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    12 countries with Islam as the state religion have the death penalty for atheists (apostasy), consider that fact before calling someone a racist Islamophobic Xenophobic bigot for criticising Islam.

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  1. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Gang rape protests

    Pakistan was created as an Islamic country around the same time Israel was created, under Islamic law you get flogged 100 times for consenting sex outside of marriage they stone you to death for adultery yet for some reason it's ok to fuck animals. Ahh now I realise why muslims like to keep a pet donkey in their backyard. Pakistan gets nearly $50 million a year in foreign aid from Australia-
  2. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Now We Have Just Another Road Rage Incident

    Are you over 50?
  3. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    uS planning to pull out of UN Human Rights Council?

    It's broken it can't be fixed pulling out is the best option. The Saudis have the death penalty for apostasy a clear violation of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights. Just one of many examples -
  4. What a load of bullshit Real Pusstralian version The criminals have guns they cleaned out the store and the police stopped chasing them because the crooks were driving fast
  5. Mohammed Bin Lyin


    The Israelis left over 3,000 hydroponic greenhouses for the Palestinians when they pulled out of Gaza which the Palestinians promptly looted. The jews were always trying to make peace with the muslims, it's futile Allah hates the yahud. Why does Allah need 20% of all war booty?
  6. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    8-year-old Barberton boy shot by 9-year-old cousin

    The vast majority of our firearm deaths are suicides, our suicide rate hasn't dropped hanging has become the most common method for suicide. The gun grabbers are silent about people hanging themselves that is why they cherry pick firearm suicides in decline they don't give a fuck about those who hang themselves. Our firearm homicide rate was 0.8 per 100K in 1980 it declined to 0.3 per 100K in 1995, what caused this pre existing decline in firearm homicides before our 1996 gun laws when semi auto rifles with silencers were allowed for self defence? The military style rifles we restricted in 1996 were used in 27 of the 813 firearm homicides from 1980-1995, The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows this type of firearm was used in just over 1% of all firearm deaths from 1980-1995. We had 60-70 firearm homicides a year in the 3 years before our gun laws how bad was the gun problem in Australia before our 1996 gun laws? Is this a credible source for Aussie gun death statistics?
  7. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    The debate over assault weapons

    I wonder if some would consider this Anshutz .22lr to be an assault weapon. It has a telescopic stock a pistol grip and a threaded barrel.
  8. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    8-year-old Barberton boy shot by 9-year-old cousin

    considering charges. That's different. Our gun laws did nothing to stop this from happening.
  9. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    The debate over assault weapons

    We could look at New Zealand gun laws they have had no mass shootings since 1997 their last school shooting was 95 years ago they also have a 10% lower homicide rate compared to Australia. The gun grabbers never cite NZ gun laws because they allow all the scary assault weapons they want to ban and confiscate, you don't even need a license to buy a silencer in NZ you walk in pay cash and walk out with it many consider it rude to shoot without one. The second worst mass shooting in Australia and the worst before Port Arthur was done with a single shot bolt action .22lr which is a type of gun the grabbers are happy for people to own, a very ordinary .22 was used for our worst mass shooting before Port Arthur and we still allow them with 15 round magazines.,1264510&hl=en
  10. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    8-year-old Barberton boy shot by 9-year-old cousin

    This sort of thing happens in Pusstralia despite our gun laws, of course the gun grabbers like to pretend this never happens in Pusstralia
  11. Mohammed Bin Lyin


    Muslims call it Jihad, Tarek Fatah is a muslim perhaps you should read this and educate yourself Profit Mo said he had been made victorious with terror