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  1. Great White

    Another Land Speed Record Broken At Bonneville

    And here is a video of her riding at Speed:
  2. Great White

    Another Land Speed Record Broken At Bonneville

    Here is another, more detailed article.
  3. This time a record of 183 mph was set by Denise Mueller-Korenek on a bicycle. I met her and her team ,including her coach John Howard, two years ago at Bonneville when they were testing there pace car.
  4. Great White

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Kim. That is such a nice looking powerboat!
  5. Or maybe a few spots will open up now...
  6. This happened in front of the marina where I moor my boat. I was down to my boat earlier in the day but did not hear about this until after I got home. Several friends in the area heard the explosion. The mine was an inert device. The area between Bainbridge Island, Brownsville and Keport is a operating area for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center At Keyport. There is often testing and operations going on. There was a torpedo range laid out in that area but it is inactive. I remember lost torpedos from as far back as WW II being found by commercial clam divers. The water is not very deep there.
  7. Great White

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I wonder if he racked up a lot of bills with the hotel he was in and now they want to be paid. The fishermen may want to be compensated as well. So, they pull his passport and send him to his homeless shelter.
  8. Including burnouts, a top fuel dragster turns only about 900 revolutions during its run. And then torn down and rebuilt.
  9. There is more if you want to count electric, diesel and yes, even steam. Two years ago at World of Speed there was even a woman who set a motor paced womans record of 147 mph on a bicycle. There are so many classes at Bonneville.
  10. True. They report to impound after the qualifying run. They can perform some maintenance like changing oil and tires. DT said that they had broke a valve spring and were able to fix it during the four hours they were allowed. Then 24 hours later they do the record run. And nobody works at night. Everybody is required to be off the salt at night. For the FIA sanctioned runs, they are allowed 45 minutes to turn the car, change tires and fluids and other service. This must be done at the end of their qualifying run away from the pits.Then the record run is done in the opposite direction. When I was at Speed Week in 2016, the Challenger II crew were practicing their 45 minute turn around procedure for the FIA sanctioned event later in the year.
  11. AA refers to engine displacement. If Challenger II was blown, it would be AA/BFS. I will see if I can find my program from 2016 that breaks down the classes.
  12. The engines in Challenger II are not boosted, naturally aspirated. They are a bit more forgiving than a top fuel dragster engine. Speed Demon put in a 452 one way speed on Monday but does not look like they backed it up. There speeds are really impressive as they use a single blown, small block Chevy engine. They did hold the wheel driven, reciprocating record before Thompson beat it. Still two more days of racing and word was the fastest cars were preparing for another run. The salt is in really good shape this year. I went to Bonneville for 2014 World of Speed and 2015 Speed week. It is really impressive to watch the fastest cars scream by. But it is as much fun to wander through the pits. Many of the crews are very willing to talk. Thompsons crew was especially friendly.
  13. Great White

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    His sailing exploits may be over, but I still follow his FB page to see if or how he gets out of his current situation. And watching his enablers struggling to figure out away get him home...wherever that will be.
  14. Great White

    Favourite Boat pic?

    These we're taken of us by Sean Trew during the 2013 Winter Vashon Race.
  15. Great White

    WIRW 2018 - someone had to do it.

    Now that WIRW is over, I can say that I had a great time. Winds did not cooperate well, but had one race a day for the first three days and three races the last day. No down days this year. I personally like the Monday thru Friday format. A number of boats left early Sunday for their delivery home and missed some races. One suggestion was to go back to mon-fri and have a midweek Iayday for those people who need time off to go home for a day. The rest of us could go play at some other activity.