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  1. Mudsailor

    Online sailing movies

    Found this on the RB sailing blog for anyone looking to reminisce.... film archive
  2. Mudsailor

    Online sailing movies

    Need a little more information - approx dates?
  3. Mudsailor

    Online sailing movies

    The list so far, AP = Amazon Prime, A = Amazon YT = YouTube adding where it is (slowly) Maiden. AP Maiden trip. AP Coyote A Morning Light Dead Calm Captain Roy Cabin Boy Turning Tide Charlie st Cloud White Squall Wind Riddle of the Sands Message in a bottle Thomas Crown Affair Abandoned Masquerade Deep Water. YT Weekend Sailor YT Jean du Sud around the world Wayfarer dinghy Cruising A Rough Passage All is lost Following Seas Master and Commander Adrift Horatio Hornblower Kon-Tiki Knife in the Water Mutiny on the Bounty Drum An extraordinary Adventure Moby Dick Captain Courageous Captain Blood Donovan’s Reef The Dove One Crazy Summer Summer Rental Between Home Turning Tide In the Heart of the Sea Go Fast, Go North AP Beyond the West Horizon Following Seas Hot yachts cold Water YT Chasing Bubbles Racing Alone around the World AP The Weekend Sailor AP
  4. Mudsailor

    Online sailing movies

    Who cares - Keira Knightley.......maybe she needs another thread over in GA keep em coming, watching Drum right now.
  5. Mudsailor

    Online sailing movies

    OK, those of us ‘working from home’ need movies to watch. I see Maiden, Maidentrip and Coyote are all on Amazon Prime others? and I’m sure that somewhere there are more threads on this - need a search ninja to find it
  6. Mudsailor

    Some Old Design Clippings

    Somewhere there is a thread on the restoration of Improbable by Haji (Bruce Schwab). I’m sure he would appreciate those pages
  7. Mudsailor

    SC-52 keel templates?

    Maybe Alan Andrews, IIRC he drew a proposed update, guessing he would have original numbers....
  8. Mudsailor

    Lake Michigan waves

    Today’s report for the rest of the world....
  9. Westerly down in So Cal.......
  10. Mudsailor

    Ronstan Latchaway

    I remember this from back then - since then everyone has learnt not to clip to stanchions, back in 1981 lots of people did (harnesses were not that common!)
  11. Mudsailor

    How much is a brand new traditional steel boat?

    Check out all the Maine schooners, plenty of traditional boats (wood) running as charters, lots of stories in Wooden Boat magazine, lots of couples building and then running the boats
  12. Mudsailor

    Science Class Model Boats

    Forget the sail, use a helium balloon on a string......
  13. Mudsailor

    Tilting the mast forward?

    This is not a new thing, first fraculated back in the early 90s, I was pit, we had the jib halyard marked for the right position.... also, gusts tend to come from above so angling forward gives a (very slight) projection improvement
  14. Mudsailor

    RIP Fabio Buzzi

    Designed boats, designed engines, designed drives........built boats, built engines, built drives and then raced the boats.....legendary.
  15. Mudsailor

    1988 - 1989's - Fairweather 39 vs Valiant 40

    You should Post this is in cruising anarchy......