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  1. Kim and Bob - FL is a real gem. Looking forward to the final splash test and your report on her first outing. Good luck!
  2. That pole barn thing works other places as well. In the county around a small town where my mother lived, they did not allow mobile homes. So a smart fellow built a pole barn and then storred two mobile homes inside it. Went up fast, satisfied the planners, and the trailers never had that ping, ping, ping sound when it rained. Pat
  3. Does that cove stripe go against a bright red backgound or a crisp white one? He asks with the grin of a kid in a candy store.
  4. So for a perfect marriage you need something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. You got the old now, and lots of new, what's borrowed - oh yes, the mast and the rudder - that leaves us with, what gets to be blue? Very nice shape, those ports be. But Kim it's kind of difficult to believe that both you and Bob agreed to add weight to Sliver. The romance of this decision is going to make a great scene in the movie. Pat
  5. HB - The SST hand holds are a great idea. Easy to clean and never have to oil, varnish or replace. The teak replacement is wonderful as well. A most excellent upgrade. They should have built it that way to begin with.
  6. I wish to offer sincere condolences to you for the loss of Catherine. The time spent with those who love you is precious indeed. I am convinced that you gave Catherine the greatest gift possible.
  7. Yes, you may; however I am a bit worried about how big the builder's plaque will have to be to contain this suggested name...... I know where this is going. We don't need no stinking plaque. Include the name script in the cove stripe design. With all the spaces between letters it will weigh less. That's a win. Anything for weight reduction, right?
  8. That is great news and wonderful to hear. The girls are pulling for you. Pat
  9. Kim - that plank looks like a great place to sit and give serious consideration on how to spend the next 20 years or so.
  10. Glad to hear the good news. Good to see the data shows the steps moving forward. Well done!
  11. Catherine - just wanted you to know that you are supported in your fight. Keep on doing it. Cheers, Pat
  12. Catherine - Best wishes, support and encouragement. Pulling for you every day.
  13. Wuss you may be, but you also have lots of company. Commuting in an open skiff for years = you've paid the dues in full. Wet is highly over-rated. Enjoy!
  14. MSG - My cousin said that it was very comforting for his doctor to hold his hand as he waited to go under for his port surgery. So maybe a virtual hand from all your supporters will help you too. You go Girl.
  15. Good Morning. Have another, please.