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  1. Izzyforreal

    Looking for a J34c

    There's a 35c and a 37 available, each has its pros and cons. I'd opt for the 35c, but the asking price is holding me back. A 34c would be right in my sweet spot. I haven't seen a 110 for sale in a long time, but that would definitely go beyond our budget.
  2. Izzyforreal

    Looking for a J34c

    Drove for a beer can race on Bodacious a few weeks ago. Just made me want the boat even more! Might take a look at a 35c in FL, but it's a bit out of my range. Thanks!
  3. Izzyforreal

    Looking for a J34c

    Anyone know of any J/34c owners that might be thinking about parting with their boat? I can't believe there's not even one on the market right now. mark@skiandsail.com
  4. Izzyforreal

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    What about a J/29? A little short on the headroom, but the V-berth is HUGE. Traveler in cockpit, extra quarterberth for the occasional guest, PHRF around 114 and dirt cheap.