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  1. gjbike

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    Ok. You’re on (actually I remember now how fast that boat was- but it will still come down to crew skills)
  2. gjbike

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    Yes, that was terrible. Well-since then we have new crew and happy to say we have bested pretty much all of those boats sometime during the year. But I see we may be starting to form a new rivalry with those yankee carpetbaggers from up north. How about skipper of losing boat buys bottle of 18 yo single malt scotch for winner? So, do you feel lucky punk- we’ll do you?? ( in my best Clint Eastwood impersonation)
  3. gjbike

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    I don’t recall if we’ve sailed against one. Under ideal conditions we do about 6.2 kts upwind at 37 deg TWA for a VMG of 5.1. When you get it dialed in the boat definitely moves well.
  4. gjbike

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    As we would say down here: ” thems are fighting words!” :)
  5. gjbike

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    Nothing more than what other FE28R’s and other physically similar boats have been rated in other regions. PHRF and ORC/IRC certificates, and readily available online ratings.
  6. gjbike

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    Glad to report the PHRF committee was receptive to my appeal and my PHRF handicap is now 68.
  7. gjbike

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    Hull 85
  8. gjbike

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    I agree. Mine was a provisional rating being the first one imported to the US. There was no historical data to rely on. Now 2 years later there are several other FE28R's that have gone through the PHRF process and experience with my racing results relative to the other boats. I have prepared a 28 page appeal that is nothing but data to support my request . We'll see but I think I have a reasonable request supported by contemporaneous data.
  9. gjbike

    Front Page - scotw

    This place is what it is. There is nothing unusual about that pic being used on the front page. Whether pics like that grow or shrink the membership here is up for debate, but you don't have to visit here for long to know what the neighborhood is like. That works for some and not for others. There will never be a consensus as to what this site should be- the members are just too diverse for that. When I was a moderator on a motorcycle site it was clear you had a choice- use a large group of moderators to keep the site clean or have an anything goes approach. We chose to go the heavy handed moderating route and after letting a small group of members know they were not welcomed it went well. Some of those banned then started an anything goes site that didn't last long due to infighting. This place is has minimal moderating. For some it means freedom of speech and for some it will mean a high noise to info ratio. Either way it is what it is
  10. gjbike

    Light Air Form

    You know you are sailing very light airs when you have your crew crouched behind the cabin bulkhead to lower wind drag and are having to burn an incense stick and watch the smoke trail to determine wind direction! That is after you have removed everything from below not absolutely needed.
  11. gjbike

    Fareast 23R phrf rating

    My FE28R is definitely faster that a Melges 24 but not 50 seconds per mile. There are two other FE 28R's in the US with PHRF's of 72 and 75. I'm getting ready to petition my club to be raised to 73 from my present 54. I think 73 is a more realistic number. In a big wind long distance race with a long downwind leg maybe 54 can be reached but in the typical short W/L courses 73 is more like it.
  12. gjbike

    The little engine that could...

    It has taken some time to find out what rig tune and sailing style works best but in the end this boat has a lot going for it. In low wind only the dinghies can keep up with us . It will move in as little an 2 kts wind. Once you get in dialed in you can do 2.4 kts boatspeed in 2 kts wind on a beam reach. Upwind it will point as well as any boat out there but like most sportboats with high aspect foils you have to get keel biting first. It does best with less than 15 degrees heel which means crew of 5 or 6 hiking hard in anything over 8 kts wind. The boat will start to plane at 7 kts boatspeed which starts at 10 -12 kts wind downwind or even on a reach. It's very stable under the asym kite due to the large rudder- gives you plenty of warning when you are starting to broach so that you can muscle the boat under the kite usually, We are slightly faster than the J88 side by side downwind. I have an experienced driver now so we are almost always first to the line well ahead of the Melges 24, J92, J88, J27, Olson 30 , U20. We usually start 5 min behind the J22 fleet and can usually pass most of them of the second lap of our typical 1 mile W/L courses. We were given a provisional PHRF of 54 which is too punishing. A couple of FE28R's in the Northeast have been given a 71 which I think is more realistic. We will be asking our PHRF committee to reconsider. We still win often but I think a good portion of that is meticulous attention to sail trim, crew placement and staying in phase with the wind shifts. If you can get a PHRF of 71 or so you can be very competitive in a mixed fleet.
  13. gjbike

    The little engine that could...

    Probably so but I don't think new small 2 stroke engines are available in US due to emissions standards.
  14. When wind died at the end of some racing we towed 3 J22's ( one just pulled away) back to the marina. What is remarkable is that I have only a Yamaha 2.5 hp outboard on the back on my FE28R! It was slow but we made it!
  15. gjbike

    PTFE or McLube Hullkote?

    I really like Rejex as the last thing to put on after clean and polish buffing with a Porter Cable buffer. Lasts about 6 months for me. ( Polish does not have protection- need some king of wax or finish after polishing)