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  1. If we could all ignore Mr Lords wet dreams for a moment we can get back on topic. The last video I saw only had 2 trap wires rigged so might be difficult to put 3 on the wire considering I didn't see a 3rd trap wire, I don't know if this will be a permanent change. I think they have come a long way considering they only have one boat sailing, it would be easier with 2 or more boats testing, I agree with experienced foilers probably being essential to get the best from these boats with trim and sailhandling.I don't think the 18's would be a logical stepping stone. As for mainsheet movement the breeze did look steady which might explain that, the footage also shows crew on the wire would have no problems clearing boards in capsize. Since Bill has stated several teams from several countries I would suspect he has sponsorship and sailors already lined up considering TV coverage is confirmed, I wonder what some of the AC guys have planned for summer down under. I reckon there might be a few pro sailors with experience in 49ers/Moths and AC competing.
  2. Muslims aren't a race of people ya dopey dickhead, are you saying it's possible to change your racial status by reciting the Shahada? There are many Sahih Ahadith that say $Profit Mo was a horny fat white dwarf-http://www.sunnah.com/abudawud/2/96 I see you think it's bad to speak up about a belief that chops heads off for thought crimes like Apostasy or saying the wrong thing which is Blasphemy or even having consenting sex with the wrong person, then you accuse me of having fucked up ideological beliefs
  3. What did you expect people to talk about in a thread with guns in it's title, perhaps you should stick to threads on colonic irrigation
  4. The Northern Territory in Australia has our highest homicide rate at 6.5 per 100K, it's not just the crocs and other wildlife you have to worry about this homicide rate is higher than the USA. The gun grabbers don't mention this because firearm homicides are very low you're more likely to be stabbed or bashed to death in the NT. The data also shows knives/sharp instruments have always killed more people than guns in Australia. http://www.crimestats.aic.gov.au/NHMP/1_trends
  5. The hoplophobes will ignore the fact gun crimes have risen in the last decade by 83% in NSW, 85% in Vic,49% in SA and 32% in Tas, they will cherry pick firearm homicides and ignore all other gun crimes in spruiking off about our gun laws.For them it's convenient to cherry pick firearm homicides while ignoring the massive increase in gun crimes all over Australia. http://www.thenewdaily.com.au/news/national/2015/11/10/australias-secret-gun-problem-exposed The NSW Police minister Troy Grant said greater than 97% of all gun crimes are done by criminals with unregistered firearms, for a licensed firearm owner it is a gun crime to store paintball guns which are Category A firearm with paintballs, it is also a firearm crime to store air rifles (Cat A) with pellets as all ammo must be locked up separately to paintball guns and air rifles which must be stored in safes.
  6. The nanny state called Australia doesn't allow burnouts, the pussification of Australia continues. The Ford Mustang sold in Australia doesn't have the burnout mode that is found in new Mustangs sold everywhere else in the world. http://www.drive.com.au/motor-news/no-burnout-mode-for-aussie-mustang-20150513-gh0oxf.html
  7. Latest video shows they're getting the hang of sailing this thing. http://www.facebook.com/SuperFoiler
  8. "Your honour I was just taking my grandfathers old MP-40 submachine gun which he used to shoot rabbits to surrender it when the cops pulled us over, the police are being very unreasonable in charging me' http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-06-19/nazi-machine-gun-seized-during-police-traffic-stop/8629736 The police said the gun appeared to be in working order despite the fact the barrel was missing, how can it fire anything without a barrel?
  9. They have come a long way in the short time they have been sailing this boat, since there is nothing like it they probably had a few things to work out it looks like it's getting sorted to me. Having seen one of the near crashes on video it looks like the crew swing well outside the windward foil before ending up in headsail if they are on trapeze, just like going around the old forward wingwire with the 18 in a nosedive. I see it happening TV is already organised, I wonder if Bill will run it at twilight like he did with some 18 races when traffic is less of a concern.
  10. The one design 18 was supposed to save the class are you saying this is not the case, the same people who pushed the 18's into one design said Grand Prix Sailing would never work nobody would be interested in the 18's they could never be a professional class.
  11. The Justice minister admits we have an illegal gun problem while praising the gun laws brought in by his party. The best solution he can come up with for these illegal guns is telling criminals/terrorists to hand in their guns we have an amnesty.
  12. The reality is nobody goes to jail for having an unregistered gun, the criminal Mick Gatto was fined $2500 for having a loaded sawnoff unregistered shotgun hidden in his home, a sawn off shotgun cannot be registered.The government is talking up the penalty that never gets applied by soft cocked leftist judges. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-25/crime-figure-mick-gatto-fined-over-discovery-of-loaded-shotgun-/7657924 Bikie gangs had a shipment of over 5000 guns seized recently with over 100 of them being military assault rifles. http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/34665572/international-afp-and-us-police-operation-seizes-5000-illegal-firearms-bound-for-australian-bikies/#page1 The reality is this gun amnesty is window dressing that makes the government appear they are doing something which makes the hoplophobic bedwetters feel good, does anyone with more than half a functioning brain believe Bikie gangs -terrorists along with Meth dealers are going to hand in their illegal guns?
  13. We are told not to judge all muslims by the devout ones doing Jihad but when it comes to licensed firearm owners who have passed background checks for mental health and criminal record every single one of them has been judged as a potential mass murdering terrorist because of Martin Bryant
  14. Yep 7 members of the Shooters Fishers and Farmers party elected to Parliament by the people of Australia shows the 2 million Aussies with firearm licenses aren't happy with our gun laws. The Liberal Democrats have 2 members elected they are Pro gun as are One Nation who also have several members elected by the people of Australia.
  15. All of them had illegal guns, recently a policeman was killed in Queensland with a full auto which have been outlawed for over 60 years. As for the nonsense in that article about heirloom firearms the executor of deceased estates is allowed to legally dispose of any firearms related to that estate without having to apply for a firearms license. I wonder how many illegal guns will be handed in to Lakemba police station, Lakemba police station was shot up in a drive by shooting after our 1996 gun laws. The Czech Republic allows all the guns that cause the bedwetting hoplophobes to crap their pants in fear they even allow concealed carry for self defence so why is their homicide rate lower than the homicide rate in Australia, did the Czech leader recently say terrorists should be shot by citizens with guns?