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  1. I would sure like to be there, but I have an important meeting tomorrow at 0900. Have fun. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.
  2. I would sure like to be there tomorrow, but I have a Care Conference for my dad. Have fun! Looking forward to seeing pictures.
  3. I wished I could have gone to the Rendezvous. I got a call Friday night at midnight from the rehab facility that they were sending my father to the ER. By the time they checked him out and sent him back, I got home at 0600. I did not feel like going anywhere Saturday. Then on Sunday 15 minutes before I was ready to leave for SW Washington to camp out for heading into Oregon for the eclipse, another call from rehab that they were sending him to the ER again. This time he was admitted, treated and back in rehab tonight. I am tired and hangry!
  4. Jim Furnish borrowed this photo from this blog: https://voyageofthemimsy.wordpress.com/2017/08/08/175/
  5. The one talked about in this article is the pilothouse model. Rimas's was the original without the pilothouse. Also notice the bowsprit. Original Rawson 30s did not have a bowsprit and developed heavy weatherhelm.
  6. You have done a number of post IOR racing boats too. Pretty sucessfull ones!
  7. The cheap paper glasses I bought are listed as a E15 filter. They seemed much darker than the welding goggles or old welding hoods that were left by my dad. So I ordered a small sheet of no.14 filter material for the goggles and to make a filter for the DSLR. I need to figure out what settings I need for the camera.
  8. There it is! The writings of a Young Fiji student have reverted to those of an angry sock puppet.
  9. I am taking a road trip from the Seattle area to Madras in central Oregon. Madras is in the middle of the zone of totality. I have camping reservations in southern Washington for Sunday and Monday nights. My plan is to get underway early Monday morning and drive as far south untill I either reach Madras or the roads get gridlocked. I viewed a few partial eclipses from home in the past. I ordered a sheet of filter material to make some camera filters and to upgrade some brazing goggles.
  10. I am still being optimistic that the wind and current shifted and he was flushed back out to sea and is drifting West towards who knows where.
  11. Now here is what Jack Hodge says on FB. Purly speculation and poor taste to predict it the way he did. Sorry for the fake news.: His 3:23pm message says he has no control, his tiller is damaged, current is pushing him, does not know where he will end up. His last four transmissions, each about one hour apart, show him on a steady drift to the reef, and his time of impact would be 9:00pm. Yes, this is speculation, but clearly the most likely outcome.
  12. Not yet and one person on FB has ask the same question.
  13. From Facebook. Uncofirmed. By Jack Hodges who was an Alaskan who knew Rimas and tried to teach him to sail: Rimas drifted into the reef 8 miles NE of Rambi Island at 9:00pm on July 30th and perished.
  14. I was there. We were racing WIRW. One day I was walking off the dock and a friend stopped me. "Go check it out, there is a guy that wants to sail around the world in a SJ24." So I found the yellow SJ24 with brochures hanging on it promoting his trip to South Georgia Island and asking for donations. He was not around. After I got home, I started researching and found his website and the links to the news articles. There was no Jean involved. I saw pictures of Shannon helping him rig the boat. Rimas showed up again at WIRW a couple of years later after flying back from AS. He showed his pictures to those who cared and wandered the docks. I did not talk to him.
  15. Rimas spent a lot of time hanging out with one of his FB buddies in Astoria when he was between boats.. His FB friend helped publicize him to the media and posted a lot of ridiculous jibberish about how great Rimas the sailor is. Also promoted the Kon Tiki style of Rimas sailing.