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  1. jackolantern

    J 40 For Sale

    I suckle enough off the government tete to have a cruising boat.
  2. jackolantern

    Buy my Viper

    Man this boat looks so good.....
  3. jackolantern

    Dip pole gybe - keep lazy sheet on top pole

    Miss you TWM! You're a tremendous idiot :*
  4. jackolantern

    J 40 For Sale

    It's beautiful. 5 years from now I'd be all over it
  5. jackolantern

    Velocitek Speed Puck

    Would be awesome to have like an "optimal heel" sticker that you can put on the display edge for a quick visual check. Boats like an IC37 like to settle out at a certain number so if you had a sticker that you can put on the heel angle that's an easy and quick way to judge your levels
  6. jackolantern

    Dip pole gybe - keep lazy sheet on top pole

    Just suit up the bowman and send him out!
  7. jackolantern

    Dip pole gybe - keep lazy sheet on top pole

    Underrated tip: When connecting the sheet and guy to the clew of the kite, make sure the sheet is clipped on the ring above the guy.
  8. jackolantern

    N D T Keelbolt testing

    What's the new Wizard?
  9. jackolantern


    Like when the west coast cowboy on American Girl drilled it at flank speed, 99% of the way back from Bermuda
  10. jackolantern


    I recall standing next to you watching a Big Tom victim get hauled out at consolidated. That owner then became a J/111 Wingnut Do you think the Consolidated yard guys move it around to keep the victim count high in the same way Howie McMichael used to move Ship Rock around Mamaroneck Harbor?
  11. jackolantern

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    White sails and tourists. Won't be much of a race. Intrepid by a mile but they'll ham it up to make it exciting for the tourists and spectators.
  12. jackolantern


    A rock so infamous that it has a name that indicates its danger to sailors with keels. New rule: Only helmsmen that know the name of big tom are allowed to drive near it
  13. jackolantern

    Young and Full of Promise

    I love this thread so much. Keep going with the details, Ian, please!!
  14. jackolantern

    Thoughts on Novasail VS Prostart

    Critical, I'd incorporate Velocitek's excellent customer service into that price as well.
  15. jackolantern

    Team NYYC

    It just looks like a wing......