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  1. I was wondering the same myself. No contact from him since yesterday morning. Either he found some trees he could run bow and stern lines to, or asked a pleasure boater if they were willing to lend or sell a spare anchor and rode.
  2. Rob - I suspect after paddling up Princess Royal Channel and Grenville Channel the decision to take that route is bittersweet. Edit: as I suspected https://www.facebook.com/jessica.kruger.583/posts/10214381169629550 However still quite an accomplishment - Bravo!
  3. Rob - Mark is singlehanding Freya, because due to unforeseen circumstances Christine his girlfriend couldn't go. She's flew into Ketchican yesterday and is waiting for him with an outboard, and will make the return trip with him. BTW, Freya is Christine's boat. Mark took it since it was purpose bought for the race, and easier to pull the outboard, rather then pull the big inboard diesel in his boat. The tracker doesn't update but once every 5-10 minutes or more, that's why when zooming in a boat's progress - quite often it will show a boat's progress across a point of land or part of an island.
  4. Also of note; Phoceana was behind and caught up with him before Butedale. The lead changed back and forth a few times between the two after that. Look at their tracks, it shows the times. When Phoneona stopped last evening off of Goschen Island and he kept going through the night, he pulled ahead. http://tracker.r2ak.com/
  5. The inside didn't prove to be faster at all. After a rest in Shearwater, Mark started out about three hours ahead of a Adventourists, with the Sisters in close pursuit. He still had the lead, until he decided to take the inside route. Talking with him last night about midnight, in hindsight he wished he'd stayed outside with Adventourist, noting he'd be finished by now. He also said that he had to tack most of the inside passage. If he'd gone the outside with Adventourists, he wouldn't have had the difficulty he had fighting the tides as well. I would never consider the inside, if I had to sailing only, unless there was a storm offshore. He slept for about three hours in Butedale. Also of note, he couldn't retrieve his anchor after anchoring in Grenville Channel, and couldn't sleep at all that evening. Since leaving the Grenville anchorage yesterday morning, he's only got about three hours sleep in short catnaps during zephyrs.
  6. Mark was originally gonna take the outside route. Told him, singlehanding with no self steering set up, I'd go inside the islands - and don't go up the inside cut, because the extra distance, tide currents and winds or lack there of - not to mention Grenville may hone his short tacking skills, more then he wants. His hands early on in the San Juans, and later by Campball River his butt - took a beating - with both getting chaffed and raw from the salt water. He did a lot of sailing standing up by Johnstone Strait. I said use a cushion. As it turned out he forgot to bring a cushion or three - asked him to buy, beg or borrow a cushion - an old fisherman was kind enough to give him one. He pulled into Port McNeill to pick up some vaseline for his hands and talcum powder for his bum. He'd ripped his kite but needed to dry it, to get the tape to stick.So he pulled into Port Hardy and rented a room, dried the sail and repaired it, and got more then a few showers to boot. His girlfriend knew he was hurting, and scheduled him for a morning massage by a local masseuse. He had a chance to stay with Adventourists after Shearwater; and go up the outside or inside the islands. When he headed up, I texted him, "why punish yourself, you don't want to go that way." He texted back, are there any marinas this way. I said, nothing to write home about, but yes there are a few. He asked if there's anything else. I replied not much other then a ghost town. The next morning early he climbed the mountain behind Butedale about 0830 hrs, and got a cell tower signal from Hartley Bay. So we chatted a bit, I told him, I'd get out of there, once he made it to Wright - however he insisted on going up Grenville. I've noticed with Mark, when someone tells him not to do something or go a particular route, he'll do it anyway. Not sure if he's curious of the outcome, challenging himself or just plain stubborn. The vid below is about where he'll be in little over an hour, at his present speed.
  7. Your all welcome. It's been two months since I've been up there. Haven't gone up since December 29 because it's either been freezing or snowing, which is kind of unusual in the NW, since we usually have a week of freezing followed by a week of rain. After 40+ years of commuting, I don't drive when it's freezing or snowing, unless we need something from the store, but with a large pantry, freezers and a root cellar that hardly happens anymore...and when it does, my wife usually takes care of it. I put snow tires with studs on one of her vehicles every winter, just for such conditions. Other then going down to check the boats, or go sailing or racing, I'm a home body in the winter.
  8. Robert reminded me it was Flowerman - not Flowers - like about three times. Then he was adamant that I make sure everyone know. I said, sure thing Mr. Flowers.
  9. Thanks Bob!
  10. That would be an interesting trip Bob