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    Swede 55

    Hyder, Boat looks great, classic lines. Are you going to race your new boat or is this just for crusing? See you out on the river soon! PressureDrop
  2. PressureDrop

    Swede 55

    There was a Swede 55 here on the Chesapeake Bay through 2004 at least. The boat raced 2004 governors cup that was big breeze downhill, but I think the boat was quite under preforming. Unfortunately as they delivered the boat home the day following the race they were involved in a port/starboard incident with a much smaller boat(about 30 feet) and both boats dropped their rigs I believe. I heard this story from a good friend at the time who was in the vicinity at the time and saw the Swede motoring in to their with the rig on deck. I havent heard or seen of the boat since. PressureDrop