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  1. Sassy spent a few years at Bremerton Wa. I saw the mast shortly after it arrived, it was the tallest mast in the marina and easy to spot. I never saw it leave the dock until it was sold. Most of the time at Bremerton, it was listed for sale. Sounded like the owners were a little over their heads with the costs involved. Here is a newspaper article about Sassy (Cheeky):
  2. I was sent to San Diego for 5 weeks for training a couple of weeks before it erupted. The news coverage was spotty and I did not know if I would have a home to return to. As it was, the ash went East. Some subsequent eruptions did send ash NW to were I live. I had a small amount of ash on the boat during a weekend cruise. What is really awesome is climbing the mountain and looking down into the crater. I have done that a few times. The lava dome looks small and yet it is huge. A few years ago, I hiked into the blast zone. The amount of devastation is still awesome. On the east side of the mountain is a huge plain devoid of vegetation. The impression is that everything was covered over with debris from the eruption.
  3. Things seem to be changing. He is looking for crew again. And now he is talking about scrapping Alaska and sail to Australia. Interesting, he seems adamant that he has to leave by the end of the month. Will he find crew? Will he leave at the end of the month? Which month? What will be his destination? Where will he actually drift to? Stay tuned! "I am washing Jim this video again and again so many times I might I cancel to Alaska and continue to Australia direction. But left a little time to thing I do not thinking find a crew who can make videos and take a lot of picturea that's for sure not happens people it's too busy working. Need thinking positively alone. I don't mind alone I did a lot of miles already alone because I love the sea I must, I muxt to departure from Hilo, Hawaii the end of this month, no matter what Jim. Hello to everyone ! I am looking for crew ! Only need to buy ticket to Hilo, Hawaii I do not asking more, just ticket and passport ! I am leaving the end of the month on of the most exciting voyage , photography, videos and satellite internet this voyage will be for life time in history."
  4. It seems strange that it was 4 years ago this coming summer when I was at Oak Harbor and first heard about Rimas and saw Pier Pressure at the dock. Complete with sign proclaiming his world record nonstop voyage to South Georgia Island. How much has changed!
  5. The rails will still flare outboard because of the deck camber? Or will they be vertical athwartships? I always think rails and lifeline stanchions look better with some flare.
  6. I renew my documentation next month. I recieved the fake notice. I could see that it was different and did not include the "Falling Waters" address. I shelved it and then recieved the official notice about a week later. That is the one I was used to.
  7. That is a really unusual house. I like unusual homes like this. I remember as a young person watching Grahm Kerr's TV show. I still remember some of his interesting recipies. I always wanted to try his Chicken Kiev.
  8. If I remember correctly, he had halyard problems when he arrived in Hilo. At one time, he appeared to have a line looped over the spreaders for a main halyard. Yes it made for a short, strange looking main. When I ask him about it on FB, he lectured me about how he did not need a main because he drifted Kon Tiki style. I heard from someone who had been on the boat, that there was some broken strands up high in a couple shrouds. After he finally reinstated me on FB, someone has stepped up and volunteered to sail to Alaska with him. Several places he has confirmed. This ought to be interesting.
  9. Don't know about main or different rig, but defiantly a long sprit and big asym.
  10. What a great first day! A convergence zone near Point No Point, but for me, it was short lived.
  11. A friend loaned his C&C 36 to his daughter and her new husband for their honeymoon. But before they left, he hauled the boat and painted "Just Married" below the waterline.
  12. Me too. Never. I haven't actually been even thinking about it. Even on proper steel boat far different from what BS advocates to us. Chopping firewood, finding tires on every beach... My sailing experience is very different. Maybe your "sailing experience" is mainly BS Brent? I chopped open a coconut aboard one time. The plastic boat held up fine. I do have a machete on board for that reason. But it has a crap edge on it. I know an old bloke who in his younger days was once given orders to start chopping timber while at sea. They removed a fair whack of the interior furnishings and chopped it all feed a get home.....after running out of coal...... One of the old aircraft carriers I worked with had instructions on the boiler tech manuals about lighting off the boilers if there was no power on the ship. It instructed the crew to go to the mess decks and find some wooden crates and build a fire in the boiler firebox. We always got a lot of laughs around the office.
  13. Nothing new here. My dad the shipfitter taught me this over 40 years and hundreds, no thousands or maybe millions of drilled holes ago.
  14. I think you need WHL for offshore and boat knowledge, Boomer and his bag full of cameras and Hobot to run the foredeck. Probably need some more string pullers too.
  15. One of my neighbors had to install a waterline to a repo house they bought. They cut in a new waterline along a 10ft right of way for the public water system. Some of the other customers started seeing excessive water usage. One day there was guy walking around the right of way with a ground probe, electronic box hanging off his chest and headphones on. He could listen for the leaks. He marked the spot he found. There was no evidence from above ground that it had been leaking for months. I thought I had a water leak from some work the gas company did. Even though it was a leaky toilet, I tried a mechanics stethescope. You should be able to pick up leaking sounds.