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  1. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    I don't know why I keep coming back and torturing myself with this thread...
  2. City trying to close sailing & kayaking club

    I've never been there but is Highland Park even a legitimate terrorist target?
  3. Never mind. I found it. Instant relief! There should be a rule that you can't use the Ignore function until you have 100 posts under your belt, at least one of which contains pictures of tits. Tits are cavity-nesting birds, typically using trees. Good enough? I'll start working on my post count. I see your Tits and raise. Who likes Brown Boobies?
  4. Inflatable ice climbing wall That looks like somewhere I want to be right now... *sigh What the heck is in the upper left? A bouncy house? Inflatable iceberg climbing wall:
  5. Looks like a Kawasaki Vulcan... (the one on the back of the boat, not the thing made out of 2x4) Not that there is anything wrong with making bikes out of wood, just not that bike out of that wood... par example:
  6. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Just came across this thread on Friday, it was referenced in on of the other SA forums. What a great read, and a great way to kill some time on a rainy weekend with the boat on the hard. I can't wait to see more. Bob: I think you may already be aware but this is (going to be a?) beautiful boat. Kimb: Thanks for building something so unique and sharing the process with us.
  7. So this beggs the question, If you were paying slip fees + liveaboard, would you continue to pay while this heap sits in a prime location blocking your sunset view?? People live aboard MacGregors? Is that 5th mode?
  8. Why doesn't he just take a trip to the hardware store? They should have everything he needs...
  9. I`ve had a LOT of laughs at this thread but this has me laughing so hard I`m crying! No odds! you copied! Pretty boat though... Maybe he was smart enough to use Robertson screws instead of fucking phillips. Any time it is possible I replace Phillips with Robertsons. I`ve never understood why stuff gets built with Phillips. Terrible fucking fasteners they are... GPS, Sextant, and meteorology degree courtesy of their iPhones:
  10. This was built out of OSB...
  11. Surely there are enough people on here that would be willing to crowdsource the funds required to get HR to splash this thing. In return for the $5 or $10 donation you would receive an advance copy of the video of the good ship flyin hawaiian being launched (say 24h before it is sent to youtube.) Any funds raised over the cost of the tow to the ramp will be given to LM to cover the cost of the day he is going to have to take off work to film this fiasco (or we can just hire someone or buy a ticket for Clean to cover this). Maybe a bottle of the cheapest bubbly available to christen the FH (or poke a hole in the hull as the case may be). Takers?
  12. I wasn't. Hope that wasn't what you got out of my post. I was just making a point that some of the people who do not fully support Hotrod's design vision actually do know what they are talking about. I was dead serious when I said I hope he makes it and everything works out. I just don't think that is how it is going to go. Instead I hope he learns from his mistakes and doesn't give up the dream, just finds a safer way to accomplish it.
  13. Yeah Bob, why don't you go build a boat if you know so much about it... Oh... right... you did... I really want this guy to make it and for all of us to find out he is some sort of misunderstood genius. Telling people they could just go buy a boat is all well and good but for some people the process of building the boat is more important and more rewarding than having a boat to sail. Hopefully nothing terrible happens and there is enough left over pieces that HotRod can go and build another boat that is more reasonably sized and will do some real research and accept some professional advise on boat building. Does this guy know how to sail or is he planning to just figure it out on the way? Maybe there are some SAers in the area that can take him out on their boats and teach him more about sailing and he may start understanding the physics behind it all.
  14. it's the weight of the screws that will pull it down... fixed it for you...