over the handlebars and usually got flung. However as time went by over the years, learned to either sheet in more to stall out the sail, or just bail if I knew I was going to lose it, or if it was marginal and not totally overpowered, unhook, step off the board but still hold the boom, leg up on the board waterstart and take back off in guite often under 10-15 seconds. Sometimes on forward rolls or flips if the mast tip hit the water, would end in a wipe out, but sometimes not and nailed the landing.
  6. boomer

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    As I recall doing the speed checks at Klickitat Spit by Lyle in '91, and the Ken Winner Speed Series in Hood River in '92 & '93, they shot our speeds with a radar measured in MPH. Did 36 mph at Klickitat and not even on a speed board, but rather a plastic polyethylene O'Brien Pro-Am with a Tuttle H3 fin and Neil Pryde 5.0 Speed sail and Neil Pryde Carbon Mast and Neil Pryde boom. The fastest at the Ken Winner Speed Series was 43 mph on a F2 270 Sputnik diven-cell honeycomb & carbon fiber board with a Tuttle Fin Works 397, Neil Pryde 4.5 Speed Sail, Neil Pryde Carbon Mast and Neil Pryde boom.
  7. boomer

    suck my balls

    So a girl said - suck my balls - that's hilarious!
  8. boomer

    Best Place to Live for a Sailor in the USA

    Most of those other use taxes don't effect the average taxpayer, with the exception of real estate, unless you add the sin taxes. The user tax for boats is chump change, costing me $150 a year total for three 23',28' and a 33' sailboats. The big tax that hits consumers is sales tax, which can be as high as almost 10 cents on the dollar, depending on which county - and the gas tax which is almost 50 cents a gallon. 2019’s Tax Burden by State Gas tax by state BTW -The global sales tax for BC is calculated from provincial sales tax (PST) BC rate (7%) and the goods and services tax (GST) in Canada rate (5%) for a total of 12%. BCs income tax isn't much to write home about either. BC income tax calculator If one isn't used to; predominately light air sailing, not seeing the sun & overcast weather ( Nine months of rain. Three months of showers.) , traffic that sucks ( Rain makes it worse. Snow...don't mention snow lest you start a panic.), an over abundance of greenies and treehuggers, Hipsters, Burners, Geriatric hippie ravers naked on bikes painted (my eyes!), quiet nerd types who like puzzles and can only talk about UNIX, Tolkien, linguistics and their last sex party, sanctimonious liberal academic types who live urban car free lifestyles as they try to get tenure and raise organic children, people who can't tell the difference between performance art, political rally, protest, party or riot most of the time, or a constant stream of tourists and visitors wondering what the hell is so great about Seattle, out loud, at Starbucks, Weed everywhere, spending most your money on rent or a mortgage, the Everett, Seattle, Tacoma area, may not be the place for you.
  9. boomer

    Random PicThread

    Nicely done Hobot! Keep up the good work! A 1917 Kelvin, White & Hutton Vernier Sextant . The image was shot with a vintage Carl Zeiss Planar 100mm f2 mounted on a Canon 1Ds2. The Planar is a perfect natural light lens. The Planar is known primarily for micro-contrast, its depth of field, 3D effect and overall flexibility from closeups to infinity. The subject was shot handheld stopped down to f8 in natural light, the CA is evident, but still retaining quite a bit of the 3D effect the lens is noted for...of course, the closer to wide open, the more pronounced the 3D effect becomes.
  10. boomer

