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    12 countries with Islam as the state religion have the death penalty for atheists (apostasy), consider that fact before calling someone a racist Islamophobic Xenophobic bigot for criticising Islam.

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  1. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    F-22 Number 30

    Any plans to start production of the F33 ?
  2. Mohammed Bin Lyin


    I thought Obama was going to close it, perhaps that was another broken promise. Castro charges the US $1 a year to rent that place he has never cashed the rent cheques.
  3. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    I still call Australia home

    Remind them they will also be liable for your legal costs as well if they don't hurry up and sort this out.
  4. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    I still call Australia home

    Arabic word for the day, call SHY a Sharmuta
  5. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Evil Gun Lobby Busted in Australia

    Because corruption in the police is a problem everywhere? The job attracts people who are only very slightly different to those who get locked away. Howard ordered a halt to the Coronial inquest into Port Arthur. Why did the Chief Coroner Ian Matterson write " Any finding I make must not be inconsistent with the decision of the Supreme court" when he announced the inquiry would not resume. One would think the Supreme court findings would reflect what the Coronial inquiry would find.
  6. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Father jailed for having toy guns

    The Aussie Hoplophobes want to ban the word gun in advertising, what next do they want to rename the Gun Barrel Highway or even the town called Gunning in NSW. Sam Lee and Gun Control Australia should realise gun use is normal in country areas it's only the soy latte sipping inner city types who think gun use is not normal in Australia.
  7. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Father jailed for having toy guns

    Not sure couldn't be bothered looking into it. Might be a problem finding a safe to keep it in to meet safe storage requirements
  8. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Father jailed for having toy guns

    I don’t think that fact was in any doubt, but you obviously felt the need to comment anyway. The police aren't licensed pistol shooters our police, military and army/navy/air force cadets are exempt from needing a firearm license to hold and use a firearm for their jobs. If a policeperson wants a pistol license they have to apply for one and meet minimum participation requirements like everyone else. If a policeperson gets a pistol license they can't own or use a Glock 22 which is what they carry for work as it doesn't meet minimum barrel length law. This is why I have the dickhead bent on ignore he is full of shit
  9. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Father jailed for having toy guns

    Every licensed pistol shooter in Australia would be a better shot than our police. Our police need more range time. Lots of muslims with mental health issues, perhaps we should build more mental health facilities instead of mosques If Aussie cops draw their firearms duck for cover they might accidently shoot you
  10. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    Tom when they talk about banning Ruger ten twenty two assault rifles do they make exemptions for farmers like we do or is everyone supposed to get rid of them? Will they still allow professional shooters to have assault rifles like we do in Pusstralia? All of these animals were shot with a L1A1 SLR which is a scary military assault rifle
  11. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    I still call Australia home

    God you're thick Jamie Williams However who or what they fight for, paid or unpaid is not really my point. It's the thin end of the wedge. Today someone fighting for a group we deem terrorist has their (birthright) citizenship stripped. Tomorrow Australian fighting for the enemies of our friends has their Citizenship stripped. Next, I'll lose mine (none birthright) for sending donations to rebuild Gaza. Then my kids get their birthright citizenship stripped for supporting Hamas..(not Izz ad-Din alQassam) It's the nature of punitive legislation to become more severe not less so. Does this only apply to dual citizens? We can only hope you're still a pommie citizen perhaps we can get you deported as well
  12. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Immediate withdrawal from Syria

    There you go Syrian women say we should kick out the Syrian male refugees who fled and send them home I posted on this very thing over a year ago. I said back then then vast majority of Syrian refugees were MAMs (military aged males) and they fled leaving their wives and children behind to suffer through the war. It’s cowardice IMHO. Either take your family with you if it’s so dangerous back home. If it’s not too dangerous to leave them then it’s not to dangerous for them to stay. And if the issue is getting drafted to fight for Assad it getting arrested.... then pick up a rifle and join any number of the rebel groups like the FSA that was fighting to change the regime so these cowards wouldn’t have to flee. The noble thing to do would have been to send your women and children to Europe instead while you stay and.fight for your country. I think it's good Syrian women are asking for their men to be sent back
  13. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Father jailed for having toy guns

    From your link- Tasmania isn't really relevant to this it didn't happen there, even the Tasmanian police say toy guns are ok, do you have a link to the actual wording of the firearms act 4D in Tasmania instead of a police opinion? As we saw with the recent state election in Tasmania they thought allow clay target shooters and Primary Producers to have Category C firearms would be watering down our laws despite the fact the 1996 Firearms act allows those people to have cat C firearms. It was only a couple of years ago Tasmania allowed Paintball to resume which caused an outrage.
  14. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    Father jailed for having toy guns

    If you look at the Tasmanian legislation someone posted on the first page, you'll notice the point at the bottom which specified that toys which look too much like weapons do not count as toys? regardless of their colour scheme? It didn't happen in Tasmania and I cant find that post can you link it? The Qld police on these toy guns called gel blasters, it appears they know how to read and comprehend the 1996 Firearms act.
  15. Mohammed Bin Lyin

    I still call Australia home

    Pro terrorist and pro mercenary. Guess what? Prakash no longer calls Australia home Well done you hypocrite. The Aussie muslims who went to the Islamic state don't consider themselves to be Australians. They even had passport burning ceremonies when they arrived in the Islamic state.