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  1. That guy is/was a pistol for sure. I especially like "If you can see the tree you crash into; that's understeer. If you can hear it; that's oversteer."
  2. chester

    Daysailer for old people

    The 22 has an aft head worthy of the name.
  3. I am NOT going to stand in a crowd at the edge of the road, on a curve, with these guys coming at me.
  4. It does look like fun. It looks like it would be fun even at the speeds i would drive one!
  5. chester

    Random PicThread

    in the crimea, I bet Putin gets a suite on top when ever he wants.
  6. chester

    "National Cleavage Day"

    whoever, she's obviously happy to see me!
  7. chester

    "National Cleavage Day"

    nice mask!
  8. chester

    Hidden Hinge/Mortise and Cheap Drill Press

    i'm gonna buy a makita 1/4 compact in the next week or two. 1.25 hp $129 CDN at home depot
  9. chester

    It's coming, (winter)

    Ikon dope? I've been using Green Kings but shit is certainly coming together!
  10. My 2016 Ram 3.6 V6 has the 8 speed controled by a knobas described on the dash
  11. chester

    Random PicThread

    my older btothger ha a 160 SS and his buddye had the 150 dream
  12. chester

    Old sail or new sail?

    once you get to places? how about right now? HIAYA! Uncle Rodger can't believe you do this! HIAYA! You fuck up for sure.
  13. chester

    Daysailer for old people

    built in physical distancing! smart.