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  1. jez350

    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale?

    Apart from the mast break, what's wrong with Green Dragon? She seems to appear on Yachtworld for sale every 6 months...
  2. Yep it became Gusto. Someone on here advised she has gone to NZ..
  3. Does anyone have any pics of what Helsal II looks like now she's been cruisified? Keen to see how an old favourite is getting along today..
  4. fwoark, great pic of Buckleup! Awesome boat. She used to terrorise the inshore at the RPAYC. I think she now lives on a mooring in Hunters Hill...
  5. Many thanks for the info..
  6. Does anyone remember Bill Buckle's boat - "BuckleUp" that used to terrorise the inshore div at the RPAYC? That was a quick boat & wildly skiff looking for the day - '80s. What design was she?
  7. jez350

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    I think Varuna's the dark horse if she's entered..
  8. I'm hearin' ya DD!! I have a friend that lives nearby Innkeeper, which gives me an excuse to check on her. Man I wish someone would rescue her...
  9. I remember Newcastle Flyer - great boat. Love the Adams designs..
  10. She certainly was. I remember her just disappearing over the horizon after Apollo...
  11. Does anyone remember the boat STYX? Kind of looked like an Adams 10 but longer. I remember it in the Coffs Harbour race in '86. It followed Apollo all the way up the coast - it was quick.
  12. Wasn't she originally Sweet Caroline?
  13. Yeah I was interested in Rager too. Make an awesome cruiser and twilight boat. Unfortunately she's sold...
  14. I went on Rags some time ago for a dive package. She wasn't in too bad shape, albeit filled with dive gear up front. Man she was massive downstairs, forget how voluptuous those IOR girls were...
  15. Marishiten was an NM68 not an SC70. She lives up in the Pacific Northwest USA as Coruba. I believe she set the Swiftsure record for a while but I think Glory has beaten it since...