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  1. WoobaGooba

    AIS receiver info anyone?

    Do tell re: these $200 Ebay deals! +1 on the XB6000, but don't forget the splitter. Puts you back in the $800 range. +1 on Vesper support. They are outstanding.
  2. WoobaGooba

    Soda blasting a hull

    Im liking that plan a lot.
  3. WoobaGooba

    Soda blasting a hull

    You are a brave soul. Find a beater boat and practice on that first. I have seen the dark side of newbie soda blasting.
  4. WoobaGooba

    Recommend a ratchet crimper

    Also on Maine Sail's advice, when possible I source all connectors and wire here ... http://www.genuinedealz.com/marine-electrical-supply/wire-connectors/heat-shrink-terminals
  5. WoobaGooba

    Refinishing Teak and Holly Floorboards...

    I'm due for this job again this winter. I'll repeat same plan I did 10 years back. CitriStrip with fresh plastic scrapers to avoid gouging the veneer, light hand sanding, several coats of Minmax Helmsman Spar Varnish. Last job held up well for 10 years ... I recall that was only 2 coats? I'll plan for three this time around. It is a pain but have to plan to work on warmer days. I am tempted to use Jamestown's Lust for the floor (no-sand between coats). I have had success with that for smaller projects, but concerned it will not hold up to the abuse of the cabin sole. I had also tried their Circa 1850 on my smaller forward sole ... did not like that at all ... did not flow well. Back to Minwax for me. Good luck!
  6. WoobaGooba

    Radio controlled sailing

    SA-ers. I'm looking to quickly get into a V6 DF65. Who do you like for a supplier and is the stock radio/controller adequate? Feel free to PM if preferred. Already consulted Mr Google etc. Hoping for experienced guidance from SA. Thanks a bunch.
  7. WoobaGooba

    Recommend a ratchet crimper

    +1 https://shop.marinehowto.com/products/controlled-cycle-heat-shrink-crimp-tool
  8. Where is that 225 still sailing?
  9. Depending on the specific AIS unit, both the transponder and splitter may have TX indicators, though often not visible due to a remote mounting. Depending on the unit, silent mode can be engaged with a dedicated switch OR a configuration program running on a PC. Question, if TX operation is in doubt, would VHF verification of AIS visibility with another competitor constitute a rule 41 infraction?
  10. WoobaGooba

    B&G 508 Wind ... what's your reliability experience?

    I'm likely to skip the 608 and go to a 310. I never liked the N2K bus running up the mast (310 does not), and the 508/608 wind vane is too delicate.
  11. WoobaGooba

    Check Your BoatUS Policy.

    'Tis the season for another Boat US premium increase and a thread bump. Just got my 2019 renewal. It is now about a 50% increase since 2017 season (when I include the Partial Waiver of Deductible to get them close to the old coverage). I'll be refreshing the alternative quotes from last spring and looking for a local surveyor tout suite.
  12. Looking for feedback from SAers that have had the units in service for a few years.
  13. Has anyone checked with your insurance provider if this system will reduce premiums?