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  1. Soverel 33 Chainplate

    No I think it was Lets Smoke some crack and install a Chainplate
  2. Soverel 33 Chainplate

    The soverel is know to pull the chainplates inward because of the balsa core. So the deck around it needs to be re cored and built up properly and also fitted with larger backing plates
  3. Soverel 33 Chainplate

    Your missing my point. I have to redo the starboard side anyway its pulling up on the deck . So Im going to put them at the same location. If you paint your wall and your Pictures on the wall are crooked do you hang them back the same way after you paint or do you remeasure and make them right. This is so simple
  4. Soverel 33 Chainplate

    Simple ? I'm aware of all the Above and then a lot more. Not my first rodeo. If I had a sports car that one door was different then the other side I want the proper measurement even knowing its more important That the tires need to be balanced.
  5. Soverel 33 Chainplate

    That will all come with time. But I'm sure that tartan didn't line up the keel with a laser and then place the chainplates. First things first.
  6. Soverel 33 Chainplate

    Whether it makes a difference or not in the performance . But just the fact in my mind that its like driving a car with 2 different sized tires on each side. the bend in the mast is always going to be off ever so slightly
  7. Soverel 33 Chainplate

    Need a measurement for proper placement for chain plates on Soverel 33. Have a Soverel 33 and the previous owner had a repair done to the port chainplate. There is now 1 inch difference in the placement from the starboard side. The boat yard that did the repair replied it was that way that they just used the same hole placement. Well yes builders screw up all the time but the fact that the previous owner raced the boat for 20 years and didn't notice is BS. I'm going to rebuild the starboard side the right way so I just need a close measurement like how far aft of the J measurement so I can redo both sides to the proper distance. Its a Kenyon rigged Tartan built.
  8. Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    Don't be discouraged. The boat can sail to its rating. Stop sailing it like its a new sports boat. Get rid of the young know it all crew and get some seasoned old old school rock stars aboard. The ones that smoked a lot of weed and could see the wind. Single spreader Telephone Pole and carbon sails aren't going to help shift gears much though. Bill did build a few of them with Double spreader rigs. Also Try Playing some Frank Zappa on the upwind leg
  9. The Bottom line is there is no f cking excuse for this to have happened. I'm a 6 year navy vet QM spent many of night on watch in that body of water and long before GPS and all the toys they have today. The OOD, JOOD need to go back to kindergarden with out there toys. CIC should of tracked that ship several miles out and knew he wasnt going to change course and the Lookouts need Keel Hauled. These guys cant drive across town with out there IPhone. I recently helped a young guy fix his steering on his Gulfstar 50. I fixed the steering then he asked me to help him calibrate his auto pilot. I looked down at his wheel and there was no compass. I said where is your compass? He replied I use my I phone. Needless to say I went off on the Kid and tore him a new asshole. Did your mom drop all you young guys on your head when you where little? Ok guys there's a long distance race and its outlawed GPS and Electronic navigation of any kind. Think you have a chance to stay alive? Have you ever seen a paper chart?
  10. what is it?

    Hopefully its remote control. It looks to f ing cold to sail
  11. Caption Contest: PFD?

    Im Sure Trump can Fix the zipper. He can fix anything.
  12. mondo bondage

    Freight Train Had a Stock Double Spreader Rig
  13. mondo bondage

    So let’s say Hypothetical speaking I own a Ranger 33 that I’ve owned for years. And my job takes me to SD. I want to race in the local PHRF races but knowing my boat is old and can’t be competitive with the Dacron sails I have. So I beg Borrow and Steal and order new carbon sails. Well the new sails when sheeting in hard going to weather pull my deck up 3 inches every time I hit a wave. I still have the Rating of 163 that I’ve had for 30 years but my decks have got soft. So to eliminate the softness I put some carbon stringers at 100 lbs. extra weight to help. I could have cut out that part of the deck and replaced it with Glass at a cost $2000.00 and not had any or very little Weight gain. But money is very tight. My 6th wife is pregnant with my 12th Child and my 16 year old daughter is in a rehab again and rehabs are expensive. So the local PHRF racing is the only escape I have from my Very sad and Complicated life. But Wendy Wiener is already bitching about my Carbon fiber and the Fact the Gary Mull designed my boat and He had some very competitive boats in the 70s Way before Wendy was born. Sounds to me like I should have stayed In Iowa Racing on the lake against the farmers that didn’t care if I used a Carbon Fiber Pitch fork as long as I had a good time. I think Wendy needs to spend more time on the boat and learn to sail better than worrying about what other people buy or do. My hat is off to you for the Santa Cruz 33. Kick Wendy Wieners Ass. I think Wendy would be intimidated By a Venture 25 with a carbon tiller.
  14. Santa Cruz 33

    BillR the Line test is just 2 pieces of spectra or low stretch line tied independently to the mast at the same spot. tape them also so they dont slide then you will need to put a eye on one of your bolts on your chain plates to tie the other end to. tie them each Tight. The Soverel has inner wires and tangs so they just tie it to them and duck tape them in same place so they dont slide down. Then go out sailing and load the boat up going to weather and watch the lines sag. I hate to say it but they are going to sag. The problem with the SC33 is the bulkhead is so far forward like the Soverel. But you have less beam so that could be a plus. Most people dont cruise much on a Soverel and Evelyn 32 so the struts are there for the duration But you have a nice interior so I would have made my struts removable for those party days with family and friends and put them on for a race and let the Chute packers worry about hitting there head. The other thing is the SC is higher in headroom so there is more distants between the step and the partners check for movement there also. I spent a couple of Days going over your boat with a tape measure that almost stuck to my fingers because it was so dam cold. It was good to be back in florida but I wish I would of came back with the Boat. Message me and Ill give you my Phone # Plus if you ever want to sell I want you to have it so you can call me first. And remember Carbon Fiber wasnt invented to make new things good. It was to make Old Things Greater.
  15. Santa Cruz 33

    With todays Sail design and materials out there some of us old farts like myself its so easy to buy new sails and not think about the increased loads they place on a older boat. I meet a younger guy in CT some years back and he just bought a Soverel 33. he was bragging about how stiff and solid the boat was He ask me go sailing with him. I did the Line test between the Chainplates and the mast down below. Needless to say the guy installed 2 compresson tubes the next day. Also a lot of People hate a Veeberth. But they help create Stiffness in the Bow. So a couple of broken wind surfer masts have some use. A stiffened Evelyn 32 sails with 8 onboard and extended E= 13 ft will point and go upwind like bat out of hell and I would lay money on it that the SC33 can also.