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  1. If you monitor channel 16 the USCG will (sometimes) mention the approaching storm.
  2. gullwinkle

    Clipped Swan

    There is a mast going into the original mast. May be temporary for a delivery.
  3. gullwinkle

    Clipped Swan

    Just below the spreader there is some stuff by the tree line. Looks like foam or somethimg. That boat should have a double spreader rig.
  4. gullwinkle

    Farr 395 Questions

    Ask Barely Carefull?
  5. gullwinkle

    Eight bells
  6. gullwinkle

    Annapolis Performance Sailing - OFFICIALLY DEAD

    I worked at Wesr Marine in the early 90’s in Peabody. MA. The prices weren’t cheap but you only had to go to one store because we had it in stock. And if we didn’t we’d call around to our competitors to see if they had it and send them there. Tent sale in Newport, RI in September for foulies. 60% of at least.
  7. gullwinkle

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    Sailing nickname. Gull= seagull getting things for free, winkle= as in Bullwinkle AKA Mr. Know it all.
  8. gullwinkle

    What defines a true circumnavigation?

    I thought it was when you get your turtleneck cut off.
  9. gullwinkle

    From St Thomas

    The 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus?
  11. gullwinkle

    Greta Rides Again?

    Someone just ate a $120,000 banana. If it wasn't for Al Gore inventing the internet, none of us would be in this thread.
  12. gullwinkle

    Greta Rides Again? It's half and half. Like the kid in high school who either became a cop or a criminal.
  13. gullwinkle

    Forward Facing Sonar

    Ok I’ll bite Why?
  14. gullwinkle

    What's The Attraction To Sheltered Cockpits?

    This topic should be in cruising anarchy. Have the delivery crew bring the dodger and hook it back up. I have done a lot of racing and deliveries where I wish I could have a dodger,