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  1. Bob: Final overhang came in at around 43" on centerline, 3" more at each side.
  2. PS with this stupid new interface and editor, I now don't know how to edit typos and such in my posts, so you guys just have to make due. I'm an old fart and despise change, what was wrong with the old interface and editor??
  3. +1 on the bob is a PIA to work with. He is opinionated, stubborn, surly and temperamental when questioned by amatuers, and believes he knows better than everyone else. The problem is, he's right 99% of the time, so he's earned the right to be opinionated, stubborn, surly and temperamental with clients and to believe he knows best. As a client, you either come to love and accept that -- and have enough balls and passion to keep asking questions and advocating changes even while being scolded -- or you find a designer who will build you whatever piece of shit you think up. There are plenty of those designers out there, and they're looking for work. What I love about Bob is that he tells me to shut up and he has for two years. He tells me I am an amateur. He reminds me that I have sailed on maybe 10 or so boats in my life and he has sailed on hundreds. He tells me to let him design the boat, just tell him the outcomes I want. It takes guts to treat paying clients that way. And bob does it not because he has a big ego (ok, maybe you do Bob), but becasue in the end Bob wants the boat to be safe, fast and accomadte my familys needs. Thanks for posting the hull shot with the midget in it Bob, that ally helped with perspective and now Ms. ND is scared out of her minds out the size of the boat. "it's so HUGE, I never realized..." is not something a husband wants to hear while buildings a boat. In fairness,MIT is big, but boats look big out of the water and an empty hull always looks huge. for 61 feet, she's a narrow boat with LSW of around 45,000 pounds (50,000 DSW). Most cruisers this size are wider by a few feet and heavier. I have a friend with a Halberg Rassey 62. Same waterline length of about 50 feet but it's about 75,000 pounds and about two feet wider. That is jot a bad thing, but it matters in many aas. So yeah, our hull is big but it's all relative. I'm planning strip soon to PSC and will be reporting back soon and posting pics.
  4. As far as CATARI being on the PSC webiste, I believe they wanted to wait for some of the articles such as BWS to come out first, and to have the hull at the plant with photos, and then do a more formal rollout. There will be something in the near future on the site.
  5. Hello all, I'm back home and online. I confess I tried to log on a few times during the SA browser mess, and assumed it was my Ipad. It looks like that all has been worked out. I see Bob posted the pictures of half the hull mold rolling into PSC. That's pretty amazing. Both halves are now at the shop and will be joined this week; the deck mold arrives soon as well. Once those are in place, I'll make a trip down to PSC and spend the day with Steve. We have a list of open items and odds and ends to address. But mostly I want to go stand inside that huge empty hull and take photos. The shed its in is empty as it will be dedicated to CATARI. And there will be 2 web cams taking time lapse photos, some of which i will share, with PSC's permission. Sorry if we haven't been providing much boat building entertainment these past few months -- but as Bob and Rasp can attest, the team has been immersed in the very detailed drawings needed to complete the molds, arraneg all the deck hardware placement, depths and build ups, angles and small clearances and such. Not very fascinating to post about, and I confess that while I read all of what is sent and look at the painfully concise CAD drawngs and charts and table of stress loads, etc., I am only understanding 1/10th of what is now happening. I just tell Bob, the engineers and the team: "make it as strong as you can where it needs to be strong, then a little more so." I think they have been doing that, even at the cost a wee bit of weight. I promise that we will post more when there is more to say or decide upon. With summer here, I have placed things like interior layout changes, selections of woods, systems issues, wiringa dn elctrical, the stove/ranges, HVAC, NAVCOM electronics, ground tackle, sails, etc on a back burner -- but will be back at it again as the build progresses and the weather turns.
  6. Hey guys. I spent a few hours last night catching up on the CA posts from the past month or so. Sorry I've been off of CA so much - in case anyone cares. :-) I've been travelling a lot and when home making an effort to spend less time on my computer and Iphone. I've recently staged into retirement, and after years of being very connected with technology for my job, my friends, my personal affairs and my kids, this is and has been hard for me. But it's something I've committed to do. So I've been sailing more, traveling to visit old friends I'd lost touch with, getting my punch list of projects around the house done, catching up on a lot of books I'd always told myself I would read, and generally thinking about my next phase of life, what I want to do, and where I want to do it. CATARI obviously plays a big role in that. On the CATARI front, the project is moving along, still on schedule after 6 weeks. The hull mold is almost complete and will be in place next week, with the deck molds following soon after. We have a few pictures but they are hard to take because of the scale. We'll get some better ones in the next few weeks. Bob did a nice little write up for BWS that I was surprised to see while flipping through the current issue one night recently -- its sort of funny to see your boat in a magazine. I will be posting pics as the boat comes to look more like a boat, and I will share some decisions we've made about systems and equipment. As always, we'll ask for advice from WLYDO and others on CA. Lastly, as Bob mentioned, I got a sweet little 13' Penguin for my wife and daughter to practice sailing on. Problem is, I've been having way too much fun with it this summer to let either of them use it ... picture attached.
  7. You have a good eye to spot that. We agree. Bob.... never noticed it before but that small opening port at the forward end of the coachroof is perfect. My eye keeps moving between it and the dodger. That small touch gives a perfect harmony to all the heights and angles . I'm constantly amazed how often it's the little details that make a design . Things like the Frer's transom on the 90"s Swans and the deck facets on the C&C's.
  8. Fuck off. I think mixing elements well is an art. It isn't easy to do. I think it's been done well here. Congratulations. Why is that dodger window oval again? I remember some prior mention in which I think someone suggested that a larger, squarer window would provide more visibility and light and would look more like the rest of the boat. I think this individual was told to fuck off, that you like it that way. At the risk of being told to fuck off and that you like it that way, I have to say that in this rendering I agree with the prior comment. It's the only oval thing I see. It kind of looks funny. Hey, you guys asked for opinions!
  9. You mean the window on the aft house structure? That was never not oval. We like it oval. Congratulations. Why is that dodger window oval again?
  10. I actuaslly think they may be considering different configurations. Not sure.
  11. PSC and i have discussed teak grate lids not solid lids for the reasons you site. Probably with a mesh grate/bag at the bottom and drainage as you say. Details to be worked out later. How the hell big were your holes BV???!!
  12. Bob only lets me break ties anout 20% of the time. the other times he says it will endanger crew members or the intergity of the boat. :-)
  13. Good advice. I think with time everyone gets to know their own sail and system. The beauty of the preset is I think that you can take on a new crw member and its one less thing for them to worry about when reefing or helping reef. On boats I've sailed people just mark the vang lines witha sharpie ... but its always been marked in some way.
  14. The vang hydraulics will be ecletric but equiped with a manual override; we'll plumb in one of the manual pumps with a receiver for a handle. The pre-set for the roller furling feature only work swith the electric side, but we will have a good backup if we lose power.PSC has been discussing this with the vendors. My goal is to have everything that is electric installed with a manual backup. I have the system 50 Navtec as shown on the renderings, with the panel in stainless steel. I hate the look of black anodized aluminum. Are you considering the new "cam valve technology" by Navtec? Not sure what the benefit would be. Are you going with a manual pump for the vang hydraulics?
  15. We'll be using the winches for the stern anchor, which will have only a short legnth of chain and use an angel for bite. Its not ideal but there really isn't room to spare aft for a windlass and gypsy. In estreme cases where needed we can use a longer chain chain and lead it around.