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  1. JohnMB

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    I think the misunderstanding here is that its not clear from your description that the other boat was claiming a rule related to proper course or was just asking (perhaps rudely) for you to sail your proper course. Its unsporting to claim a rule you know doesn't apply, but its not automatically unsporting to ask a boat to sail their proper course. There is no 'proper course' rule. proper course is just a defined term that is used in the rules.
  2. JohnMB

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    Nerd joke, if you didn't get it pat yourself on the back for not being a nerd. (for those who did get it, you loose several nerd points for not pointing out the bug ).
  3. JohnMB

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    I'm good with the flags, for me this is more to have an open source, open hardware project to run the horns, adding in additional features can be fun. But for a short handed committee having the horns automated can be a huge deal.
  4. JohnMB

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    added repo Please be kind, I had not intended to publish this yet, still working on the project, but seem daft not to put this out with the ongoing discussion. I'll add notes about the hardware later this week. any views on appropriate license let me know. android code can be found at App inventor app inventor link
  5. JohnMB

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    typical horn needs a 30A fuse I use an optically isolated relay, back emf is ugly.
  6. JohnMB

    Calling all Arduino geeks

    +1 on this. I have a working code base for running a horn sequence which I'll post to github. Currently figuring out if I can isolate the power properly, right now it works if I use a lithium battery for the microcontroller (I use a teensy, same code, smaller board, and I think a better clock.) I am using bluetooth to control it, and have a very basic app inventor app to provide signals and a display. I'll throw something up on github.
  7. JohnMB

    Captain Licence Course

    Great that is a useful response. I apologize for offending you with my ski instructor joke. Not sure where you get the idea I have a problem with you, I'll try to get over it. I occasionally have a problem with off the cuff dismissal of someones opinion, especially when it makes a bunch of unwarranted assumptions. As for my experience in sailing qualifications it's pretty limited, I enjoyed the coastal skipper course and exam, I helped my brother with the IRPCS flash cards when he took his YM (with commercial). (He helped my when I did Coastal, though he a little dismissive ) So I have some awareness of what is involved, but certainly cant claim to have the same level of experience as you.
  8. JohnMB

    Captain Licence Course

    Ok you really didn't read what he said did you? He was recommending the RYA qualification, I don't see anything in his comment that belittles it. His comments far from endorsing the USCG route recommend against it. You even say: Which seems to go along with his comments that its possible to get to a YM qualification in a week (if you have the right starting experience.) I'm still not sure how true this is, but I was taking your word for it. I understand that you are a totally wonderful person who never makes mistakes, ( I know you are a RYA examiner, it reminds me of a ski-town joke: Q:If you meet some random person in a bar how can you tell if they are a ski instructor? A:They'll tell you :). You have never been shy about your role as a RYA examiner :).
  9. JohnMB

    Captain Licence Course

    Read what he said before calling BS. I don't know if this is true, but if you are going to refute his comment, at least read the comment and refute what he said. Which was not 'zero to....' and also was not commercially endorsed.
  10. JohnMB


    can you afford a therapist and a boat, I always figured it was an either/or thing
  11. I totally agree with this. What is missed is that 95% or more or the rules interactions we just deal with on the water (e.g. every time a port tack boat gives way to a stb tack boat). The only ones that ever get discussed in forums are the ones that are less clear cut. I can race all year and never get an interaction that is remotely contentious, but in that same year there will be several rules threads on SA where there is something a little harder to get my head around. To me that reinforces that the rules are not complicated. The difference was that in the old days the chances of seeing one of the outlier cases (which can lead to some head scratching) was way lower. I would also STRONGLY argue that forum threads are not really intended to 'teach' the rules. They may be to discuss, clarify or argue about the rules but they are a terrible way to teach anything. I would also disagree that most people teaching are trying to show how smart they are, its certainly not my objective when teaching, and I strongly suspect that its not yours when you are teaching kids to sail.
  12. JohnMB

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    The gaps in honeycomb are not continuous, the shear transfer between the skins (a critical function of the core) is carries through the paper walls of the honeycomb. In kerf sawn blocks, the continuous gap can allow a kink band to form. In pure bending this doesn't have any significant effect as there are no shear loads, but you seldom get pure bending outside a 4-point bend test, so in real life you have to consider the through thickness shear loading on the core. If that gives up you should expect core-skin delamination pretty fast.
  13. JohnMB

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    Typically debulking is a process use in pre-preg manufacturing as an intermediate step after the first ply and then every x layers (x varies maybe 4 maybe more depends on quality required and complexity of part). Its done by applying vacuum to the stack to reduce the build up of gaps between the layers, it is particularly important around radii, where if you don't debulk properly the later layers tend not to properly conform to the radius and in final compaction you get resin rich regions, voids or other nasties. In the SCRIMP process or other similar vacuum resin infusion processes, the vacuum bag does reduce the bulk of the fibers, but this is not typically called debulking (note use of properly terminology in any technical field helps reduce misunderstanding). It is possible to debulk in SCRIMP or similar processes but this would usually refer to debulking the preform prior to infusion and not to pressure applied during or after infusion, it is also not common.
  14. JohnMB

    Someone has been naughty!

    Where the funding from the lottery goes is a choice, as a democracy the British choose to send that money to sports. It could be changed easily, the UK is a democracy. The British use other taxation to fund education, also a choice, isn't democracy lovely. In the US there are other choices, but again that is how the US people want things to be, another democracy, another choice.