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  1. There is a written report from a sea captain. I doubt minutes and seconds got confused. Commercial skippers with illuminate their bow and forward cargo all the time at night to help another boat figure out where they have put themselves. Horns are usually the last panic hopeless effort. If the Navy was blacked out maybe the container just new something was on the water but not what was ahead and to port? Note: At the point of contact the Navy would have been well below that massive cargo bow.
  2. Until the boat is in dry dock the damage will be hard to understand. The Fitz may just be split open like the Titanic. The Fritz most likely heeled even rolled on impact then spun to try and get herself free or out of the way of the impact pressure. One thing in certain the reenforced leading edge of the container ship is ripped open from impact(s).
  3. A proper ships safe turning diameter is 3-4 boat lengths. That translates to a ship should be able to avoid a fixed position two boat lengths off the bow. One day we will hear what the coarse, speed, and actions were on the navy bridge. The guys who lost buddies will not keep their mouth shut.
  4. Actually the Navy would have at least two rated and certified for the duty at their post. One with both hands on the helm both eyes on the compass. A second junior assistant with her hands on the throttle communication and eyes on the revs. Others are assigned overlapping angles on the other side of the windows do watch and report. If you are supposed to look out the window. Your post and position is on the other side of the glass so you can see and hear. No one is talking on who the OD was or the senior officer on duty.
  5. I remain surprised it did not take one or both vessels backing down to separate the wrecked beast. Maybe the container skippper does not want to tell this part of the story that night. Aboard the Crystal they were clueless anything happened until a junior engineer went to the bow responding to a water alarm. Enter your favorite Subic Bay vocab here.
  6. No one hailed Starboard in this one either....
  7. A high def mated pair: Images courtesy of the Navy. The real damage on the USS Fitzgerald is below the water. Glancing blows do not penetrate like that. Glancing blows are not isolated like that. The damage is push aft not forward like you would see from an overtaking vessel.
  8. Here is another image showing the large hole and big damage to the leading edge of the bow. The stuff up top is superficial stuff that occurred after the Big Box slammed into the hull of the USS Fitzgerald. The overhand went over the top of the low profile USS Fitzgerald.
  9. USS Evans T-Boned by an Australian Helo Carrier in 1969. The front did fall off, roll, and sink in minutes.
  10. There were multiple points of impact. The bulb was likely first pivoting the destroyer out of the way, then the leading edge of the bow, then the upper parts of the bow going into the higher decks of the destroyer. I suspect there was the feel of great violence from stem to stern of the USS Fitzgerald. Enough violence that the crew first went to guns thinking they were under attack. Note the forward most hole and damage on the leading edge of the keel.
  11. Not "tin can" destroyers. They are built to turn and be fast. One to not get hit, two to put themselves between harm's way and the capital ships like our carriers. Speed, maneuverability and the ability to destroy the threat before the threat does any harm. In this case the destroyer crew demonstrated complete and total failure.
  12. The US Navy is always supposed to have real people properly dressed, rested, and fed assigned overlapping angles to scan and watch 360. If the officer of the deck did not have real live bodies rated for the duty and in position he fries. CIC is always tasked to sit in the dark with all their tools and track everything 360. The Navy already knows the fact that anything got close with the skipper in his cabin is complete and total failure for the entire command. This was a $1.8 Billion set of tools and weapons with 300 people to do the duties.
  13. Even if he did the CO and OD at a minimum get fried for allowing the vessel anywhere close to them. The vessel of the armed forces was hazarded/put in jeopardy in a certain manner The accused wrongfully, willfully, or negligently caused the vessel to or permitted the vessel to be jeopardized, through certain acts or omissions Just like the bottom the complete naval chain of command is held accountable to avoid other vessels.
  14. Nah... the millions and months will have to be spent to make the shit roll uphill, downhill, and sideways all at the same time. The first list will be what jobs were supposed to be done. Then who were the sailors at every conceivable rank and rate that failed somehow to meet those duty tasks. A few years ago the Navy canned a flat top skipper who found and reacted to a wooden dhow in front of him on a dark night during flight operations. In this case a long list of Navy Officers missed a 1,000 foot beast piled high with crap. Failed training Failed oversight Failed supervision Failure to execute assigned orders and duties resulting in negligent hazarding of the crew and ship. No one in the bridge, CIC, or the chain of command signing off on any training or ratings will escape the shit storm.
  15. The watches on both ships must have been preoccupied elsewhere. That is the only explanation for neither one of the boats sounding the collision alarms and danger signals. There are many on the US Navy vessel who know what the distraction was. The container ship with much smaller watches may have only a couple who know what the distraction was. It could be as simple as a telephone call to home. The fact that no one is talking speaks volumes. There is no plausible explanation outside of direct dereliction of duty and negligent ship hazarding.