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  1. bwaaahaaahaaa!!

    Of course you can, you can let this go any time you want. But something keeps pulling you back in.
  2. Since they are racing Salcombe yawls it would be a shocker if it wasn't Salcombe.
  3. ......another ferro-cement boat thread

    No you need to line the boat with lead. That should increase its resale value at least
  4. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    That's the whole fucking problem, the moment we even consider this it turns to snide comments. My sons behavior is fucking awesome , its fucking awesome BECAUSE I don't make stupid assumption like 'my son would never do that'. The kids I feel sorry for are the ones who's parents are still defending them when both the parents and the kids KNOW they are in the wrong. When kids fuck up you tell them you love them, and that the fucked up. You don't tell them that what they did was right. If your kids never fuck up, you really aren't paying attention.
  5. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    Its a sucky thing to have to do we never want 'our' kids to be the ones who did something, we don't want to find the missing item in our own bag, but as a parent I know that sometimes I have to check my sons bag, not necessarily because I think he took something, but just in case he did. The aim is to make it non-accusatory, (its a tough sell) but if something has gone missing its better to find it early that late. I've had the email that "a pair of gloves went missing from the dug-out did it end up in the wrong bag?" And had to explain to my son that its not enough just to say no... you have to actually check the bag. It's good if the coaches or parents can respond by checking their own vans and trailers to see if something got accidentally tidied up into the wrong place. IT SUCKS, everyone knows it sucks, no-one wants to deal with it. As parents (and coaches) we need to show leadership in getting the problem solved, If 80% of the people there go looking in their own vehicles to check the missing items didn't end up there (by mistake) its hard for the remaining 20% to not do the same.
  6. California Boating Card

    this is true, but it does matter a lot how big a percentage of the total, for example you can always find a subset that crashes every time they get on a boat by reducing the subclass small enough. Let's say in the last 12 months all renters from the chicago area called John had a 100% crash rate for rentals in the last 12 months,. The problem that if there were only 100 incidents, and John was one of them, improvingJohns education does nothing for the overall safety of boaters in the future. It only matters is a particular identified subclass is doing more than they share to wreck boats if that subclass is also wrecking a significant amount of boats. T make a proper determination you need to know both the overall rate and how the rate of accidents within any subclass compares. (e.g. is it people with less than 100 hours experience, people who use a boat less than 10 hours a year, or is it renters, that are causing the greatest number of accidents.)
  7. Ramming Speed! Tall Ship Docking Adventures

    If its inevitable that leaving he dock will lead to a loss of control of the boat, the captain responsibility is to not to leave the dock. If its not inevitable, then the captains responsibility is to take the steps required to avoid loosing control. We have all fucked up at some point, its best not to do it with something that big andheavy.
  8. Um, The Romans (in the time of the empire as well as subsequently) complained about how the younger generation was lazy and self indulgent. I think you would do better trying to find a decade where old farts didn't complain about the uselessness and self indulgence of the younger generation. We're not meant to like them, were meant to (grudgingly) get out of the way as they grow up and ruin everything we created . Just like our parents did for us.
  9. Rule 17 - Proper Course rule question

    One of the more obnoxious debates that came into play with the 3BL rule and the definition of mark room. I don't think there was any way to settle it without an actual case, so for a while it was in interminable loop debate. I would strongly recommend not starting the loop.
  10. Rule 17 - Proper Course rule question

    Both boats were originally sailing more then 90 degrees to the true wind. Being on opposite tacks would not affect whether they were overlapped or not. The original R17 restriction (on A) turned off as soon as A gybed. A new restriction under R17 will only turn on if at some point during this B became clear astern while on starboard tack, and then became overlapped to leeward of A. From your description this did not happen. (However its not easy with such large angles for boats to remain overlapped through a gybe.)
  11. Rules question: the committee boat

    Interesting question. If you retire before finishing (for example by following a procedure laid out in the SI's) should the RC score you as RET or DNF, both are true you retired and you did not finish, I'm not sure that DNF automatically takes precedence. Im not sure it actually matters but its interesting
  12. It depends on the sail balance. Typically (around close hauled,) the jib pulls you down, and the main pushes you up. If you over-trim the main, and under-trim the jib, you will not round down. (you may end up in irons.)
  13. Rules Question - OCS

    You are correct, i did not mean finish What I means was that if you have never started you cannot sail the course.
  14. Rules Question - OCS

    The problem is that if you are scored OCS you never started, therefore you cannot sail the course and cannot finish. If you were not on the right side of the line sometime after the start signal you cannot sail the course. If they messed with this, then in principle you can go out and sail the course right now, and then once they set up the finish line cross it. they have to finish you, if you cross just after the start signal they have to award that as your finish. If they mess with this definition there is no 'automatic' definition to say when the earliest you can start is. very possible answer is WRONG You ARE OCS any time you are on the course side of the start line, you are scored OCS if you are on the course side at the start gun and never come back to start.
  15. Rules Question - OCS

    This SI is nonsense. (please post exact wording to verify) The definition of start requires that a boat is on the pre start side of the line at some point after the starting signal and before starting. if the SI modifies this definition there are some serious issues. and no good answers.