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  1. gwilcox

    Pair of Gunboat rudders up for grabs

    I dont have a gunboat but I need a lifting rudder. What is the length/chord and span(below the hull)?
  2. gwilcox

    Anchor Geekdom

    Thanks Sassafrass. Your observation that both the Rocna and the Vulcan need to be clean to set would indicate the Vulcan is more similar to the Rocna then the Spade. My Spade could be dropped with a ball of mud and set just fine anyway. Not that I did that much but I got away with it when I did.
  3. gwilcox

    Anchor Geekdom

    I have long been fascinated by this thread and want to compliment Steve on the hard work and quality results. It would be very interesting to test a Vulcan against the Spade. I wonder if anyone has tried this? The Vulcan looks a lot like a Spade but has enough features of the Rocna to make predicting performance difficult. Rocna says the fluke is just the same so that is troubling - but its not exactly the same. Also, it has large radii at the shank to fluke attachment. I had considered that to be a plus until now but hadn't considered it could pick up mud. One thing not discussed much here is the importance of tip weight. I dont know if its important but Spade puts a lot of stock in it. I noticed at the store that the Rocna and Vulcan are considerably different in this regard. I set some similar weight anchors on the floor at the store with the tips resting on my thumb. The Vulcan had about double the pressure on the GW thumb weight scale. I cruised for seven years around the Pacific with an aluminium Spade. I believe it only dragged once in a thin layer of sand over a hard coral situation. It kept the boat from disaster any number of occasions. The aluminium did not really hold up however. I went through two anchors due to wearing the welds away. Anyway, the next primary anchor will be steel and the lower price of the Vulcan is certainly attractive.
  4. gwilcox

    Time to talk hawse pipes

    I've had good luck with modeling clay as well. It packs around the chain well and is just sticky enough to seal. Comes off easily. Only issue was with cold weather. Could be quite a bit harder to form in cold weather. A block of it I used lasted for years. You can find it in the kids play section and it is also used for flower arranging. don't use playdough.
  5. gwilcox

    Bye Bye to AGM

    How often is "periodically"? I've killed several sets of batteries, Gels, AGMs, and floodded, by undercharging them. The AGMs were the worst in terms of lifespan so I can attest to this effect. Obviously I had an undersized charging system. The question is, what should I be doing?