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  1. JohnMB

    Don't Anchor Here

    You just use a different detector :). When you see water coming out of a pipe you are using ambient photos reflected off the water and then detected by a very sophisticated lensed array photon detector, with a remarkably effective analysis system. you can 'see' electrons coming out of a wire but you need a special detector because we don't have one built in.
  2. JohnMB

    Hey, don't step on the sails!

    1 rolling hitch, 2 clove hitches, 3 round turns and 5 half hitches Its a Fibonacci knot!
  3. JohnMB

    International Dragon question

    Soling or Ecthells don't have to deal with runners, and you can also ignore any controls you down want to use. Soling even has a self tacking jib.
  4. JohnMB

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    You imply you think that's a bad thing There is a place for participation awards, there is also a place for a 'You tried too hard' award, when you go to unreasonable lengths to win a 'competition' that really does not warrant it. Like bringing a ringer to the rec league softball game, dropping one of your regulars to do it, screaming at the ump when a call goes against you, and then trash talking the opposition. I have awarded myself the 'you tried too hard' once (and possibly deserved it on other occasions.) Whenever i start taking myself too seriously I remind myself of that occasion and resolve not to be such an arsehole (sometimes I don't remind myself in time ).
  5. We get to hung up on 'racists', more important is dealing with people who say racist things.I can tolerate almost anyone, i won't tolerate racist behaviors, and I wont excuse racist behaviors because I know that the person 'is not a racist'. Someone who makes racist comments needs to be told that those comments are not ok, and often helped to understand why. They don't need to be labelled as 'racists' in most cases, and it tends to be counterproductive when they are, because it makes people more likely to try to justify their behavior rather than change it. If someone makes racists comments knowing that their comments are not ok, then I don't want to sail with them. I'm not going to keep quiet and ignore them, they are not going to stop and the environment will not being what I enjoy when sailing (or doing any other activity).
  6. I think that there is a difference between being tolerant of opinion and being tolerant of bigotry. It can be hard to draw a hard line, and as individual we may choose to draw that line in slightly different places. But there are comments and views that do not warrant 'tolerance', most racist comments and other forms of 'hate speech' fall in this category. If I am aware that someone is expressing bigoted or racist views I will not 'tolerate' that. I won't assume that because someone is wearing a MAGA hat they are a bigot.
  7. You are correct the original post did propose this. I meant that in the discussion of mambo kings post nothing requires that you don't allow anyone to crew to race without membership. Sorry for my poor explanation.
  8. I don't think anyone actually proposed this.
  9. Read Mambo kings post, which started this section off.
  10. The comment that spawned this little sideshow was from mambo kings. He pointed out that there may be circumstances where it is beneficial for the club to keep connected to people who come and crew there and help make them feel part of the club. Clearly IF that is the objective you can design a system that doesn't force owners to jump through stupid hoops for people who show up occasionally, or are members of other clubs etc. So you would design the system to avoid that. I totally understand that paperwork and can be cash are barriers, but IF a club is in a situation where it has a significant sized group of people at the club on a regular basis, but those people do not feel part of that club, why would they not want a way to make a connection with those people. And IF that is there objective it should be possible to design the system to not create unreasonable barriers.
  11. So you are assuming that any club that sets up any kind of crew membership is always going to choose the worst possible way to implement it, so no club should ever do this? Anyone intelligent enough to point out this problem is certainly intelligent enough to come up with at least 3 different ways to solve it, IF the club has an objective to get better connected to the regular crew who are sailing there, which is what Mambo Kings was suggesting.
  12. JohnMB

    Cancelling a Race for High Winds: No limits in SI's

    They can use their discretion to cancel any time, what they cant do is use their discretion to run a race when the wind is outside the limit. I have experienced this at Rhodes nationals, when a race was thrown out because the wind dipped below the minimum threshold briefly during the start sequence and the RC decided to continue the race....
  13. JohnMB

    start line questions.

    Absolutely, it was an extreme example to show that small discrepancies in the position of the windward mark do not have a significant effect.
  14. JohnMB

    start line questions.

    Very true, it has a significant effect on the downwind leg, and if its too far off center it dramatically reduces the tactical options upwind as you are close to the lay line so much sooner.
  15. JohnMB

    start line questions.

    Little sketch for clarity. top mark is way off to the left of the course. but distance to fetch for boat near pin or boat new CB is A+B+C. The mark can be anywhere between the lines from the start marks.