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  1. It is not always the person with direct knowledge of the NVDC process doing the renewal. It might be an admin or spouse ... a second party standing in. For those that may have fallen for this ... dispute the charge with your CC company. And Maritime Documentation now has your CC info ... I'd consider getting your card re-issued.
  2. It should also be obvious to a careful reader that the material misleading. You continue to defend this service ... WTF?
  3. Bullshit. Call it what it is. All the material is designed to leave the impression they are official. The domain ends in .us. Its registered to a Billings, Montana address. 100 24th Street W, Suite 1-1028, Billings Montana 59102. +1.4065423518. contact@maritimedocumentation.us https://www.whois.com/whois/maritimedocumentation.us The web site color schemes are intended to look like USCG. The web site is full of anti terrorism and US Border Patrol references. At the very bottom in small print they state they are not NVDC. Its a SCAM. Its a service that has no reason to exist, and its presentation is designed to mislead.
  4. Alrighty. I'll take a mashup of the Daycat and a Pogo 30.
  5. A cat boat with the mast set aft like that needs to be very light in order to have enough sail to drive it. On a sloop you are using most of the triangle formed by the mast tip and boat hull, also on cat with the mast well forward. But if the boat is light enough, then it's all good. On an unstayed cat, the main is a very efficient downwind sail compared to a sloop. To make an Asym work, you need a large space between mast and sprit, and even then you will find the range of effective wind angles more limited. Our sprit only gets the asym tack about 14' from the mast, it works but over a comparatively narrow range of wind pressure and angles. We have run wing-and-wing but it is dicey to keep everything full. In more than about 12 knots, I just square off and run DDW. In about 6-7 knots, 150 AWA, the asym works well. We have a mizzen staysail too, good for a laugh but at only 280 sq ft doesn't do all that much. That Daycat seems to tick off all your concerns. Same sail area (fat head) as a Nonsuch 30 + appears to have better fore/aft weight distribution of the rig + sprit with the mast aft enables the asym.
  6. I'm real curious for a Nonsuch-y upgrade along the lines of this ... https://www.pinguin.it/daycat-32---jolie-rouge.htm Mast further aft with fathead main, sprit for an asym, etc.
  7. B&G Zeus 2 Polars

    ++++ 1 on all points.
  8. Here is the letter ...
  9. what is it?

    Can the keel be lifted underway to get in and out of shallows?
  10. Check Your BoatUS Policy.

    Thanks for pointing this out. I've been with Boat US 20 years, never made a claim, rate jumped 15% this year and now I know partial repairs will be depreciated 40%. Time to look at other quotes.
  11. what is it?

    I like it . https://www.pinguin.it/daycat-32---jolie-rouge.html Never understood why this and the likes of the Wylie Cat's never caught hold. What's the deal?
  12. Teak Sources

  13. PHRF and Overlap...

    Moving to what?
  14. Please let us know if you are successful.
  15. Will that require a Garmin MFD to calibrate the Signet paddel wheel via the GST10?