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  1. jackolantern

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Boris, I know you can't hear me, but just take a lap around the deck every day looking for chafe buddy. We want you to do this!!!
  2. jackolantern

    Black Pearl - Botin 56

    The circle closer to the waterline is the pin that holds the bobstay in place. Based on how they took the prod off, I would assume that they detached the sprit from the inboard end of the boat and drifted the pin out at the waterline to let the bobstay free. On the bright side, maybe they're happy how this turned out because the RORC 600 just went tits up and their US racing season (A2N & M2H) looks like it might be in jeopardy. Just put her back in mothballs until Fastnet!!
  3. jackolantern

    Hobie 33 Forums?

    There’s a good Facebook group and the old yahoo group was pretty good too
  4. jackolantern

    composite floor boards?

    rout out small channels in the underside and fill them with ball bearings encased in epoxy?
  5. jackolantern

    Retro Boat - Olson 30?

    The Stark Raving Mad Ranger 33(?) would be an awesome retroboat as well
  6. jackolantern

    Vendee Globe 2020

    And am I correct in assuming she doesn't have any way to just burn the keel off and sail into port on water ballast and foils alone a-la JP Dick in 2012(?)
  7. jackolantern

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Honestly it's time for Seb to call it
  8. jackolantern

    Champlin’s sold $19m

    Ruh Roh. Joey Bagadonuts and Boopus Maximus from Cranston are going to have to pony up more for their floating dock space
  9. jackolantern

    Drifter - Free Flying vs. Fixed Luff

    That Xp44 in the background would be a whole lot faster if they took the 200# transom swim platform off....
  10. jackolantern

    Furling heavy weather jib on a lock

    This is what Jboats has done with their J4 on the J121. Lock with a 3:1 at the deck level.
  11. Maybe Erne$to will come back to be the Challenger of Record because the NYYC plan sounds a lot like the AC90 proposed for AC33
  12. jackolantern

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    Probably: Bowguy, Trimmers/Watch Captains (X2), Boat Captain.
  13. jackolantern

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    Because with the boatbuilding technology available in the IOR50 days, you would snap the boat in half if you tried to put loads like that on mast jacks or runners. Or you'd design a boat that was so heavy it wouldn't be competitive. And then you'd try to put that load into the boat and you'd start snapping lines. So you beef the lines up and you'd have to beef the sails up because now you're blowing up jibs because they're the weak link. And the boat takes longer to accelerate because it's so heavy so you have to put a larger keel on it to catch the flow of water, which slows you down. I just described the opposite of what happened in the development of IOR50s to TP52. The technology just wasn't there to think this kind of way. You couldn't have designed a TP52 back in 1985 (let alone one that would sail faster than an IOR 2 Tonner), because it couldn't physically be done. The loads on a 12M are very much a factor of hydrodynamic drag rather than loads being induced into the boat to unlock performance. You load up a 12M in response to it speeding up. On a TP52 you add load to make it speed up.
  14. jackolantern

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    Because the line between dead ass slow and breakage is razor thin on a 52 and you need 4-5 things to work perfectly all the time to keep it that way. On a 70 you might need 1-2 things to work perfectly.
  15. jackolantern

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I wanna point out that he has a Quantum sails logo on his stack pack but that material is very obviously North Sails 3Di. And even if it was a quantum sail it would be a doyle stratis fabric. Amway at it again!