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  1. Great White

    Garage Gym Anarchy

    When i bought the current house in 2006, the basement was finished with two bedrooms, rec room and a bonus room. The bonus room was too small for a bedroom and had no closet. I finally turned it into a exercise room. Cushioned mat covering carpet, a Bowflex machine, spin bike, Nordic Trac and bench. But I also installed a TV high on the wall and found a wall mounted fan to help blow away the sweat. It is a bit crowded, but one of the better investments I have made.
  2. Great White

    My tomb

    I always thought that I will be cremated. Since I have no immediate family, I need to finalize this someday. I have another issue that needs to be addressed. I have an artificial hip joint. The metals used are somewhat exotic and there really is a small market for those in the aerospace industry. I wonder if the crematorium will sell it or throws it away and can that be used to defer the cost of cremation. My dad has a similar issue with both hips. As far as ashes, my folks bought funeral plots many years ago for the family. He sold three to his brother for him, his wife, and daughter. My sister doesn't care anymore and my mom is in another plot with my dad's next to hers. It leaves one for me if I want it. Or maybe I will request to have my ashes put into the cats litter box. He might appreciate it.
  3. Great White

    J35 Anarchist

    I remember when it came to the PNW. And yes, it was red. It was only raced for a couple of years before it disappeared. I had heard that it was being rebuilt, now I see where it went. Looks good.
  4. I owned one of these...well just long enough to harvest the 302V8 and transmission and have the remains hauled away and scrapped.
  5. I actually live just south of Illahee State Park. No, I do not have waterfront property. I drive illahee road often to Brownsville where I moor my boat. I know the area well. Yes, I know Flying Circus. Usually only see it once a year when we go to Olympia for the Toliva Shoal Race.
  6. Cool. Just down the road from my home on the way to the marina where I moor.
  7. Great White

    Tripp 47 In Seattle- Good Deal?

    I was wondering when or if this boat would go on the market. It has been moored in Poulsbo for many years not being used.
  8. Great White

    Minimal Camping Trailers

    Tonight I bought a 2000 Ford Econoline E250 van. It is a cargo van, so very minimal interior and some dents and rough spots. But low mileage and seems mechanically sound. It is a clean slate. My plan is similar to yours. Insulation is a requirement and i will sheath the interior. The van is wide enough to sleep crossways and build a garage under the bunk for two bicycles. Probably everything will be permanently installed. I still have a pickup if I need to haul stuff.
  9. Great White

    girls run aground in WA State ....

    Interesting. I had been thinking of hiking out on the spit recently. Pretty exposed piece of beach. Surprised we have not heard much a bout this locally.
  10. Great White

    Swiftsure 86 - Sorcery and others

    Nice! Lots of boats there that I have not seen or thought about in years.
  11. Great White

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    It was a few months ago that he seemed to go on a purge of people that didn't post what he wanted to hear. Irks me because just before he blocked me, I was messaging him about cheap/free boats in my marina. He seemed to appreciate the info. I had not posted anything in over a year.
  12. Great White

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    If you are not a FB friend of Rimas, you will not see all of his posts. There was also a couple FB pages with the same name and some posts and pics that were fake. Rimas blocked me so I cannot see any of his present or past posts.
  13. Great White

    Garmins website has been down for three days

    Tonight, Garmin Connect came to life again. The status website says "Limited", but I was able to login, pair my watch and sync my last activities. Everything seems to be there. Still getting maintenance messages.
  14. Great White

    Garmins website has been down for three days

    You are right, it is not a life altering issue. What I miss the most is the phone call, email, message and other notifications from my phone. The watch still works stand alone. Just another first world problem!
  15. Great White

    Garmins website has been down for three days

    Garmin Connect is still down. I can't login, sync or pair my watch. There site still says it is down.