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  1. WoobaGooba

    'Bulking' a halyard... best practices?

    Swapping out the cams for smaller diameter line might also be an option. I just did that on a set of Spinlock XTS. Replaced the 8-14s with 6-10s. Much better for the 8-10 mm lines I run. Cheers
  2. This. 1/8 dyneema. No idea what y'all talking about flipping it windward
  3. WoobaGooba

    Oh damn

    Time for a pennant upgrade... https://www.neropes.com/products/mooring-pendants/product/detail/cyclone-mooring-pendants/
  4. WoobaGooba

    Reliability B&G vs NKE

    Yup. What Moon said. I would not hand control of my autopilot over to an often non-reliable Windows PC.
  5. WoobaGooba

    Reliability B&G vs NKE

    An app on a Windows PC was driving your autopilot? Do tell.
  6. WoobaGooba

    Reliability B&G vs NKE

    OneNet. But not sure when/if it will see wide adoption.
  7. WoobaGooba

    B&G triton 2 depth no worky

    You have a DST200 speed temp depth sensor ... right?
  8. WoobaGooba

    Plastic on remote islands

    Mylar balloons. Seeing them more and more, way offshore en route to Bermuda, Halifax, and boat-hooked a few on the Figawi return last weekend.
  9. WoobaGooba

    more cowbell please

  10. WoobaGooba

    Yanmar 3GM30F Water Pump Recommendations

    How much is it new from Yanmar?
  11. WoobaGooba

    Wind instrument cable

    The 508 wind sensor cable connector is barely larger than the cable ... you might be able to snake it w/o cutting. IMO the wind vane design is ridiculously delicate ... handle with care.
  12. WoobaGooba

    Wind instrument cable

    OK, if wired that is probably the WS310. That connector is indeed larger than the 508, so I can see the need to have to cut and slice. I have a 310 waiting for install as well (508 replacement), please let us know what worked for you. I'm with you on the wired versus wireless choice.
  13. WoobaGooba

    Wind instrument cable

    Which specific B&G wind sensor are we talking about here?
  14. WoobaGooba

    NMEA Wiring

    Be careful here. This vid is discussing a 508/608, which does integrate the terminator resistor. The OP has a 310/320 ... different animal.
  15. WoobaGooba

    B&G Setup for F24

    I'd drop the DST800 and go with a full size speedo paddle wheel in one hole, and the depth transducer in the other. But not sure how to handle temperature.