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  1. Great White

    Adrift Movie

    Here is the local news interview of the actual lady portrayed in the film:
  2. Great White

    Jury Duty

    In Washington State, I was on jury duty a couple weeks ago. We had a active duty detective in the first selection go around. I did not know who he was, but the question was ask of us if we would feel intimidated by him in making a decision. He was excused with the final 20 or so. I was selected, or at least not told to step down.
  3. Great White

    Merlin at 75 mph

    Circus Maximus!
  4. Great White

    Weber Spirit E-210 grill, yea or nah?

    I have a Weber Baby Q similar to this one. I think they are called a 100 Now. I have had it for over 20 years. I did replace the control valve and upgraded it with flip up side wings, thermometer and a fold down, wheeled stand. For my uses, it will do everything I need it for. Also, a few years ago, I bought another Q series in the 300 size. It is great for making pizzas. Very few if any issues. They are simple.
  5. Great White

    Radio controlled sailing

    How far from the bow did you make your cut (assuming you did)? I like the look of the new bow.
  6. Great White

    PNW small boat ORC

    Yes, when the J29 FR first showed up in the NW (early 80's?) they were using the long spinaker pole. Don't know if many of those boats still race. The MH, OB models are the J29 of choice here now.
  7. Great White

    PNW small boat ORC

    There was a good presentation at the most recent PHRF handicappers meeting that compared the percentage of error in known race results for known Puget Sound boats for IRC, ORC and PHRF. The conclusion was that PHRF and ORC had very similar percentages of error for the large sample of boats rated by both ORC and PHRF-NW.
  8. Great White

    PNW small boat ORC

    So under ORC what recourse do you have if you feel that your rating or a competitors rating is not what you think it should be? Under PHRF at least you can appeal yours or another boats rating. It is not "whining", it is part of the process.
  9. Great White

    What Did I Ever Do to Piss Off the Gods?

    Ed, hope they can find an answer to your questions. As a medical person I am sure it is frustrating to you. Hang in there! After I turned 60 (65 now), I have noticed I have to concentrate more on what I am doing and my plans for the day. I used to have a funny short tale about "Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder". I feel like that sometimes. I watch my 88 yo dad. After four years of losing my mom, two broken hips, hospital stays and drugs, he has really declined. We joke about it. When he forgets what he was talking about, he would joke that he ran aground. I would tell him to kedge off and start again. Best of luck to you Ed.
  10. Great White

    Ronstan Clear Start Watch

    I really like my ronstan watches. I currently have two. I like the large numbers and easily sync feature. I was wearing the smaller size as a regular watch. But about a year ago I developed a sensitivity to the plastic band. Even wearing it for a day will cause the skin on my arm to turn red and be irritated. So I have been using the larger one with fabric band now.
  11. Great White

    Race to the Straits 2018

    Wow, that is terrible! Hope he recovers rapidly. I always keep that in the back of my mind when we are sailing fast.
  12. Great White

    How Big Is Your Shaft?

  13. Great White

    How Big Is Your Shaft?

    4 inches wide x 3 inches thick
  14. Great White

    Race to the Straits 2018

    I saw something going between them and another boat, but did not think there was a Collison. Thats too bad. I tried to finish on Sunday, but with 5 miles to the finish, less than an hour to go and about 1 knot of boat speed, I knew I could not do it. I got too close to Marrowstone early on and fell behind. I closed with many at Double Bluff and joined the parking lot at Kingston. But what a great weekend! Really tired today.
  15. Great White

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I am sure that is what was meant. At this time of his life, he should have already figured it out.