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  1. Jeebus, I've read some utter tripe on SA before but this about wins the prize. Ever hear of a learning curve? Example, a guy showed up last season with an Open 6.5 at our summer slogfest and finished DFL-1, DFL, DFL, DFl, DFL and then bagged it DNC DNC DNC. This was in the "Sportboat Class" (sportyatch, really). I guess they should just burn the Open to the waterline, huh? "Guys, if you don't get a podium spot in the first regatta you ever enter with a new boat, the boat's a dog! Get ridda the damn thing!!!" Be funny if it weren't so assinine. Did you read the owners report. It was his suggestion. Right after he apologised for entering his boat right after he said they sailed well and on polars with good sets and yet they were up to taking 50% longer than a M20, who also actually were in their first regatta as well and managed to win a heat. Looks like a fun boat, just doesn't belong in the sportsboat div.
  2. 5m WL??, I think Raptors WL is only 5.5m. so that is no excuse. DBSS is only 0.6m shorter than a Melges 20 with 0.5m more draft and a shit load more sail area, of course it will rate higher. Kite area is cheap, up hill gear is expensive. Look at a T7, big chute but they still rate ok. There are 2 things that are the biggest influences which are unrated. Ballast ratio and hull shape. You have to have a good hull shaper under your rig otherwise you can't sail to the rating. The i550 shape is shit. Sure easy to build but it is terrible, it will never be a fast boat. Wobble is on to it, cutup the hull and build a hick 6 or even better an Egan 6. Sounds like the excemption must of been provisional, and after that regatta is would be stupid if the ASBA allowed for a full excemption so if wobble wants to race sportsboat he will have to do something dramatic. Look at heat 4, M20 51mins i550 76mins, thats a lot to catch up
  3. KOJ, there's one advertised here, http://www.jervisbaysailingclub.com.au/new_page_6.htm and not too far away. I sailed one for 10 years, so if I can help ...... I'll be racing Sports boats at the HCW race GS, although there are not many entered even though it's listed on the ASBA website as a 'regatta'. At the moment there only appears to be 6 entered, and 3 of them I don't think are measured SMS? But you'll correct me I'm sure. Maybe more will enter soon eh? But if ASBA members won't support one of their own 'recommended' regattas, why would I bother with SMS? I just bought the boat for a bit of fun with my kids, you know what that's like don't you? Fun? PS. I apologise for my grammar and spelling errors, but I used to own a Mac26 ........ There is no metion of SMS or ASBA in the NOR of th HCW, so why would the sportsboats turn up to race a mixed fleet event when they could go do a race that will have an SMS division lke the St Helena cup. States in the NOR there is an SMS div. Sportsboats sailors like to race other sportsboats simple and go where they have a division
  4. http://www.elliott-marine.com/e5.9.html Elliott website says it is a trailer bucket. It weighs twice what Shorty weighs which is over 10 years old. What is it with all these TS owners wanting to be called a sportsboat. The ATYSBA not working out for all.