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  1. gjbike

    Melges 24 VS Melges 32 in PHRF

    The PHRF system is better than nothing in that it allows for dissimilar boats to compete against each other. However, it does not take into account the type of race or venue eg bouy racing vs long distance or upwind/downwind vs Olympic etc. Moreover, in many races the differences caused by tactical errors often are more punishing than the differences in PHRF. In a short windward/leeward course one really bad spinnaker hoist or douse can cost you the race. Courses with long downwind legs will favor one type of boat over another. My experience racing in mixed fleets is that generally the boat with the crew that has least tactical mistakes and best execution of tacks/hoists/takedowns is the winner. Look at Charleston Race week results to see large and small/fast and slow boats up and down the results board, but well crewed boats more consistently fare better.
  2. Thanks! The cabin top winch serves the halyards. There are two speed non-self tailing winches by the driver for the sheets
  3. Yes, I am well aware of the derivation of all that instrument data. I have reached VMG’s of 14. They were 12 on the video. The open circles on the FE28 polars above represent the TWA which for eachTWS gives the best VMG and are what would be printed in table form as the M32 are above. On the FE28 Fastest downwind BS for 25 kt TWS is 15.7 kt@155 TWA which would give a VMG of I’m guessing 14 or so. In real racing the difference in VPP between all these boats is less than the variability of crew performance/ boat condition/rig tune, etc ( not to mention handicapping influence) hence results such as a M32 losing to a GP26. Some boats, such as the M32 really need very experienced crew to ring out the boats capability. The point of my post was simply to show that mine doesn’t- whether it’s fast or not.
  4. Not sure why these threads always have to descend into pissing matches. I have raced against J80, J92, Melges 24 , others and this boat is faster. I am adding the Melges 32 polars. In 25 kts wind it reaches 16 kts - only a little more than mine despite being an all out sportboat 4 feet longer. My point was not how fast it was but that my amateur crew could sail it to its polars.
  5. Is this allowed under Rules of Racing?
  6. The FE28 polars are attached. Wish I had opted to put the kite up in the morning- would have liked to join the 20kt club which I'm pretty sure we would have hit when the wind hit 34kts! Oh well no guts -no glory! Great shot of your FE23!
  7. Thanks. The jib is a North Technora laminate (not 3Di) that came with the boat. . The main is a carbon/technora laminate made for me by by Pires de Lima in Portugal. He is in Cascais and I am fortunate to have access to his great sails through a mutual friend. The 3Di are heavier and would probably last longer but these are the lightest sails available and last me 3 years of year-round club racing which is good enough. They are also much less expensive.
  8. This was a fun run under spinnaker with my amateur crew. On the instruments from top to bottom is SOG (GPS boatspeed), TWS, TWA, AWA, VMG, depth. On that run we maxed at 14.2 kts BS under 25kts TWS which is polar prediction for the boat. Races for that day had been cancelled earlier due to 34 kt gusts . We went out in that wind but were chicken to throw up the kite. This was later in the afternoon when it got a little more manageable. We had "controlled" broaches a few times as we pushed the limit but never had to do more than ease the main and spinnaker sheets to recover after rounding up. My experience with this boat is that it is fun, stable in all wind conditions and capable of sailing to it's polars with amateur (but experienced) crew. (BTW this video shot with iphoneX which I find has a truly good camera)
  9. Nice pic of my boat's twin sister at Charleston Race Week used for Quantum promo material
  10. gjbike

    double trouble

    Aren't the iphones Chinese made? Seems like under the right circumstances very high production standards can be had there. Even if you concede some degree of quality, there are many products made well enough to be more than up to the task often selling for a fraction of what American or European products go for. Even American icons like Yamaha and Fender guitars have Chinese produced guitars with their brand name on them and are very good quality for less than half of what their US made guitars sell for. No doubt many cheap and poorly made products are made in China, as they are here, but the days when " Chinese made" automatically meant poor quality are fast becoming a thing of the past
  11. Not trying to rain on your parade or pick a fight. The GP 26 is a great little boat but the line I highlighted above is factually incorrect. With a PHRF of 81 it is slower than the Fareast 28 which has a PHRF of 54 ,( as you would expect from a longer waterline). It already has a OD design races in Europe and has sold more than 300 boats worldwide. It sells for almost half of the GP26. price. Granted it has an aluminum mast and boom but it does have a carbon keel and rudder. Yes, it's Chinese built but after two years of ownership I have had no quality issues despite constant weekend use including all out racing in heavy wind. I hope the GP 26 is very successful. I would love to race against one as I like the competition like the Melges 24 I race against. that can beat me on time but never to the line :)) I will not post further- there is plenty of info online about all of these boats.
  12. gjbike

    double trouble

    The Torqueedo knock off electric motor looks interesting on the boat in back. Direct drive- they claim 2x running time vs Torqueedo. But $2600?
  13. gjbike

    Infuckers on the Fareast 28r

    That would not solve the problem at all. I don't simply want to bring the jib sheet as close as possible to the centerline-I want to be able to continuously adjust inbpoard/outboard as needed. The boat design is fabulous. It planes easily at 7 kts boat speed and points better than ANY of the other boats on the lake ( including the Melges 24) once trimmed properly. Last week we were doing 8.5 knots of GPS boatspeed in 15 kts TWS on a close reach ( 75 deg TWA) under jib and main. My latest setup to the inhaulers shown elsewhere on this forum is robust and worked very well during last weeks race. I would like to be able to adjust from the high side though. Christian- thanks for taking the time to explain and illustrate a solution. I appreciate your response.
  14. gjbike

    Random Pic of my Fareast 23R

    Try a little more aft rake and prebend on the mast. Made a huge difference on my FE28R. Outpoints the competition now