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  1. All of the bare boats in the area are out of Newport
  2. skippertom

    Where’s the Cone?

    Totally random throwback question. Anyone know where the Cone is these days?
  3. skippertom

    VOR 2017-18

    I'm 90% sure he was referencing the Pete Burling story
  4. skippertom

    VOR 2017-18

    Anyone have any inside updates on the ex-Alvimedica guys and where they stand regarding funding?
  5. skippertom

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    From a stern radar tower camera, 04/05 race. You might like 1:00 to 1:10 for some splashiness. Longer version of the above video, with some longer speedy bits. See 3:45-4:20. Some other fun stuff in both of these, up on the boom when swinging, etc. Bruce, Any idea where Ocean Planet is these days?
  6. skippertom

    VOR 2017-18 Looks like Newport is back as the the US stopover for the next edition.
  7. youre even not guilty, maby shes away tommorow

    the saw maschine gun

  8. only human can do that mind to you

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