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  1. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    Bit dull to go stealth mode when everyone can still see you. And also to come out of it with a massive loss by parking behind an island like everyone said would happen.
  2. Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Which one? The Pooch or the Prince?
  3. Team NYYC

    Oh good, you heard it here first! NYYC to come second in the 36th America's Cup!!!
  4. save a legend....Really

    I'll put a plus one on that. What do you have to say about Ocean Planet, Dawg, aka. Dave Trude?
  5. Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Cookson 50 with the keel pin axis mod that Privateer has along with a longer keel and lighter bulb to keep RM the same but be able to go downwind with the increasingly light 52s. And a set of extremely high line speed carbon hydraulic winches with remote controls.
  6. Carrabean 600

    Easier to narrow down the boats that finished than the boats that didn’t.
  7. Carrabean 600

    Faster boat or slower boat?
  8. I believe the lock trip lines are internal, and certainly wouldn't run in front of the spreaders. Too narrow for a hoisting pennant.
  9. Marina Advice on LIS

    And, bonus, when you leave the boat in the evening you can pick up some crack rocks and hookers on your way off City Island.
  10. PV Race

    Look at what STC does with the Pineapple Cup. One end of the line is a Govt. Marker, and the other is a powerboat that motors out whenever there's one/multiple finishers and ties up to a hippity hop on an anchor that they've dropped at the other end of the line. Only needs to be one person in a Mako to record a time. Agreed that seconds matter offshore and this sounds like a shitty way to record finishes on a very major distance race.
  11. Old Cup Posters and Artwork

    Seems fitting that you'd find Liberty in a junk shop.
  12. Marina Advice on LIS

    Stop listening to all this nonsense, and put your boat at Pilot's Point in Westbrook, CT. They get a great seabreeze out there in the summer, you're close to great cruising grounds, and its about as pleasant as yards get with good service on hand and an easy motor out into the sound. It's also very well protected. Anywhere west of Stamford and your "cruising sights" will be comprised of City Island Whitefish, the Hart Island Crematorium, and Fentanyl Needles.
  13. What is it?

    Unfathomably ugly. What do I win?
  14. Copy. I knew of iPunkt, didn't realize that Bouwe and Capey were onboard. They're good guys, but it's silly to do something prohibited on a boat that's under constant media coverage, so my gut says that they didn't recognize it was a rule or someone on the crew suggested it and they tried it or some combination of the two. Bad juju though.