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  1. How to build large format display

    I've never seen a multi vendor comms standard completed in weeks. 2 years would be considered quick. I share your frustrations re: lack of standard N2K messaging for config and calibration, etc. I don't attribute that to naivete ... but interop not being enough a business priority of the vendors to move the NMEA standards efforts along briskly. Another issue IMO with NMEA is its structure: both a marketing/promotional and standards development organization. Its not always a happy mix. I don't agree the only value of NMEA is doling out the N2K vendor IDs. On the race boats I sail, it is not the case that most of the comms on the N2K bus are proprietary messaging. The standard PGNs generally work well. I can't remember how many NMEA 0183 interop issues I've debugged over the years. Even the widely used sentenced. Why? Lack of interoperability testing. We are in a better place with N2K versus NMEA 0183 ... N2K has a certification test (but pay to play). Room for improvement? Lots. Yes CAN is technically ancient. Let us not forget the auto industry control/command networks are still largely based on CAN (in vehicle entertainment and WiFi excluded), with movement to deterministic Ethernet now in the planning stages. I credit NMEA for starting to get the vendors on the same page re: IP with OneNet. The level of interop provided by the marine electronics industry is spotty. Interoperable GPX import/export continues to be a problem, the N2K calibration and config issues you point out, etc. All that said, we get the level of interop we deserve from the vendors. The only way this changes is pressure from us ... the customers.
  2. How to build large format display

    Which means they are way ahead of the N2K timeline! More info on OneNet ... I can say no more ... you will have to talk to your vendors. The vendors, as NMEA members, ultimately control how fast this gets done per customer demand.
  3. How to build large format display

    NMEA is working on N2K over IP. https://www.marineelectronicsjournal.com/content/newsm/news.asp?show=VIEW&a=130
  4. How to build large format display

    Open source N2K decoder. https://github.com/canboat/canboat
  5. Rushour on its roof.

    Do tell more.
  6. Binoculars ?

    Look again
  7. Binoculars ?

    I got tired of watching the binos bounce over the side. Bought a pair of 7x50s from these guys at NIB a few years back... http://www.supersportsoptics.com/index.html So far so good.
  8. 1/2" seacocks?

    If you go the Marelon route, be sure to use the 93 series kit.
  9. Might help ... also add stiffener rib to underside ...
  10. Bomar hatch rebed plexi?

    Next time I attempt this I will try VHB tape for the acrylic to frame bond, fill the remaining gap with GE SSG4000 (or equivalent).
  11. Non-electric dehumidifier for boat on mooring ball

    Using these with some success ... https://www.amazon.com/DampRid-Hanging-FGAM86-16-ounce-3-Pack/dp/B072LN492H/ref=dp_ob_title_home
  12. Jose

    Looks like the IOD fleet
  13. B&G Tritons Showing Different Readings?

    I recall the DST800 has to be calibrated (in my case) from the Zeus ... to insure the calibration is applied at the sensor ... and any calibration applied at the Tritons needs to be disabled. That way everyone on the bus uses the same calibrated data from the DST800.
  14. Yacht Club Wifi

    That's configurable too. I'm sure Meraki can do what you want, just convince the admin to accommodate you. PM me if you need more.