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  1. Great White

    What's in your arsenal??

    I have two Winchester Model 94's. These are part of my families history. The top one was my dads high school graduation present from 1948. It is a .32 Special. When i was young, he always promised it to me and finally a few years ago he gave it to me when we had to move him out of his house. Dad always kept his firearms clean and at 72 years old, it does look nice and operates smoothly. The lower one in the picture was my grandfathers(dad's dad). One of my uncle's had it and gave it to me yesterday. Checking the serial number, it is a 1908. It is a .30-.30. My dad shot his first deer with it and him and another uncle were concerned about the noise the saddle ring made, so they cut it off! Grandad used it illegally and legally to feed his family during the great depression. It was shot so much, the barrel had to be replaced. It is a bit rough. But it amazes me that it is 112 years old! And really, for that age, is not in that bad of condition. I feel priveledged to be the custodian of these historical firearms.
  2. Great White

    Tips For Being Rescued

    I wonder if they keep the CG coveralls?
  3. Great White

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I can access that page with 9 friends. But be careful, that seems to be a duplicate account and is not his regular one. If that is all you can find, then you too have probably been blocked. There used to be about 5 different pages for him.
  4. Great White

    Noteworthy Puget Sound Traffic

    It was at Vigor Shipyard for maintenance last time I took a ferry trip to Seattle in January(?). All the Navy ships are now, quarantining the sailors onboard for two weeks before they get underway and also testing everyone. I wonder if that is the reason for the flag?
  5. Last i heard San Juan county is closed to visitors. Has that changed now?
  6. Great White

    65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    A little mild sleuthing on Facebook. Looks like Hotrod is now traveling around SW United States in a big RV. Maybe Mikey can hook up with him when Hotrod heads north.
  7. Great White

    Miller 29

    Similar to a Mull, but replicated/scaled down from a 35ft Mull design. I know of the guy that prepared the drawings for Earl Miller.
  8. Great White

    Miller 29

    From the Craigslist ad, I looked up the sail number. This is "Bittersweet". It used to be brown. Originally finished by a retired shop teacher. Then bought by a live aboard who moored it next to his live aboard home. Even though he did not sail it much, he kept it up in great condition. It was on the same dock as me. I knew that it had moved to Everett and i cross paths with him occasionally at races. This was the third one that I knew about. I never sailed on it. There was at least one more in Seattle that we raced against. But that was in the late 70s, so who knows what happened to it.
  9. Great White

    Miller 29

    The modified one i sailed on was a good sailer. In its original form, the mast was a spindly double spreader that went over the side early on. The owner replaced it with a 2ft taller rig. I cant remember the I dimension, but it was somewhere around 40 ft. The boat became a lot better in light winds. That said, we issues trying to beat a well sailed Ranger 29 and a equally well sailed standard Miller 29. Upwind we could stay with them, downwind we could eat them up. The boat was originally rated for IOR. We rated someplace between a 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton. The owner finished it very meticulously. The flush deck was very nice for working compared to the narrow side decks of the standard Miller 29. One strange thing. Since it was designed as a IOR boat, the engine was forward of the mast giving it a slight bow down trim. I do remember now that the Miller 29 all did have the more pointed, extended transom somewhat like other Mull IOR boats. This was differentant than Ranger 29s. Good times, I wished I had pictures.
  10. Great White

    Miller 29

    Yes, the Miller 28 hull was a lot different than the 29. The deck and cabin was similar.
  11. Great White

    Miller 29

    I used to sail on a Miller 29. The word I got was that. Earl Miller was building a Mull 35 custom named Tinsley Light. Evidently the design was replicated as a 29 ft. Earl Miller produced a few of them. I personally knew of three of them and sailed on two. One was a standard looking model and the other highly modified with reduced freeboard, semi flush deck, updated keel and very minimal interior. It was a fun boat to race on. The standard boat was fitted out ok and actually was fast. Similar in some ways to a Ranger 29. Many names withhold.
  12. Great White

    RC Parking lot Sailing

    That looks fun! Got a link?
  13. Great White

    Covid-19 Mask Anarchy

    I had an unused box of 10 of N95 dust masks from my last haulout. I took them to the local hospital. They were ecstatic to get them even though they are industrial grade with a exhale valve. I highly recommend checking in your shops and lockers for any unused masks. Every bit helps.
  14. Great White

    The races must go on.

    The PNW Offshore (ex Oregon Offshore) has also pulled the plug. I hope not, but suspect the Race To The Straits will follow. Center Sound Series still has one race that has not been cancelled. And don't know about TRI Island series.
  15. Great White

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Since he blocked me from Facebook, I have no idea what he maybe up to. Maybe one of his Facebook lady friends convinced him to visit. Kind of a dicey thing for international travel now. You could find yourself stranded or quarantined.