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    12 countries with Islam as the state religion have the death penalty for atheists (apostasy), consider that fact before calling someone a racist Islamophobic Xenophobic bigot for criticising Islam.

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  1. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    What's in your arsenal??

    What is the distance the red dot sight projects ? I think Tom is talking about a Laser sight so range will vary depending on brand. They're a good thing i reckon a criminal would surrender if you aim at their balls and say freeze or i will shoot. Defensive gun use should include cases where offender surrenders without a shot being fired. I have had no problems with Crimson trace brand. A Red dot sight to me would be something like Aimpoint which doesn't project a dot on target the dot moves around in the sight which makes acquiring the target much quicker as you can keep both eyes open. I have one on Benelli shotgun and another on Ruger SR762 mounted on top of Schmidt and Bender PMII Ultra short 5-20 scope for close range stuff while doing feral pest control. Great battery life also able to adjust brightness quick and easy. For defense inside a home a suppressor would be good you probably don't want to wear ear plugs so you can hear what's going on. Guns can be pretty loud and much worse for noise inside when sound waves bounce off walls.
  2. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    What's With EBikes?

    There is some variation on how E bikes work depending on who makes it. I have a GT mountain bike with Shimano motor it has several modes all of them give electric assist from takeoff up to limited speed which is 25 Kph in Australia. The US and New Zealand specs allow top speed of 32 Kph before electric assist cuts out. It's simple to change software to to NZ spec giving us slightly higher speed. Range is pretty good hills are no problem can still do 20 Mph into 25 knot headwind takes a lot of effort out of riding. You can get kits to retrofit older bikes the Bafang kit even allows electric assist without pedalling along with more powerful engines that aren't legal for road use with no speed limits. Electric bike sales are growing rapidly it's probably the future for cheap transport many people ride them to work the vast majority of food delivery people in my area use electric bikes.
  3. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Portland "officers?"

    Antifa are calling the DemocRat mayor of Portland a facist watch and listen.
  4. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Portland "officers?"

  5. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Portland "officers?"

    It's normal for fake news to tell lies. The photo angle doesn't show it they're wearing agency badges, what's the big deal about unmarked cars is it unprecedented for law enforcement to use unmarked cars there? With all the cop cars that have been burnt by rioters it would appear to be somewhat sensible to turn up in unmarked cars. Andy Ngo has been reporting on these riots which have been going on for 50 days, fair dinkum why do you allow these rioters to carry on with this destruction for so long? Did that state ask the federal government for money to rebuild after rioters damaged the place, why should federal government use taxpayer funds to rebuild if local government cannot stop these rioters?
  6. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    The Swedish Experiment

    Deaths have been declining for a while most of them have been old people. Perhaps we need farmers or vets to explain the concept of herd immunity instead of listening to journalists who are on par with drunken sailors for alcohol consumption. Can any internet experts explain why deaths have been declining in Sweden?
  7. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    In NSW if 1 person tests positive they send everyone home and clean the school. Someone should tell Mr Hallak prayers are useless with Covid 19. Not the first time this school has made headlines, how the fuck do you lose your virginity by running what the fuck are they teaching in this school. Your taxdollars are paying for this religious nonsense in our schools. #Muslimahshymensmatter
  8. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin From your link Boomer-
  9. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Quarantine in Vic was in effect 28th March appeared to be going well. There were 4 cases from BLM rally I saw with a R Nought of 5-6 we can see what happened.