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  1. This is exactly what I mean by demonization. You clearly live in a different bubble to the one I inhabit.
  2. oh for fuck sake, The most progressive liberal agenda in the US would be somewhere slightly right of center in Germany, or most Scandinavian countries. The outliers on the US left are like the outliers on the US right, exactly that, outliers. We need to stop demonizing either party and understand that one of the strengths of the US system is that we get to test ideas out for 4 years at a time, and course correct when the direction is wrong. Right now we have my least favorite combination, socially conservative plus spending beyond income. But I know that in two weeks I get to vote and hopefully change that.
  3. JohnMB

    Everyone worth upsetting in the UK upset

    the Careek fast 40...
  4. That pretty much guarantees that you are not thinking hard enough about this. Whatever else may be true their is no way that "simple" is the proper adjective. I agree with a number of the things you propose here, but by no means all of them. And clearly some of them are far from simple. I won't debate these point by point with you, because I know that we have fairly divergent views on several of these (though as noted there are some I would agree with at least in part), and I have no expectation that you are likely to change your opinions.
  5. we clearly have a very different understanding of what 'woke' is. Urban cores have suffered from neglect and and decay for a very long time, and i would not personally associate 'woke'(a very recent term) with the policies that started that slide, or even the ones which continued it. Some of the policies that are proposed and implements do not work, but I cannot see that this justifies not trying. How would you propose to improve the situation for the millions of Americans stuck in a feedback loop of poor access to education.
  6. I would expect someone with an engineering background to be better able to differentiate between cause and effect. Saying that urban dysfunction is spawned by 'woke' seem at best a gross oversimplification, and at worse completely backwards.
  7. Its one of those cultural differences that just leave you scratching your head when moving from to the US from the UK. The DMV is used because they have all the apparatus (and offices) to deal with paperwork, titles etc. In Illinois this results in annual fees to the department of natural resources, which makes some sense on the basis of user pays. The fact that it varies by state gets confusing, fortunately Illinois gave up on trying to get SUP's kayaks etc registered in 2018, that was a bit ridiculous. I suspect that there are many more would confuse the crap of our a typical American dealing with Scotland, you guys really are weird.
  8. JohnMB

    Nesting dinghy designed to plane under power?

    They are optimizing for stability not performance.
  9. JohnMB

    Room to Tack question

    Yes those cases are much better for the question at hand. Sorry I have been in stupid arguments before about the definition of obstruction, the ref to case 125 was only related to that.
  10. JohnMB

    Room to Tack question

    I think it is, its just an obstruction that yellow can fetch. ref case 125 for an instance were boats are approaching an obstruction that they can pass without changing course.
  11. Applying the cultural values of our time to historical figures is ridiculous, however if we don't acknowledge that their values were different we are in effect pretending that their values were the same as our present values. I don't believe that Miffy was saying only British and in the RN can care about Nelson, more that if you are not British or in the RN why would you be so upset that the RN and the Maritime museum are choosing to add information about Nelson relating to his opposition to slavery. These organizations are not questioning his historical significance or his abilities as a Naval officer, merely pointing out that he was also a firm opponent of the abolition of slavery. I did not know, that, now I do. (I did some research to find out more). It is an interesting fact that adds to my understanding of the person.
  12. JohnMB

    What is it?

    pulpit was also a word that was dreamed up by someone who thought it was cute to liken the structure to the pulpit used by a peacher, its just that the person who thought it was cute did so a lot longer ago.
  13. JohnMB

    What is it?

    The joy of the English language is that its if flexible and changes with usage. The OED records a use of the term pushpit in 1964 (and notes that it was in effect a pun) Merriam Webster it appears does not acknowledge the term. But if the term is in regular use then its part of the English language :). WS never bothered with a dictionary, he just made up words that he liked. The OED adds new words every year. Stern Pulpit is definitely proper usage, personally I'm would not argue that 'Pushpit' a word that has been used since before I was born, and is in common usage, and in the OED is wrong. (of course you are older than I am and are entitled to ignore words that were created after you.....and with that I will get off your lawn)
  14. JohnMB

    Rules question

    You lack ambition, there's enough material for a whole album right there.
  15. JohnMB

    Rules question

    +1, Once it is clear you have to shorten, you need a good reason to put in the extra mark, rather than simply finish at the next available mark. In a dying breeze you are just prolonging the agony.