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  1. Great White

    George the First (Bush) passed away

    I watched most of the TV coverage of George Bush's memorials. But I have a question for the Military peple here. A female captain seem to be an escort for the casket from Texas to DC and back to Texas. She seemed to walk between the colors and the casket when the casket was moving and would stand near the hearse or aircraft during loading or unloading. What was her significance? To be the primary escort?
  2. Great White


    That is an interesting idea. I bet there is a used one laying around close by. Drove by Betts last week and saw where Improbable is. Looks good!
  3. Great White

    How many lines are on your boat?

    On my J35. Only counting lines used for sail control (no dock lines, bucket lanyard, hatch lanyards, etc): Jib halyard Port spinaker halyard Stbd spinaker halyard Pole topping lift Main halyard Port jib sheet Stbd Jib sheet Port spinaker guy Port spinaker sheet Port spinaker twinger Stbd spinaker guy Stbd spinaker sheet Stbd spinaker twinger Foreguy (double ended continuous) Spinaker pole trip Spinaker pole butt lift/downhaul Port jib car adjust Stbd Jib car adjust Main outhaul Main Cunningham Main reef Mainsheet coarse trim Mainsheet fine trim (double ended continuous) Traveller (double ended continuous) Boom vang (double ended(2)) Port checkstay Stbd checkstay Check stay retraction adjust So that is 29, a lot more if I count dock lines (4), spare sheets(4), tiller tamer, hatch dropboard lanyard, fender lanyards (4). But those are not for sail control.
  4. Great White

    Any cool bicycle builds lately?

    Very cool! Did this frame already have the rear caliper mount? Looks like it was initially set up for cantlevers.
  5. Great White

    Visiting Bremerton next week

    Couple different ways to get from SeaTac to Bremerton. One is the Kitsap Airporter, van service that stops at most of the major hotels in Bremerton/Kitsap area. They should have a website for schedule and costs. Another way is to take the light rail from SeaTac to downtown Seattle and then ferry to Bremerton, taxi to destination. Always a rental car works too. Do you know what hotel you are staying at?
  6. Great White

    Remember to call Your Mom

    My mom passed away three years ago. I wish she could call me again.
  7. Great White

    Another Land Speed Record Broken At Bonneville

    And here is a video of her riding at Speed:
  8. Great White

    Another Land Speed Record Broken At Bonneville

    Here is another, more detailed article.
  9. This time a record of 183 mph was set by Denise Mueller-Korenek on a bicycle. I met her and her team ,including her coach John Howard, two years ago at Bonneville when they were testing there pace car.
  10. Great White

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Kim. That is such a nice looking powerboat!
  11. Or maybe a few spots will open up now...
  12. This happened in front of the marina where I moor my boat. I was down to my boat earlier in the day but did not hear about this until after I got home. Several friends in the area heard the explosion. The mine was an inert device. The area between Bainbridge Island, Brownsville and Keport is a operating area for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center At Keyport. There is often testing and operations going on. There was a torpedo range laid out in that area but it is inactive. I remember lost torpedos from as far back as WW II being found by commercial clam divers. The water is not very deep there.
  13. Great White

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I wonder if he racked up a lot of bills with the hotel he was in and now they want to be paid. The fishermen may want to be compensated as well. So, they pull his passport and send him to his homeless shelter.
  14. Including burnouts, a top fuel dragster turns only about 900 revolutions during its run. And then torn down and rebuilt.
  15. There is more if you want to count electric, diesel and yes, even steam. Two years ago at World of Speed there was even a woman who set a motor paced womans record of 147 mph on a bicycle. There are so many classes at Bonneville.