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  1. Great White

    Land Speed Record Anarchy

    Got to the salt and walked the pits. There was rain yesterday and there was standing water on top of the salt. Racing will not start tomorrow. We will see what it is like on sunday.
  2. Great White

    Raising Steam

    All the CVN's had aux boilers too. But they have were all removed years ago. The crew of the CVN65 joked that their boiler was scattered between the Med and Norfolk. The AOE6 class was gas turbine powered but still had two aux boilers. We upgraded the controls but our ultimate plan was to remove the boilers and steam systems and convert to electrical heating and reverse osmosis water maker. But when the ships were sent to MSC, that project died.
  3. Great White

    Land Speed Record Anarchy

    Heading to Bonneville today for Speed Week. Lots of interest in Speed Demon with its new engine attempting to take back the reciprocating engine, wheel driven record. It was set by Danny Thompson last year in his father's 50 year old Challenger II. But there are lots of other vehicles to follow through the week. An interesting time!
  4. Great White

    Noteworthy Puget Sound Traffic

    I saw that one leaving the Shipyard early yesterday morning as I was driving out of town.
  5. Great White

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Looks like our boy is commuting to Kauai again. This dropped into my message box this morning. I have lost track of how much traveling he has done across the Pacific this year. And how appropriate that the pics were taken in a Oak Harbor Starbucks.
  6. Great White

    Noteworthy Puget Sound Traffic

    According to the AIS tracker, this ship is moored at Pier 90. Rarely do ships like this come into Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.
  7. Great White

    Jet Lag

    I don't travel much, but when I was working, I commuted across the Pacific often. When I headed West, a typical trip was leaving the West coast of North America around noon and arriving at the hotel in Japan around 1900 local. Sometimes go right out to eat, but asleep by 2100-2300. Then I would be out of bed next day by 0600, breakfast and then to work. Needed to establish my schedule immediately. Heading east, usually leave Japan around 1700 and back in my house by 1100. Usually exhausted, so would take that afternoon to snooze and recuperate. Go to bed at 2300, up at 0600 and again establish the normal routine. Did have some sleepless nights, but usually recovered quickly. I think I just made enough trips to get used to jet lag.
  8. Great White

    Andy Schwenk

    Sorry to hear this. What becomes of the business? I was in his shop in November last time I saw him.
  9. Great White

    1D 35 for short handed offshore

    Google: 2 Guys on the edge They have done several races from the West Coast to Hawaii double handed on a 1D35.
  10. Great White

    USS Midway hit again?

    As part of my job, I traveled to Yokosuka for all three. Once for Midway in 1983 (?), several times for Indy and many for Kitty Hawk including a couple three month assignments as shipyard rep during availabilities.
  11. Great White

    USS Midway hit again?

    Yes, the Midway was decomisioned when she left Yokosuka and spent a number of years in the inactive fleet at Bremerton. Then moved to San Diego as a museum ship. The USS Independence replaced the Midway in Yokosuka and in the later 90,s the Kitty Hawk replaced the Indy. Kitty Hawk is still moored at Bremerton awaiting disposal.
  12. Great White

    San Juan 21

    There are a couple of fixed keel, Mk II,s in my marina. One for sale for $1500.
  13. Great White

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    The lifelines look really good. And your sidedecks are still unobstructed. Is that a gate at the fwd end of the cockpit?
  14. Great White

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    He actually was in Juneau last weekend and then flew to Kauai on Monday. He unfriended me from Facebook early this year then reinstated me and told me not to post on his page. Then he unfriended me again. When I ask why, he said that his other friends said to get rid of me. He then reinstated me again and feels the need to PM his pictures. Including a picture of his airline ticket.
  15. Great White

    R2AK 2019

    Called CBTF, Canting Ballast Twin Foils. Patened.