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  1. Here is a nice summary video of the event:
  2. I found this regatta interesting. A FE 28R took first in class and first overall. If I am reading it correctly the FE 28R had the 2nd fastest overall finish only 15 seconds behind a 40 ft racer/cruiser after 4 hours of racing. http://www.mss.m.se/Kappsegling/MSSKappseglingar2017/SaltholmRunt26aug/Resultat/
  3. borrowed from the Australian FE 28R Facebook page:
  4. How close together measured from front of bulkhead? Any pics?
  5. Here is a couple of nice short video of the 2017 FE28R championships. 28 boats registered, 22 competing in Sweden. The Swedes are leading the effort to help grow a One Design class. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRZ4Rw6HbYQ
  6. I don't have any videos of us going fast under spinnaker but here is short clip on a beam reach under jib and main in 19 kts TWS. We are on plane and doing 9.8 kts by GPS with 6 crew. That's a Melges 24 under main alone we blow by. There are a ton of videos on YouTube by others though- just search for Freast 28R https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7ultxXl4eI
  7. apparently photobucket is now asking for $39/month for hosting. Let's try Flikr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/153635287@N08/shares/G7af7E
  8. Great job Sail4beer! You are right on your comment about my boat. . I have used fiberglass rubbing compound on other older boats with heavily oxidized gelcoat . I have done 600 grit wet sanding on the bottom of a previous boat but it was painted with Interlux Performance Epoxy which I though was hard enough to hold up to sanding. Here is a pic from a previous boat detail- which is the reflection?
  9. I use the 3M line of products and a Porter Cable random orbital buffer, but I usually start with 3M Finesse- it II to smooth the surface , then a good polish like Meguiars then finish with a polymer coating like Rejex. That gives me a mirror finish that lasts about 6 months of regular use on my dry sailed boat. I use a foaming car wash gun and soap from The Chemical Guys in between detailing sessions which doesn't strip off finish. .
  10. I am attaching link for pics of jib inhaulers- has anyone tried them yet? http://fareast28r.com/world-championship-2017/important_information/
  11. When making my decision and ending up with my FE28R presently, the overriding quality that ended trumping every other consideration was this " Does it hop on plane easily ?" After having experienced what it is like to sail a true "sportboat" , non-planing or marginally planing boats. were out of consideration. I actually was much more successful at winning PHRF races when I raced a Colgate 26. Still, I think I have become a better sailor and understand rig tune, sail trim and boat handling better as a result of the change. Here are some of my observation for whatever use they may be to you: - I dont need anything inside the cabin in the way of creature comforts. You'll do better with a good tent on land near the yacht club. The inside of my FE28R is one big empty and I like it that way - A lifting keel is not that important- you still have to float the thing on to the trailer. - the bigger the cockpit the better- crew ergonomics and ease of access to controls matters - having to constantly be trying to find and keep good crew is a PITA - but a well crewed boat is a thing of beauty and worth the effort- - my personal preference is for outboard motor for ease of service , no diesel smell, etc. That limits boat size to max 30 feet - SA/D should be in the 30:1 plus range - retractable or fixed sprit and big ass assym kite OTOH - on bad days when I can't get crew I think about a big daysailor with teak and mahogany everything and self-tacking jib with all the controls led to winches by the 2 wheels at the stern that I singlehand with a drink in one hand
  12. Best for what? How small is small (assuming you want to consider all boats in this genre)? One Design or PHRF or both? How many crew can you count on to show up for every race? How comfortable are you under a kite in big wind? Will it be strictly for buoy racing or do you want some pleasure sailing or even overnighting? Are you going to trailer it to regional races?
  13. Great results for the Farr 25. What were the sailing conditions?
  14. Basic rig tune for a multiple spreader rig is described nicely by Ivar Dedekam in his book Illustrated Sail and Rig Tuning by Wiley Nautical. Center the mast - I use a metal tape measure from the mast top to the shroud bottoms with the shrouds hand tight only. Then set the rake using the forestay turnbuckle and upper shrouds so you have about 2 degrees rake. Then start tensioning the uppers to about 20 to 25 on Loos Pro guage . The exact amount depends on wind range of course but this is a good mid range. The lowers get about 70% of the uppers but that may be more if needed to make sure mast stays straight under load. Check the forestay sag with backstay on/off. Should be able to distort about 6 to 8 inches when off and be hard to move with backstay full on. Then the tedious task of fine adjustment of lowers and diagonals. Basically you want to try and bend the mast by pulling in on the uppers and checking that the mast is staying in column and not falling off or making "S" turns at the shrouds. This whole process takes 2 to 3 hours. Then go sailing in 10 to 12 kt winds and see if the mast stays straight when loaded. In higher winds the mast may fall off to lee a little but make sure it is not making an "S" anywhere. I didn't mention pre-bend- that has to be done to match your sail's cut so varies.
  15. Funny you should ask.....been eyeing those!!!