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  1. Mudsailor

    Helicopter rescue oh crap moment

    system is designed to accept lightning strike and not fire........
  2. Mudsailor

    Helicopter rescue oh crap moment

    No....Orange thingy is a float for the hook the operator in the helicopter and the pilot have a firing circuit that actuates an explosive squib that fires a small cutter into the cable. They also carry a manual cutter
  3. Mudsailor

    Helicopter rescue oh crap moment

    Hover in a helicopter is actually not very safe......and some forward motion is good, helps prevent spin of the people on the hook......but flying like they could be a recipe for disaster.......get people back into the helicopter as soon as possible.
  4. When racing - dry unless you are offshore and need to crack a bottle for halfway (transpac or similar) nothing beats the first beer at the dock...although once had to persuade the Royal Bermuda YC to open at 2am - we were thirsty! inshore beers once the sails are packed (even on beer can races)
  5. If anyone is flying through John Wayne/Santa Ana/Orange County airport they have a very cool Hobie Alter display. opposite gates 1-4 at the north end of the terminal (mostly the Delta airlines gates) covers pretty much everything, a couple of surf boards and lots of photos of boats, with good descriptions and explanations. overall a very well done almost museum quality display, well worth the 15-20 minutes it will take to read it. If you're passing through the airport make your way there
  6. Mudsailor

    Calling out all the MacGuyvers out there

    One day out from Canaries. Heading to Bermuda. Only head on board is very badly blocked, stench is terrible etc......we elect to dismount the bowl, tie a rope around it and dump the contents overboard...........much to our surprise this works perfectly! BUT, the small black ball that worked as part of the valve was included in the dump! After much head scratching and consternation a squash ball appears from somebodies kit bag, when filled with bondo it worked perfectly for the rest of the 2 week trip.
  7. Mudsailor

    drop the drops

    Don't change ratings race to race, only series to series. Then no benefit to 'Larry'
  8. Mudsailor

    IOR Mystery boat

    Driftwood......Tonnage does NOT equal the weight of the boat, it's basically a measure of the internal volume of the hull Documents/Marine Safety Center/Tonnage/Tonnage Guide 1 - Simplified Measurement.pdf?ver=2017-06-09-123757-680
  9. Mudsailor

    Keel WTF...

    Mid 80's Warwick Collins was his name, based in Lymington (IIRC). Had a patent I believe never caught on despite lots of publicity
  10. Mudsailor

    what is happening?

    5 axis milling...........been around for about 25 yrs now......unusual to mill a mold directly, but you can get (up to) 5 parts or so from a milled mold (depending on complexity)
  11. not sure if they go to 24........but plenty of configurations
  12. Mudsailor

    The Graduate

    Congrats from an old Southamton grad....just seems a long time ago......enjoy it and you will learn something from every boat, every trip and every walk around a marina or boatyard. (and I'll claim a tiny tiny tiny bit of credit for being the first in the original thread 'where should Will go to school' to suggest Southampton Solent.......)
  13. Mudsailor

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    107th ( best result by far!) 662.0 nm 1d, 14hr, 59m 16s Huge thanks to the scorekeepers.....probably would have thrown in the towel after the Falkland way point issue without this extra competition
  14. Mudsailor

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Fingers crossed I don't screw it up.........currently 125 .......far and away my result ever (any race) careful waypoints and yes, I got up at 3am.......... now just need to figure out when Your Mom went from just behind me to right in front of me........
  15. Mudsailor

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    570th 1470.0 NM 4d 1hr 14m 04s finally a good leg with no stupid mistakes or game waypoint fuckups..... thanks to the scorekeepers