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  1. PurpleOnion


    When the doctor told me I was bipolar, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. - Jimmy Carr
  2. PurpleOnion

    Drum solo's

    Perhaps you should listen to the solo runs from 2:40 to about 4:13. You might just hear a tuba or a trombone taking the lead.
  3. PurpleOnion

    I'm your Captain (aka Skipper)

    I witnessed something similar that wasn't handled as well by the instructor. The wife was an average student and picking things up at a normal pace. The husband wasn't quite as good/quick. However the husband would get nervous and to quell his nerves would direct the wife or even grab the tiller. I guess feeling in control quelled his nerves even if he was the wrong person to be in control. The instructor finally noticed and tried to work around it with positioning, but was not nearly as effective as you.
  4. PurpleOnion

    Once upon a time

    The Filthy Critic was not so kind. You can read his immature yet insightful review here: http://www.millbankusa.com/filthycritic/ A quote from the review: "I don’t care how accurate or meticulous Once Upon A Time’s trip down Hollywood’s 1950s and 1960s memory lane is. (The level of detail would make a dude who paints Dungeons and Dragons figurines blush.) ... I give a shit when those details matter, when they enhance to a story. Here, there barely is a story"
  5. PurpleOnion

    Screw the health care industry

    We'll see when my time comes, but I have no desire to become a pin-cushion gravy train for the medical industry so that I can extend my life (in a miserable way) while they enrich themselves. I'm not saying I won't take morphine or similar to ease the trip towards the inevitable, but that $650k will be better used by my beneficiaries than the medical industry.
  6. PurpleOnion

    Random PicThread

    Not racist, but hearing stories from a culture where wife beating is, at best ignored, more commonly accepted and in some cases condoned, you hear things that more or less support your statement of masculine fragility and fear. Situations where a man chokes his wife for some perceived offense, then loses his mind when her nails dig into his arms as he's choking her. His response being to step back and shout that he will call the police on her. From the outside, you have to wonder how he would explain to the police that he sustained a small scratch while choking his wife nearly to death and expect the police to cart her away instead of him. But a little further thinking points to the massive fragility and a few other depressing attributes.
  7. PurpleOnion


    While we're at it ... I ran 3 miles today. ... Then finally I said "Lady, take your purse!!!"
  8. PurpleOnion


    Right up there with:. I remember the last words of my uncle ..... A truck
  9. PurpleOnion

    Neighbor Feuds- whatya got?

    There's always this classic from the late 90's. http://fac.comtech.depaul.edu/amuniz/RRNA1/
  10. PurpleOnion

    Best 2-up beercan racer

    Ultimate 20 does well with 2 reasonably capable sailors.
  11. PurpleOnion


    Suzy Cream cheese.
  12. PurpleOnion

    Caption Contest

    He told me if I wore the white hat I would be his number one boy, but there he is chatting up that young chippy ... and he's showing him the thumb maneuver! I thought that was our secret pleasure!. Is that a hickey below is right ear? I'm so embarrassed. I feel so used.
  13. PurpleOnion

    Wise Words

    Unfortunately, the levers available to parents and the behavior of parents has shifted. A retiring school principal said to me that the kids haven't changed, the parent have. Early in his career you would tell parents "Johnny did/didn't do X" and when Johnny came back the next day he could barely sit down due to the lashing he got. At the end of his career the same statement met with pushback, deflection, and even accusations of teacher/school failure. Maybe 10 year ago, a passive aggressive son of one of my friends was denied something over the weekend and when a teacher asked why he was sulking, he said that his dad hit him. Dad and Mom were called in under suspicion of child abuse and threatened with the possibility of taking the kids away, etc. etc. Keep in mind this was over something that never happened. No physical evidence of abuse. Getting back to the wise words theme. Who can argue with an attorney, like the one from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? As your attorney I must advise you that you'll need a very fast car with no top and after that, the cocaine. And then the tape recorder, for special music, and some Acapulco shirts.. As your attorney I advise you to drive over to the Tropicana and pick up on Guy Lombardo. He's in the Blue Room with his Royal Canadians. As your attorney, I advise you to tell me where you put the goddamn mescaline. As your attorney, I advise you not to worry. As your attorney, I advise you to take a hit out of the little brown bottle in my shaving kit. You won't need much, just a tiny taste. As your attorney, I advise you to drive at top speed, it'll be a god damn miracle if we can get there before you turn into a wild animal. As your attorney, I advise you to buy a motorcycle. How else can we cover a thing like this righteously?
  14. PurpleOnion

    Wise Words

    or worse - getting both when she moves her mother a few years after marriage. that maneuver and a thousand others probably warrants another thread on marital surprises or premarital misinformation.
  15. PurpleOnion

    Wise Words

    Accidents make people.