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  1. Ventilo

    Caption Contest

    Bumper sticker MY OTHER POLE IS UP MY NOSE
  2. Ventilo

    what is it?

    Cant be a Oral B because it has too large of a Radar Cross Section. The new trend is stealth and off the shelf IKEA interior. The maintenance of any wood would take time away from Facebook and Tweeting
  3. Ventilo

    what is it?

    The new IKEA 34
  4. Ventilo

    Defending an existing PHRF rating

    Switch Boats and crew with the biggest trouble maker and Wendy Wiener in the fleet. Even if he has a shit boat odds are that you will still kick his ass. Then see if they still want to change your rating.
  5. The Bottom line is there is no f cking excuse for this to have happened. I'm a 6 year navy vet QM spent many of night on watch in that body of water and long before GPS and all the toys they have today. The OOD, JOOD need to go back to kindergarden with out there toys. CIC should of tracked that ship several miles out and knew he wasnt going to change course and the Lookouts need Keel Hauled. These guys cant drive across town with out there IPhone. I recently helped a young guy fix his steering on his Gulfstar 50. I fixed the steering then he asked me to help him calibrate his auto pilot. I looked down at his wheel and there was no compass. I said where is your compass? He replied I use my I phone. Needless to say I went off on the Kid and tore him a new asshole. Did your mom drop all you young guys on your head when you where little? Ok guys there's a long distance race and its outlawed GPS and Electronic navigation of any kind. Think you have a chance to stay alive? Have you ever seen a paper chart?
  6. Ventilo

    IOR Mystery boat

    Ok guys this thread is showing my age. If my mind is still working I remember back in 1980 I raced in the Kenwood cup in Honolulu at least I think it was Called the kenwood cup. The reason I remember is I had just left the US Navy after stationed in Pearl Harbor and the Philippines. If I remember correctly there where a couple of boats that where from down under Built in The Philippines. they then went on to the SORC, Admirals Cup and Sardinia Cup. The boat is not a Mark Soverel. I would almost guess its a Ron Holland with that stern and deck. I dont think Frers had the curved in stern at the bottom at that time. The PI was building a lot of boats for AU and NZ even for some from Singapore. Call Ron Holland he has a Website. He will Know whos it is if its not his.