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  1. chester

    Mirage 27 Sailboat Review/Advice

    99.9infinity chance that that "appendage" is an OMC sail srive though
  2. chester

    If You Love dogs......

    16? She's lookin good! glad you guys have each other
  3. The goodness starts @7:26
  4. chester

    Random PicThread

    hell on earth in a picture perfect town...horrific tragedy
  5. chester

    What Have You Done Today?

    driving to southern ontario in the spring...really, really hope the border opens so i can take the "southern" routes. will have the camper and wwnt to come back through the upper penisula.
  6. chester

    What Have You Done Today?

    is the back of the chair on the left cut to the shape of a geographic feature or?
  7. chester

    Random PicThread

    she kinda looks like rosie perez
  8. Amanda...Amanda. Stick to the script people.
  9. click bait is king bait is king
  10. you can't sleep on the boat?
  11. chester

    Motorbikes you dream owning someday anarchy

    kevin spacey not cline but good movie, sound trach and driving scenes.
  12. chester

    Guy Lives In Airport for 3 Months

    yrah and they won't let you read with out a subscription! gonna have to track that down