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  1. yard407

    Ipso! Facto! Reverso! If folds!!

    Shipping costs may be lower when grouped shipments are possible. We can put a few boxes in 1 container. Here are 2 complete Reverso leaving in a truck. Everything is in the box: sail, mast, trolley, bags etc.
  2. yard407

    Ipso! Facto! Reverso! If folds!!

    Sand is not really a problem. When the boat is assembled, there is no friction, everything is rigid. And you can wipe it off with a cloth if you are a maniac. Rather than a simple tarp, we have a mounting mat, which is a foam sandwiched between 2 ripstop fabrics. But the best way to assemble the boat is to do it in the car park, at the back of the car.It's less of a hassle to lug to the beach. You assemble the boat, put it on its launching trailer, throw in the mast sail boom, beer daggerboard, sandwiches, parasol and beach towels, and roll the whole mess to the beach. The whole family is happy, you're the only one who pulls everybody's stuff! You can see the mat in action. It also works at the pool
  3. yard407

    Ipso! Facto! Reverso! If folds!!

    yes, We should surely make a nice video again, with the new deco, new sails etc. I promise, we'll do it this year