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  1. Finally for today, two photos from last weekend, nice conditions and good company.
  2. Here is a small update from last night, I have had some bad experience with my Lopolight and I saw a very nice yacht in Newport RI last year so I descided to make one last attempt to get them to work and make new pullpits and pushpits as well as stanchions and feet for them in my favorite material... The stanchions are not ready but in the making.
  3. As mentioned by Jaramaz this is not about doing it simple, I am driven by the restoration part of it, the history and bringing things back to original or better condition. To save and show that old things can shine.
  4. It is kind of fun to read old comments and see all the detailed work we have and still do on Flirt. Thanks for the appreciation.
  5. Thanks, it was fun to upload some photos of current status, I have a few new things I will show in a few weeks... //FOP
  6. Fifth update, She was outside this winter due to lack of space in my normal shed, we made a tent with NOA supports in aluminium and a custom made cover. It worked out well but my spot is very open and not so nice when a strong W or SW blow in Gothenburg so I had to adjust and work on it the entire winter. The four last photos show the limited work we did wax, anti-fouling, polishing the prop and rigging.
  7. Fourth one if you can stand it; summer and sailing
  8. Third one; first three show Flirt from inside in full cruising mode. Installed a classic Alpine 7909L together with good speakers and two small amplifiers. This year I sent all my doors, hatches and drawer fronts on a serious weight saving program, before 21 kg and after approx 11 kg so from a percentage weight saving point of view it was a great success but in the big picture.... maybe not so important but it was fun to do it. The two last pictures show after sail from fall 2016.
  9. Second for today; First show one of the counter tops during vacuum bagging, second and fifth show the mast collar in the boat and third and fourth shelf´s for the wardrobe´s. The two last are dividers for the cutlery.
  10. Here´s another one, I made only temporary counter tops for the first year and here is a few pictures of the result, I was not happy with the structure on the carbonfiber so I decided to paint them instead of a nice clear coat.
  11. I take a few more of these fittings, they look pretty good and I am proud of the work we did ;-) First pic show my fitting, second photo show a standard fitting we used to just be able to install and make textile fit the arches. Third and fourth show prep work and before starting to weld fittings and tube. The last three are the hinges for the cockpit tent or Bimini if you prefer to call it that.
  12. Here comes fourth upload for today. For splash 2015 I ordered a new dodger and cockpit dodger to give some protection as well as increase living space when weather is bad. I made all fittings and arches myself and here is a few pics from that work.
  13. Third update for today. Just doing some sales work here...
  14. Here is another update on things we have done and parts I make for our yacht. First year we sailed with the cut down main and a Harken battcar system but problem was that the track had to stop above the old mainsail feeder and consequence was that headboard car came 10" higher then needed and without anything to step on on deck I needed to make a aluminium wedge in two pieces to allow the battcar track to pass over as well as that I had to re-machine the sail feed part. With the new mainsail we bought from Lundh Sails I wanted to make my own head board car in Titanium. I think they still have a few if anyone is interested to buy one. The two last pictures show the new and old spinn-boom car traveling inside a hidden track on our Stearn mast.
  15. Here´s an update of the most recent work and improvements we have and are doing on Flirt. We have started our fourth season by splashing early with the ambition to start sailing already in April. That did not come thru since work and finalization of upgrades drag and now I am lucky if we can sail first weekend May 20-21. I am currently stuck in Port Pirie SA, AUS and plan to go back home mid of next week. First two pictures are actually from splash 2015 but they are nice so they are here as a bonus, third fourth and fifth photo is from last summer when we realized we need some decent steps on the mast to be able to reach the headboard and fit the sail cover. Last picture is from a solo sailing I did last summer.