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    PFD Upgrade Time

    Interesting thread. I'm also in the camp of primarily wearing foam kayaking vests or a buoyancy aid, but when offshore sailing I also don't see a good option that has a harness... I prefer a manual inflation vest. I feel more safe knowing that the vest will never automatically inflate at the wrong time. Im typically one of the wettest on the boat... I can see some scenarios where the vest inflating would actually be a detriment to safety, for example a broken keel while you are inside the boat. Would be terrifying having to swim underwater to safety with an inflated vest. At the SAS classes I have done, they specifically say not to rely on auto inflate and reach for your pull right away even if you do have an auto... I use the Crewsaver "Crewfit 40 PRO" in manual. I liked the comfort and well thought out design. Much less bulky than anything I have seen so I dont mind wearing it more often. It is USCG approved. With that being said I will be spending some time playing in the pool with all my gear. Way overdue to have that experience...