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  1. USPHRF Appeal Process

    So, you say that you sent documentation to all of the various PHRF Committees listing the weight of the keels. Did you measure those weights yourself and if so, can you share them with the assembled group? Were there any differences between the keels? And there were mentions upthread about internal ballast for MORC rating concerns? Was that weight removed permanently along with the restoration of the keel grid (nice job!)? Basically, how'd the ballast weight get to 2000lbs and change when the ad (linky) for the Islander production model lists ballast as 3400lbs. That’s a lot of spread, even for the usual “production boat” changes!! All of this open discussion and speculation about changes or no changes and the impact on rating would be pretty easily put to bed by just throwing the data out there for all to see. Because the Andrews 30 was obviously a semi-custom boat it's hard to pinpoint the weight of one boat simply off of he-said-she-said and a sailboatdata.com page (which I see now has a gorgeous picture of Details on it!) that contains data which might have been self-submitted by owners or based off of a brochure.
  2. end of another usa spar builder????

    i heard it was athanasi that went under?
  3. Looking for crew for a V70....

    you're running a VO70 and you don't have a Rolodex full of people to call?
  4. Misty May's Ass

  5. Rail Meat Songs

    Fair enough. Must be similar to the allergic reaction I have to assholes. must make it tough to take a shit.
  6. ah... irony.What the Fuck do you know It sounds like an insult, but it feels like a joke
  7. Fire your crew.

    There was a major case a few years ago in Chicago involving someone who got a line wrapped around their arm which happened to be a lazy jib or kite sheet, or something, which then became loaded, and caused some significant nerve damage. Consequently, the individual went after anyone associated with the boat and the regatta. Not pretty.
  8. Manhasset Fall Series

    Biggy biggy biggy, can't you see, sometimes your words are bull shi-shi-tay
  9. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Where is this Europe with only IRC? As far as I know there is ORC, HN, RN, DH, LYS, SRS, several different Yardsticks etc in Europe. Even in UK there is an option to IRC and in most other European countries IRC is not the most common system. Uhh lets see. IRC in Europe... I dunno... only the entirety of the channel region and most of the UK. There are practically more boats racing IRC in that stretch of water than everywhere else in the entire world combined.
  10. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Do you think so? What happens in the UK and Europe where there is only IRC? They will likely buy them with the intention of trying hard under IRC while hoping to establish a One Design fleet. J/Boats however is probably looking at the rest of the US and saying "there's only IRC racing in about 1/4 of the country, lets not target it specifically for the IRC racers".
  11. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    I'm betting J/Boats at least ASKS the owners to sail PHRF for the same reason Kontiki V sailed PHRF at KWRW; they don't want the boat potentially getting spanked under IRC at a national event which could possibly slow down sales.
  12. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    At this stage in the game their goal should be to get as many prospective owners out on the water as possible so the possible customers can experience the boat and be tempted to get off the fence. I bet that if they get the boat in the water in the Solent and do a number of days of test sails for perspective owners that they rack up another 7+ sales.
  13. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    The video has been made private. I wonder why....? It looks to me like the J/Boats censorship machine is working full throttle again. Controlling the information released about the J/111 so that the only press it gets is good press. The instant someone questions the content of something regarding this boat, describes it negatively or puts anything regarding it in a place where the reaction could be negative (for instance, Sailing Anarchy) they clamp down on it harder than a fat person on a krispy kreme. This isn't the first time I've seen this happen with the J/111 and I doubt it will be the last.