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  1. considering Cammas is as good manager as Coutts we can comfortably imagine there will be no Team France on the start of the AC35.
  2. What effective moves has the Cup made in marketing since Coutts took over? Well lets see, he sold his ideas and the people he wanted to execute them to Larry and Larry paid that bill, and he's seen nothing but red ink since to the tune of probably a couple of hundred million bucks. Was it great TV? Sure. Was it profitable TV for the guy writing the check? Nope. I don't personally care that AC 35 is going to happen in Bermuda. It was just a lame move trumped up by Coutts under the guise of better TV times for Europe. So what happens? He gets cute with legalese and tosses out the boat everyone has been designing towards and...oops I did it again. Pissed off the only guy in Europe with cash now who actually had a TV market that is interested in the AC. Ainslie is still under-funded, and even if he does make it, why would a smart marketer toss away a huge TV market like Italy? A smart marketer wouldn't. So...Bermuda wasn't really about marketing then, was it. No, it was about a cash grab from Bermuda, and a tax deal for guys like Coutts, who has the ability to pay himself whatever expenses he wants, but the likes of Joe Spooner, who signed a deal at the time before Bermuda was even a blip on anyone's radar gets shafted for the increased housing, and other, costs. I don't even care that Coutts is doing what he's doing with and for the money. Just stop fucking lying about it. I don't hate Coutts. I pity him for he is clearly weak. He thinks he's all that with his continually defensive posts on his FB page. It is sad to see a guy with so much talent fall so far. He has made himself wealthy by selling to a tiny market of billionaires. Good for him. But he also has no problem tossing his mates under the bus, and for that, he will eventually pay a big price. And by the way, yeah I did sail in San Diego a lot, but I lived in Newport Beach some of the time, spent summers on the Canadian shore of Lake Erie sailing in a really competitive one-design dinghy fleet, and sailed all over the place. Am I supposed to apologize because by accident of birth I had the opportunity to have some pretty incredible experiences in a wide variety of places, and sail with a lot of really great people, both as sailors and human beings? Have I paid the sport back for the benefit I was given? I'm pretty comfortable with my past, and ongoing contributions to the game. When was the last time you asked to borrow a Swan and organize a crew for the likes of Walter Cronkite so he could do the Ensenada Race? When was the last time you contributed anything to the sport other than hiding behind a screen name here and now defending the undefendable? You used to be better than this. But keep on keeping on with your idea of what you think marketing success is. I think everyone else here can see through Russell's charade. It is a shame the sport suffers as a result. cannot agree more
  3. it only takes coutts to give fisher some dollars to write a book on AC35 and bob will be happy. Bob is in the 19th century, but it is true coutts is nowhere. the french will not make it. maybe japanese. great trade against lr. poor russell, you are so lost in what you are doing it becomes pathetic.
  4. Frank Cammas is exactly like Coutts. Incredible sailor, ultra mediocre manager.
  5. Hoping on TF at the expense of LR is the most stupid move one can do. Only incapable managers such as Coutts can do so. TF is and will be nowhere. Hope they did not vote. If they did, what a joke.
  6. As much as I think he a wanker now, he's pretty much involved in design. He has the ability to get the designer to deliver what the sailors want/need. This doesn't change the fact he's a miserable manager and should resign and go away burning the dollars mattress Ellison made for him.
  7. Coutts used to be the best sailor in the world, but what we are looking at is the present AC. His arrogance and need to be recognised by the business world and refer to as CEO has delivered the results. Well... if we can call the mega failure AC34 is a result. He proved to be the worst manager you can imagine. He failed miserably where he wanted to excel. So the fact that he was a good sailor does not forgive his miserable acts.