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    12 countries with Islam as the state religion have the death penalty for atheists (apostasy), consider that fact before calling someone a racist Islamophobic Xenophobic bigot for criticising Islam.

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  1. Chrisite Pisani http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2634571/Real-life-Katniss-Everdeen-huntress-defends-hobby.html
  2. Another refugee from Myanmar giving us cultural enrichment, the Greens want to bring in another 20,000 of them. Muslims copy their $Profit Mo with marrying children, the Quran tells muslims to follow his example.
  3. What do you do with Mujahideen like this in Myanmar? - https://www.facebook.com/Fatimahbaikk/posts/596973717353016?hc_location=ufi More cultural enrichment from muslim refugees from Myanmar, Melis favourite political party the Greens want to import another 20,000 from Myanmar
  4. You would expect the dildo packing bong toking snowflakes from Antifa to think it was one of their members found with a dildo taped to his head.
  5. I thought your schools were gun free zones, does that mean all these school shootings involve people who don't obey your laws? School shooting deaths in Australia when semi auto rifles with sound moderators were allowed for self defence before our 1996 gun laws = 0, Since we had no deaths from school shootings before our strict laws we can say our gun laws had no effect on school shootings in Australia.
  6. The bedwetting hoplophobes might like our gun laws because they have a irrational fear of guns, they think every gun owner is a mass murdering terrorist who must be kept away from semi auto rifles that is why we banned them in 1996. Henry Lawson wrote a poem Every man Should have a rifle, I don't expect pommie immigrants like you to know our culture. https://www.google.com.au/search?source=hp&q=henry+lawson+every+man+should+have+a+rifle The Americans have the 2A to protect them from the bedwetting hoplophobes, their Founding Fathers knew how to deal with the bedwetting gun grabbers.
  7. Did any Americans shed a tear over killing Anwar al Awlaki? He wrote that book 44 ways to support Jihad. https://www.google.com.au/search?source=hp&q=44+ways+to+support+jihad
  8. Those in Australia who are subject to a Firearm Prohibition Order can have the police rock up and search their home whenever the Police feel like doing it they don't need a warrant to search those subjected to a FPO. We don't want that dickhead spatial ed or jocal here perhaps they should go to Mexico if they like tough gun laws.
  9. Criminals have no trouble getting guns in Australia, a Police officer was killed with a full auto AK47 in Qld and we have never been able to legally buy full auto AK47s. These full auto Tommy guns have never been legal to buy here, the gun grabbers say guns are stolen from licensed gun owners. Try New Zealand if you want a country with sound gun laws, they haven't had a mass shooting since 1997 they allow all the scary black semi autos with sound moderators.
  10. Just don't point your gun at armed home invaders in Australia, our politicians want criminals to have a safe working environment. If you want to copy our gun laws you will lose the right to defend yourself with a gun in your own home against armed home invaders.
  11. This is the 5th Islamic terror attack in the UK this year, a bit of cultural enrichment for the poms. Scotland yard has over 3000 suspects on their terror watch list I guess a few of them slip through the cracks. The Islamic state have claimed responsibility.
  12. Are you suggesting you need a campaign similar to MADD for parents to keep guns away from mentally ill kids to stop these school shootings?
  13. So what you're saying is if a home invader wants to rape your wife or daughter perhaps I should include son with that so people don't think I am homophobic then you should comply rather than fight back?
  14. Do we have a chain of custody with this incident and Sandy Hook? Was this achieved without registration?
  15. Libya supplied the IRA with weapons, why would they do that?