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  1. JohnMB

    Super foilers for sale

    The stories grow it, and improve the product, but there is some initial familiarity there. as for the first comment, in the US people who care about car racing care about NASCAR. My main point was that people have to care about who wins and why. The familiarity with the subject makes it easier to care about the result.
  2. JohnMB

    Super foilers for sale

    Yup, this is probably a big part of it, I remember days when you had to choose between horse racing, wrestling and snooker...... and being the UK it was generally pissing down outside.
  3. JohnMB

    Super foilers for sale

    They would watch the one they care about most. If they don't really care about either they will probably watch the 20 minute race ....... once. My comment related to the accuracy of your claim that the length of the races was a significant issue, the examples I provided were to show that when people are invested in something they will watch fairly tedious sports for significant periods of time. Notwithstanding DW's comment about F1 being a minority interest, it remains financially viable because enough people care enough to watch 90 minute of racing plus several hours of persiflage. I would argue that holding someones passing interest in a 20minute race is the wrong test if you want to build up a group who make time in their lives to watch the sport.
  4. JohnMB

    Super foilers for sale

    Fair, I probably hung around with the wrong crowd, included a lot of motorsport geeks. Still in the UK viewership of F1 is still pretty high.
  5. JohnMB

    Super foilers for sale

    Really you think F1 fans have a short attention span? Maybe its a UK thing but If people will sit and watch cricket or F1 (or snooker for that matter), and then spout about it at length, I don't buy the idea that its the length of the race that is an issue.
  6. JohnMB

    Super foilers for sale

    The personalities, stories and drama are what make it a big earner and keep people watching, but with F1 there is a significant factor of people relating to it to start them watching in the first place. Most people have cars, in the UK people talk about F1 because everyone has an opinion about what's going on. 99% of the opinions are wrong, which drives the conversation, but the common experience of owning (and working on) a car gets it started. I have had similar discussions about foiling sailboats but only when most of the people in the conversation had done at least some sailing. Hobby aerodynamics gurus who can give long(and not totally inaccurate) explanations of F1 downforce will remain silent about sails, or boat foils. Not because they know less about them, but because they have never sailed and so think they know less.
  7. You make far too may assumptions, the more you say the more convinced I am that you did not read what I said or did not understand it, and are simply applying a fairly well honed rant to my comment because you think it fits. I don't think it fits so not sure how to respond. If you did not understand it, that's on me, if you did not properly read it, that's on you. If you though I was engaging in a proper debate on this subject I apologize, I was mainly reacting to what I perceived as a whine, and trying to point out that it was a whine.
  8. JohnMB

    Port/Starboard after the finish

    Its true that A did not interfere with C finish the ace as quickly as possible, however C was doing other things as well, for example they were sailing their course A did interfere with that
  9. JohnMB

    Port/Starboard after the finish

    I think this is debatable, interfere is not defined, I was originally looking at it in the same way as you, but though TJ's way of looking at is was interesting and does make sense to me. Are there any cases on this? If your actions cannot in any way impact a boats race (because they happen after the boat has finished) to what extent have you interfered with them? Its very much a corner case since it can only be applied after a boat has finished but while she is still racing.
  10. Its an interesting point of view, I think I was pretty clear that I don't believe that the system is 'fair' . I agree that I did not propose any solutions, not sure you did either. I was very fortunate in my education options, they were definitely not fair under any meaningful definition of the word. My better/best comment was a joke (note the smiley face) I am well aware of the way elite college students regard the other elite schools.
  11. JohnMB

    Port/Starboard after the finish

    Huh, Hadn't though of it that way, but it makes perfect sense.
  12. No I did not say that at any point or in any way, I apologize if what I wrote gave you that impression. There will be unfairness, there is pretty high chance that what happened to your kid was unfair. In the larger scheme of things it was a very minor unfairness. As for the comments about my kids, those were comments about my kids and the benefits I know they enjoy, they were very specifically NOT a generalization.
  13. I have no idea what you are trying to say here. I'm willing to try to justify my use of the word, but cant really make head of tale of what your objection is, or what assumptions you are making about my opinions. For the record I do not consider Harvard the best of the best. I was very fortunate in my education options, and in my arrogance feel that I attended better :).
  14. Its unfortunate, but from a historical perspective the disadvantage to white kids being at the back of the line for elite colleges is a tiny fraction of the disadvantages that black kids experience through their lives. My sons are also white kids, they will no doubt experience some 'unfairness' in their lives, but I guarantee that the advantages they have as a result of growing up in a stable household, going to a suburban high school, and having parents with college degrees, mean that on balance there will be more unfairness in their favor than against them.
  15. JohnMB

    Physics in Reality: Sailing without wind

    This is true, but not relevant to the situation, because you are not accelerating he fluid around the body in this case (unless you are trying to work in an accelerating fame of reference by keeping the boat stationary, which I would not recommend) The concept of added mass appears useful in some circumstances, but I don't see how it adds anything to this discussion.