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  1. Totally agree with this. It doesn't make it right or ethical, but pretty much everyone in the peloton did it. And what allows me to overlook that during that period is the UCI, the TDF and other authorities in the sport at the time were turning a blind eye to it. Wink, wink "yes of course we are against doping" but they liked the $$ and attention that Lance was bringing to the sport. It wasn't until much later when they actually started enforcing the rules did it become an issue. My feeling on the matter is either allow it or aggressively enforce the rules against it and make sure its applied consistently across the board. But the sports authorities played the middle for far too long. Hell, the IOC is a perfect current example. Its all about $$. There is no way the Russians could have done what they did in Sochi and other venues without the IOC and other authorities having a clue about some of the shenanigans going on under their nose. I agree with both of you.
  2. nah, he is still a serious contender for a podium, it's just that Froome may be having his best week ever without any end in sight. I certainly was not expecting him to be this much stronger, much less the Poels who has been an absolute beast. There are many climbs remaining to narrow the field, it may be a race for second, but i would not count NQ out just yet even though Valverde doesn't look able to attack.
  3. I'm ok with Froome keeping the jersey, but they should have taken 20 seconds back from the adjusted time for running without his bike.
  4. Have to wonder how much energy Froome spent for such a relatively small advantage of stage 11. Great to watch though! If they scratch MT V. i'm going to be rather disappointing, given my disappointment alone is distant secondary to rider safety, but still.
  5. That Yates kid is really impressive! NQ still just doesn't look the least bit challenged something i would guess might linger in the mind of Froome over the next week until they get back into the mountains. I was hoping to see Porte make an early move for the break away, he may be well over a minute back but working with Movistar to isolate Froome could lead to better opportunities. Tejay just didn't have enough today after he spent the entire race sheltered in a good position so that doesn't bode well unfortunately. Although it isn't like he normally attacks, he just hasn't ever seemed to have any quickness, just steady power. That said, he is still well in range for another top 10 finish, but for anyone to defeat Froome there needs to be a combined effort to isolate him from the SKY train or something shitty to happen to him, but that would be shitty.
  6. Must have been deliberate. Timing like that? Must have been his arch enemy.
  7. I'm using NBC Sports Extra Gold Cycling Pass, i think it was $30 for a year, includes the Tour De France, Vuelta, Paris-Nice, Paris Roubaix, and a bunch of others. Upgrading my cable to get the channels would have cost me an additional $50 a month and the VPN game is a shitty option that i would rather avoid. Working nice and smooth so far. Unfortunately no Giro d'Italia, Tour of Flanders or the Olympics so i can't yet entirely eliminate less legitimate sources .
  8. Finally VIDEO of the inflatable collapse and it was worth the wait!! Knowing everyone is OK, pretty fucking hilarious.
  9. I didn't hear any mention of a flat and in looked inflated as it rolled off the rim in the video I saw. Kelderman and a teammate said the problem was with the rim overheating and the glue softening and said it wasn't the technician's mistake. Hot day, light climbing rim and heavy braking. Still it is curious that Kelderman's tire was the only one to have that problem that I heard of. I wonder how hot other wheels got and how close anyone else got to losing a tire. Yup yup, from Lotto-Jumbo; “We’re riding on very small climbing wheels,” Bennett continued. “It looked like Wilco’s wheels were so hot that his tube loosened. The glue was totally melted and I burned my hands on it when I grabbed the wheel.” ‘This is frustrating’ “It was hot today and you have to brake on a lot during the descents,” Kelderman said. “The glue on your tyre gets very hot and there’s a chance that it gets loose. I’m fed up that it happened to me. Everything went very well until that moment. I didn’t lose too much time, but I have a lot of abrasions. This is very annoying.” That is pretty fucking sketchy, today's descents were pretty mild from a heavy braking perspective compared to what is yet to come. Team sponsor Shimano did just release a new Dura Ace groupset complete with a disk brake option. Now have to wonder if those wheels were designed with disks in mind, before the UCI banned them a few months ago.
  10. What are you trying to suggest LB? Still hot on the campaign trail? He is just trolling, 20 riders matched Froome up the climb, they just weren't expecting the sprint right after the summit. Now if Froome goes out tomorrow and crushes the field by minutes, maybe that would be Lance like. If it is like today it'll be safer to assume everyone in the lead group is equally doped up human.
  11. I didn't think Quintana could throw a bottle that hard...sneaky move from Froome, NQ & AV absolutely didn't expect that and to back it up with a fantastic descent that even Valverde couldn't match was impressive. BMC held on well staying with the front too. Any idea if Kelderman's tire went flat before it came unglued? If not those mechanics are going to be in for a very long night re-gluing ALL the tires...just prior to training their replacements.
  12. Great sprint finish, but watching Sky force themselves over from the right to left @ ~11km was unnerving and aggressive moves like that are what lead to the big accidents.
  13. Great stage today, Movistar dropped the hammer and Sky responded, great watching the GC contenders actually assert themselves even if the result was to show AC was indeed hurting beyond the road rash. I don't know how i missed that stage 5 was indeed a mountain stage, had a hilly stage profile in my mind, but damn the climbers were ruthless today when they finally decided to go. It'll be interesting to see if the peloton will allow another breakaway to get that far away tomorrow with the last 20 miles downhill-flat, easier stage and the GC contenders will want need recovery time, but teams without a true climber to support could make a break work. BTW Kittel was clean in stage 4, Coquard clearly rode into him. Tejay is looking strong...and the announcers made a point to go back to referring to he and Porte as the co-leaders of BMC. Should have a better picture after this weekend though.
  14. The Peloton was spread way out, so it was unsafe having the team cars in the middle. Going back for him at that point wouldn't have changed anything , the only chance to salvage would have been a quick bike swap with a team mate. I don't know why that did not happen, may have been some confusion or just simply a fuck up. Rest assured the Aussies will cry about it for the rest of the tour. I would guess RP will turn into the super domestic at this point but may jump into an early break later today or this week if it looks promising, Both of them suffer from "OneBadDayItis" so the only way BMC can be hopeful of a podium finish is to have both of them within range. Neither have the firepower to win overall i don't think. American cycling is an organizational shit show. For those unfamiliar, American athletics are primarily structured through scholastic competition as opposed to more independent clubs as exist in Europe, as a result sports that are not supported through schools are all but ignored. Cycling and for that matter, sailing, are very, very rarely supported. If you or your child want to race on a bicycle it'll likely be a self funded campaign with significant traveling and expenses.
  15. Cav is riding smart for a change and being patient, it looks like Sagan is going to have some competition for the green. Once again the commentator are really getting on my nerves, i get that most of their audience is of the Commonwealth variety, but incessant the Richie Porte dick riding is over the top. I can help but wonder why they dislike TJVG so damn much, he was fucking third in 2015 headed into stage 17! Give the man some fucking credit. They spent more time in 2015 talking about Froomies paint job ( a RHINO!!) & this year, even though they are "co-leaders" they can't skip an opportunity to celebrate how much they love Porte as the "true contender" for BMC. Fuck i swear the day an American wins a grand tour these guys are going to walk off the job.