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  1. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    'White Australia' policy lives on in immigrant detention

    We still promote people on merit here we have no quotas for minorities or those with different sexual preferences getting preferential treatment. A lot of senior government jobs here with our bloated public service done by people you call minorities. Very few of these boat people made it to mainland Australia they would aim for Christmas Island which is about 200 miles south of Indonesia over 1000 miles north of mainland Australia
  2. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    'White Australia' policy lives on in immigrant detention

    "New Zealand’s government has on several occasions offered to resettle 150 refugees from Manus and Nauru annually, an offer rejected by Canberra which claims it could provide a “backdoor” for refugees to get into Australia. New Zealand nationals are able to live and work in Australia without the need for visas." New Zealand was only taking 1000 refugees a year they increased it to 1500 recently. Unlike NZ we take in far more than our UN obligation. No laws stop people from flying in then claiming asylum as long as they do it before their visa expires.
  3. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    'White Australia' policy lives on in immigrant detention

    Here's the link, I don't know why it restricts you, I would copy and paste, but I got a copyright warning that I don't care to violate. BTW, Financial Times is not a rinky dink source, it is highly reliable. It still has paywall i still call BS it's unheard of with Indonesia seizing passports and not deporting people. If Iran asked them to seize passport they would have also asked for him to be sent back. As for journalists they can drink more than a drunken sailor sometimes they nail it sometimes they fuck it up. A bit of history on our boat people asylum policy i know it's wiki some links from this page were really good and the leftist sources no longer have them like this one which criticised Howard over spending $280 million on it when the next leftist governments spent billions doing the same thing after they dismantled the Pacific solution. We had a lot of these boat people drown attempting the voyage here in shitty old boats none of us would even venture out for day harbour cruise in. one very pubic case with boat going onto rocks which killed nearly everyone on board. Many of these people can't swim. You can get a tourist visa say you want to swim with Dolphins and surf on the Gold Coast then claim asylum after arriving which is much cheaper and far easier than paying a people smuggler to come here. Why do people spend 10X the cost of an airfare with people smugglers to come here in an unseaworthy boat when they can just fly in? How many refugees does New Zealand take are they in a position to moralise on this?
  4. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    'White Australia' policy lives on in immigrant detention

    We had 3 people in detention when Rudd dismantled the pacific solution which stopped the boats.
  5. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Dirty joke punch lines

  6. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Senate has the votes for confirmation

    Who the fuck are you to comment on who gets nominated to the SCOTUS? Your opinion is a relevant as tits on a bull. I reckon Trump should pick a woman to sidestep the false allegations of he raped me 40 years ago that will occur with any male he nominates. Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh show how low democrats can get with nominations.
  7. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    'White Australia' policy lives on in immigrant detention

    According the Financial Times, Indonesia seized his Iranian passport, He got to New Zealand with refugee travel documents, a one month visa, and a plane ticket from a literary society in NZ. In 2019, he was awarded the Victorian Prize for Literature, which is how he got his invite to NZ the prize had a cash award of 125,000 AUD. I call BS on your link that would be a first for Indonesia to seize a passport without deporting this guy. Your link has a a paywall. 21 out of 5213 asylum seekers by boat still had their passports when they arrived here after flying into Indonesia, what percentage of them disposed of their passports before coming here?
  8. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Senate has the votes for confirmation

    Of course Prez has the right to nominate a Justice. Has anyone said he doesn't? Also, no one is saying the Rs don't have the right to ram/cram/jam the mushroom up the Democrats ass. Just that they are hypocritical cunts. So he has the right to nominate so where is the problem? I suppose you would prefer only pin dicked democrats rammed something up your ass.
  9. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Broken Ribs

    I had 7 broken ribs from motorbike accident couldn't get out of bed so i slept on recliner for 6 weeks. Opiates could lead to constipation which will require laxatives which strip all the good minerals that help bones rebuild so avoid them if possible.
  10. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Senate has the votes for confirmation

    Joe supports Trump with this, was he for it before he was against it does he remember saying this?
  11. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    'White Australia' policy lives on in immigrant detention

    A former leader of leftist state government said the vast majority of these people are economic migrants. We have cheap government housing cradle to the grave welfare and free medical which makes us attractive for these people. We had a recent case where people were offered asylum in the US and they knocked it back perhaps the US isn't as attractive for bludgers.
  12. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    'White Australia' policy lives on in immigrant detention

    He flew into Indonesia with a passport then like 99% of all boat people he disposed of his passport before paying a people smuggler 10X the cost of an airfare to come here illegally by boat. Why would a genuine refugee dispose of their passport and pay people smugglers to enter Australia when he could fly into Australia and claim asylum, would a genuine refugee need to hide their true identity? A government survey had 83.5% of all these boat people still on welfare 5 years after arriving here. Rudd Gillard and Keating who gave us mandatory detention for asylum seekers were all leftist government. Pacific Solution is the,land on the Australian mainland.
  13. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    What's in your arsenal??

    With bolt action .22lr Anshutz would be the go it will give some change from $2k. I have a 1416 HB there is a reason why Anshutz rifles have won so many gold medals at the Olympics. The new 1710 with alloy chassis looks good i don't think they make the 1416 anymore some shops might have old stock. If considering a 10/22 i would build one up lots of good parts out there no point buying one then replacing most of the stuff. CZ also have a pretty good reputation here with quality and value for money the pistols are rated highly with those doing target shooting many newbies start with Glocks then upgrade to CZ.
  14. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Biden Will Win..... discuss

    Joe shoots himself in the foot in support of constitution
  15. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Far right Militia member shoots kills 2 in Wisconsin.

    They weren't protesting they were rioting, since when did protesting involve burning looting and destroying property? If the police did something about these riots there might not have been armed people trying to defend property.