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  1. When you can nail wire to wire gybes and tacks on the Vago, and complete races in 15-20 without capsizing, you are ready to start thinking about the 700. Both the RS and Musto are pretty much equivalent to helming a 49er or 18' skiff. Before you take on kites and racks, your trapeze skills need to be second nature, like putting on pants... The wire needs to just happen without thinking about it, all of your attention will need to be on boat handling and balance. Like any skiff they need to be sailed full speed all the time, if you pause you swim. In light winds and flat water you will probably be ok, just lots of capsizes. I haven't sailed either but have sailed enough trapeze boats with and without kites to say that anything with a rig that size is going to be harder to right than your Aero. Trap capsizes nearly always leave you in a position where the boat is harder to right. Capsizes with a kite up on a single hander are going to have you in the water for much longer every time and use a lot of your energy (This I can say with experience). I hope you realise your dream, maybe just allow yourself some more time to get there.
  2. For single handing on my NS14 I rigged a simple bridle as described above and it performed about as poorly as Jim C describes. To improve it I re-threaded the jib sheets and used both. To tack I would release the jib sheet just as I headed up, once on the new tack the jib would settle in a half trimmed state until I was sorted and could use the new sheet to trim it in. To bear away I would loosen the line from the bridle to the clew then let out the jib sheet. Not as good as a properly rigged track but it was enough to allow a reasonably executed tack or gybe in most conditions Eventually put a mono rig on it with trap and no more jib to worry about
  3. That's a 10! Very advanced mining skills, nearly at the point of no return and that main is still perfectly trimmed with all the woollies still flying.
  4. This is an example of a bulkhead to support the inboard end, for exactly the same reasons Jim suggests above. I wanted to be able to retract the pole under the deck, but DRCs method sounds easier to do. This is not a Laser 2 but gives an example of geometry that could work.
  5. Do you have the Flying Fifteen in Aus? A nice size couples boat and can be trailered without needing a crane.
  6. Hi Chris, Its great watching you guys trying innovative new construction methods. Without giving away all your secrets, would you elaborate a little on the trends for rocker and volume distribution?
  7. Was there not a cleaner location an hours drive away from the city? Its BS that ISAF and IOC can't do anything about it...
  8. Am I the only person who had to look up what these slow 2 person ICs might be? Dude, all you have to know is bathtub and 3ksb and you have the IC understood You may need to elaborate, some here might think an IC is an International Canoe which might exceed your 3ktsb by a small margin.
  9. Dave's Machete looks a good option to me, but also check out dc designs thread halfway down the list. 34 pages of discussion on IC design dating back to start of the current rules, lots of ideas to inspire one to head into the shed and pick up tools. http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=65915&&page=34 If you really want to go it alone from scratch, check out Phil S's hollow log design or the tortured ply build by Steve Clark from about page 4. The Machete is several years on in development though, so probably quickest to the water and on the water. Happy building
  10. Too little vang off wind in a strong breeze will roll you to windward when you let the mainsheet out. Best to set enough vang that the head goes no further forward than the mast, keep the boom just off the side stay then steer it for balance. Otherwise what Big D said
  11. So true about epoxy cure times, although watching epoxy cure is slightly more exciting than watching grass grow The thing about most custom builds is that a lot of time goes into working out how to do the next step, making patterns for parts and so on. One hopes that having pre-cut parts and a set of drawings would go a long way to reducing the thinking time.
  12. To be fair Fraser has already said he hasn't been back on the water since the test sail, and he is waiting for his sail maker to get back on the country. I really don't think there is any footage to start with. As Jim said it all takes time, more than one of us has been there, but mostly without the scrutiny he has had here. its near winter here, there hasn't been that much good sailing weather of late. it's not like he is a big company with resources to throw left right and centre to get it done for him. Give a guy a break gentlemen