    Climate Change in Your Backyard

    The Holocene extinction, otherwise referred to as the Sixth extinction or Anthropocene extinction, is a current event, and is one of the most significant extinction events in the history of the Earth. This ongoing extinction of species coincides with the present Holocene epoch, and is a result of human activity. The current rate of extinction of species is estimated at up to to 1,000 times higher than natural background rates. Will Humans Survive the Sixth Great Extinction? No peer-reviewed scientific reports, in the U.S. or elsewhere, dispute the basic consensus that human activities are causing the Earth’s temperature to rise. The 97% of peer reviewed scientific studies on anthropogenic climate change are well founded, the other 3% of studies that deny it are fake and their authors know it. Pitting the economy against action on climate change is a common argument conservatives used to make. Those 3% of scientific papers that deny climate change? A review found them all flawed... Just a couple years ago it was common for conservatives to argue climate change. However, just like Trump's wanning support, about half the conservatives who argued about climate change - have changed their tune. Now 71% of Americans from both sides of the isle, believe global warming is happening. Unfortunately we're left with the Trump supporters who have a strong Trump bias, no matter how many stupid things Trump does monthly, weekly and daily. So we have 13% who are functional, but dumb and do not believe it is happening; the rest are too stupid to know what to believe - which unfortunately mirrors the intelligence bell curve. By the numbers: Our increasing climate concerns - A growing number of Americans believe climate change has touched them personally Our government’s latest scientific findings unequivocally state that global warming is entirely caused by humans. Climate Science Special Report Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4), Volume I Over the past several millennia, the average CO2 reading was 280 ppb of CO2...we now have readings over 400 which represent and increase of 120+ ppb. If you examine raw data on CO2 concentrations from core samples which is available from NOAA and other research sites you will see that following volcanic eruptions CO2 jumped 200 ppb and remained at those levels for approximately 5 years. CO2 was the main cause of a cooling trend that began 50 million years ago, large scale glaciation occurring when CO2 reached 425±75 ppm, a level that will be this year or the next, barring prompt policy changes.. We breached the 410 PPM Threshold for CO2 in April of 2017. Carbon dioxide has not reached this height in millions of years. If humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on Earth is adapted, paleoclimate evidence and ongoing climate change suggest that CO2 will need to be reduced from its current 410 ppm to at most 350 ppm. The largest uncertainty in the target arises from possible changes of non-CO2 forcings. An initial 350 ppm CO2 target may be achievable by phasing out coal use except where CO2 is captured and adopting agricultural and forestry practices that sequester carbon. If the present overshoot of this target CO2 is not brief, there is a possibility of irreversible catastrophic effects. It is expected to take 300-400 years or more, for the earth and it's oceans to just partially recover from CO2. However it's expected to take more then double that - for C02 to return to normal levels. If we continue to allow the levels to increase over the next 100 years - It will probably result in the greatest mass extinction in earth's history. How the World Passed a Carbon Threshold and Why It Matters Denial 101 - From the Experts - Greenhouse Efffect We would usually have snowfall in the winter in Seattle when I was a kid and a teenager in the 50s and 60s. Since then to get an appreciable amount of snowfall in the winter is pretty rare. We did have two weeks of snow this past winter, but that's attributed to 'Wavy Jet stream', which is a result of climate change. Anyone who has climbed in Washington state's Cascades the past 45 years has noticed how much our glaciers are shrinking, just like glaciers that are shrinking around the world. Study finds more evidence for link between wavy jet stream and extreme weather Critical Mass: Washington’s Shrinking Glaciers Melting Glaciers - National Geographic Seattle snowfall data now available on National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) back to 1890. Red means El Nino, blue means La Nina, neither is neutral. 1890-91: 15.3" 1891-92: 2.2" 1892-93: 58.0" 1893-94: 19.0" (NCDC database records begin on 1/1) 1894-95: 17.1" 1895-96: 10.5" 1896-97: 31.2" 1897-98: 6.9" 1898-99: 37.0" 1899-00: 1.3" 1900-01: 16.1" 1901-02: 15.0" 1902-03: 11.3" 1903-04: 15.0" 1904-05: 4.1" 1905-06: 4.7" 1906-07: 16.0" 1907-08: 3.0" 1908-09: 15.6" 1909-10: 15.4" 1910-11: 5.7" 1911-12: 10.2" 1912-13: 15.8" 1913-14: 1.1" 1914-15: 0.0" 1915-16: 60.9" 1916-17: 16.0" 1917-18: 6.0" 1918-19: 0.0" 1919-20: 3.4" 1920-21: 9.0" 1921-22: 12.9" 1922-23: 30.3" 1923-24: 2.2" 1924-25: 7.3" 1925-26: 0.0" 1926-27: 5.7" 1927-28: 5.1" 1928-29: 18.1" 1929-30: 11.3" 1930-31: 0.0" 1931-32: 7.9" 1932-33: 2.3" 1933-34: 0.0" 1934-35: 17.6" 1935-36: 7.8" 1936-37: 19.1" 1937-38: 6.3" 1938-39: 2.0" 1939-40: 0.8" 1940-41: 0.0" 1941-42: 1.0" 1942-43: 18.4" 1943-44: 0.2" 1944-45: 0.2" 1945-46: 5.0" 1946-47: 9.5" 1947-48: 1.2" 1948-49: 20.0" 1949-50: 34.0" 1950-51: 7.5" 1951-52: 8.6" 1952-53: 0.0" 1953-54: 16.9" 1954-55: 1.0" 1955-56: 16.7" 1956-57: 21.3" 1957-58: 0.0" 1958-59: 6.5" 1959-60: 6.5" 1960-61: 4.5" 1961-62: 8.4" 1962-63: 1.8" 1963-64: 1.4" 1964-65: 13.1" 1965-66: 8.4" 1966-67: 6.0" 1967-68: 8.5" 1968-69: 36.2" 1969-70: 0.0" 1970-71: 15.6" 1971-72: 15.3" 1972-73: 8.7" (WB office moves across I-5) 1973-74: 3.0" 1974-75: 7.5" 1975-76: 1.0" 1976-77: 1.0" 1977-78: 0.3" 1978-79: 6.0" 1979-80: 14.4" 1980-81: 1.5" 1981-82: 5.2" 1982-83: 0.0" 1983-84: 1.4" 1984-85: 6.9" 1985-86: 11.1" 1986-87: 0.3" 1987-88: 0.0" 1988-89: 16.1" 1989-90: 6.0" 1990-91: 9.8" 1991-92: 0.0" 1992-93: 3.0" 1993-94: 2.0" 1994-95: 2.5" 1995-96: 1.3" 1996-97: 22.8" (*November measurement is too low) 1997-98: 3.0" 1998-99: 2.0" (WB office closes, used Sandpoint data from here) 1999-00: 0.0" 2000-01: 4.7" 2001-02: M (no official Seattle snow data between 2001 and 2007!) 2002-03: M 2003-04: M 2004-05: M 2005-06: M 2006-07: M 2007-08: 3.1" 2008-09: 11.9" 2009-10: 0.0" 2010-11: 6.3" 2011-12: 7.7" 2012-13: 0.0" 2013-14: 2.9" Seattle snowfall data back to 1890.
  11. boomer

    R2AK 2019

    Congrats to the Beaver and crew!
  12. boomer

    R2AK 2019

    They been showing that on the leader board since this afternoon - tracker down again. Suspect they're in front of the Beaver.