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  1. JohnMB

    World Sailing Needs Some Competition

    I don't see that WS has any significant impact on my sailing or racing. In the same way I don't see that FIVB has any significant impact on participation in my local volleyball league. No-one playing rec or club league volleyball is complaining that the FIVB is too obsessed with the olympics. No-one participating in local league baseball is upset that the MLB is spending all its time an effort trying to increase TV ratings. You want you class or club to attract more sailors to racing, you should be looking at local or class solutions. Seriously how will a reset of WS impact your club/class's ability to attracts sailors?
  2. JohnMB

    Are they Racers?

    So if the objective is to raise the game and prestige of the longer course racing, you want to try to get the names changed. This is politics not sailing :). You need to persuade enough people that it will be in their interest to make this change... Good Luck.
  3. JohnMB

    Are they Racers?

    Why do you need a label? This is a serious question, as the purpose of the label will help understand what information you are trying to transmit when you use it. And this will help figure out how to answer the question. For example if the label is to have an easy to remember tag so that the race chair can communicate easily with each group, then my earlier suggestion of giving each group a color works fine. (At cowes week Black group and White group can be defined in terms of their characteristics and needs, but everyone who races at Cowes knows what the tags mean) If the label is to help new racers understand which group will fit them better, then a simple tag is less helpful, and you start getting into long course racers and short course racers or something similar. If the label is to allow the short course racers to look down on the long course racers, then you could try 'elite racers ' and 'recreational racers' .
  4. JohnMB

    Are they Racers?

    Just call them Green Racing fleet and Red Racing Fleet. Toss a coin to decide which is which.
  5. JohnMB

    World Sailing Needs Some Competition

    Baseball is a great example, there are many levels of play from pro, through serious amateur leagues, rec leagues, to pickup. They all pretty much use the same rules, the difference is more that people at different levels treat the rules with different levels of seriousness. In a pickup game if a runner doesn't slide into a plate and hits a defensive player , no-one gets out the rulebook to determine who is in the right, most of the players there are more than capable of having a good argument about it, but generally there is more concern about safety. This doesn't mean that they are playing by different rules, and certainly if someone who shows up to a pickup game and then regularly crashes through defensive players (or for that matter defensive players who block the plate when the do not have the ball) will get called out for it. In Sailing we already do this. On a low key weds night race major fouls get called out, and anyone who repeatedly ignores or breaks the rules will get called out. But minor stuff is frequently ignored, and the more confusing stuff is somtimes just a thing to talk about afterwards. On the other hand if I show up to a North American Championship regatta, I'm expecting to play by the same rules as are used at the top level of the sport. In the same way more serious leagues will reference the MLB rules in their rules (see for example) In effect the rules published for the league are the SI's or NOR showing modifications to the MLB rules. No-one complains about baseball, not because the rules are less complicated, but because generally an umpire will make a ruling and you move on. No-one refuses to play pickup games because they aren't sure they properly understand the infield fly rule, or the detail of a balk. They just go on and play, and if they get something wrong accept that they just learned a new thing.
  6. JohnMB

    Star racing on TV is compelling to watch

    Pedro Trouche had an awesome regatta, I think there may have been some Zarif guy in the boat with him.
  7. dunno, I think the OP just asked a question without any suggestion that the boats racing had any rights over boats not entered in a race, and although several people posted that they found racers who asserted their non-existent rights annoying no-one has suggested that the RRS gives races any rights whatever over boats who have not agreed to be bound by the RRS.
  8. I hope never to have to :). Rules look pretty waffly, (see below). If I had to do it, I would start by talking to the organizers of the race I was entered in, and figure out with them how to contact the other OA, the two OA's somehow have to agree on how to set up the PC. My guess is the time it really matters is when there is damage. Having a waffly rule here probably helps, because then as long as you do things in a reasonable way you should be within the rules.
  9. Its not semantics the whole discussion came from this statement: Which is wrong. all the stuff past that was trying to clear THIS statement up, so comments which add to the confusion related to THIS issue are not simply semantic, they are detrimental to clarifying the situation. By saying THE racing fleet you leave it totally ambiguous as to whether you are agreeing with or disagreeing with the root question.
  10. what do you mean by THE racing fleet? have you never raced somewhere where there are multiple racing fleets in close proximity?
  11. There are TWO different statements here. 1 no it does not apply to random cruising yacths, (and no-one in this thread has at any point suggested it does) 2 no it doesn't only apply to yachts that have retired or are in a different division. It can apply to a boat who is racing in a totally different racing fleet. The only requirement is that it is a boat who has agreed to abide by the RRS. (Thanks TJsoCal, that is a nice way to distinguish which boats we are talking about.)
  12. Exactly. Pointless exercise.
  13. Do you know what an excluded middle fallacy is? I asked if R24.1 could be applied to boats not entered in your race. I believe it can, and gave rules which back that up and an example of when you might actually want to use it . That does not mean I believe it can be applied to any boat that randomly floats by.
  14. i know I'm being pedantic but I don't think 24.1 only applies to boats in 'the' event. There is no restriction in the RRS against protesting a boat entered into another event, indeed as noted above the RRS specifically includes in 63.8 information about what to do when a boat protests a boat in a race under another organizing authority. As for cruisers... well obviously... even if you were allowed to protest them what would the effect be?
  15. so the WS documents on this suck. in the version of the code published on tier site there is no mention of an upper age limit. however in the FAQs also published on their site one of the answers is. I have no idea where they pull this from, but its inclusion in the FAQ's is enough to sow confusion.