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  1. PurpleOnion

    Movies I've Rewatched due to Covid-19

    Trying not to repeat the good ones above. Arthur - the original, not the awful remake Now Voyager Jesse Stone series - surprisingly good set of films that were either straight to DVD or TV movies Unforgiven Heist Sullivan's Travels Being There Rear Window Zero Effect Gran Torino Bad News Bears Big Lebowski Nobody's Fool Fresh - the 1994 version Spartan 29th St Bad Santa Sneakers Caddyshack House of Games Notorious - The Ingrid Bergman / Cary Grant one The Thin Man Miller's Crossing Double Indemnity
  2. PurpleOnion

    Happy St Paddy's day

    Add the city wide construction shutdown and you have even more people with time to contemplate the above while consuming a few dozen pints. Anarchy will surely follow.
  3. PurpleOnion

    Harvey goes down.

    Bubba says if you want to make it in this place, you'll need to establish a friendship with him. and this is what he does with his friends. Sorry. I only listened to one recording where he creepily talked to a target about needing his friendship to make it in the industry. I'm sure there's better material out there.
  4. PurpleOnion

    NYYC Manhattan campus

    Exactly. Wrong city for that kind of attitude. Unless you think cement shoes are fashionable.
  5. PurpleOnion

    What's the Next Lyric

    she's a dirty young mind...
  6. PurpleOnion


    I was heading to that place as well and stopped at the same place you did for lunch. When the waiter brought our food out, he had is thumb pressed deeply into my steak. I said "would you mind taking your thumb out of my steak?". He looked at me strangely and said "what? and let it fall on the floor again?"
  7. PurpleOnion

    Fareast 19R

    The U20 has been around for 25 years and is a solid, strong, well behaved, fun to sail boat that meets the requirements listed in the original post. Cost will be below $20k, possibly below$15k depending on the boat. Before continuing the U20 commercial, what are looking for in addition to what the original poster asked about? Along those lines, what are you looking to avoid?
  8. PurpleOnion

    So called "wicking" polyester shirts??

    Various sport washes helped but never fully did the job. At the time, Penguin Sports wash was the best I found. In the end, I just reverted to cotton t-shirts. Despite the UV protection they're not supposed to not have, I never burn under the shirts and am many shades lighter than my SPF 50+ coated arms and legs. This is in NYC area sun and temps.
  9. PurpleOnion

    Moovie Review Threade

    Filthy gave it 3 fingers. His review is fairly good and calls out some interesting issues. As with most of his reviews, skip the first 2 paragraphs of puerile humor if you're not into puerile humor. http://www.millbankusa.com/filthycritic/
  10. PurpleOnion

    Hacking a DVD player Region Code

    I don't know if you want to go through this effort but many years ago when I converted my DVDs to files so I could store them on and play them from a NAS, I'm fairly certain the converter software allowed you to change the region code for the copy. It was a while ago, but I think the program I used was called DVD shrink.
  11. PurpleOnion


    Not a joke but humorous, if not creepy. Here's the scenario: Walk into a conference room at a client's office one morning. The display in the room has a Netflix screen saver running Co-worker says "what's this? I'm not touching this. Grabs a tissue, leans down, a pulls up a bottle of lotion with the top unscrewed Another co-worker suggests looking at the Netflix username and then viewing history. Last viewed show is "Sex Education" Everyone decides to find a different conference room, but not before snapping the attached photo of the crime scene.
  12. PurpleOnion

    shipping sport boat SF to NY

    That's a decent price. I paid that much to ship a U20 from Anacortes, WA to NYC and that was with the benefit of having found another person needing a boat delivered from Boston to somewhere near Anacortes so he had a 2-way fare. At the time, I calculated the costs of driving my Amigo from NYC to Anacortes and back and it made complete sense to pay for someone else to pull it cross country. He put my boat and trailer on a flatbed. Look into the cost of doing it yourself and include: vacation time from work, gas, tolls, hotels, food, etc. and $3,500 may seem reasonable ... or not.
  13. PurpleOnion

    Cordage in 2020 - best US vendor

    Being old and having ridiculous values that capitalism condemns, I would prefer to buy from smaller shops with educated staff as opposed to the few "walmarts" of this small industry. I tend to buy from Defender and Fisheries Supply. I will check out westcoastsailing.net and would appreciate any alternatives.
  14. PurpleOnion

    MLB 2019

    Somehow Stevie Wonder escaped, but the guys right below him took the hits. If I were Beltran, I'd be worried. Stevie won't fire him, but he'll make sure any investigators are sent directly to Carlos and that said investigators are well aware that Stevie had no knowledge of Beltran's actions.
  15. PurpleOnion

    Trans-Siberian RR anarchy

    Does anyone actually have first hand knowledge of the kidney extraction game? I remember the stories from the mid-90s. To quote Hammett "My face doesn't scare children, but it's a more or less truthful witness to a life that hasn't been overburdened with refinement and gentility." In other words, I'm ugly enough that if a good looking woman is hitting on me in a hotel bar, I realize that a payment is involved - direct cash, bodily, or other. Regarding Vodka, having dated a fine lady from Minsk, both the father and the brother needed to validate my worthiness through a vodka session. Luckily that was when I had a 24 year old liver and I survived. Maybe 12 years after that a young Russian gentlemen was transferred into my group. After dinner with a client, he suggested we grab a few beverages. It slowly become clear that he wasn't comfortable working for someone who couldn't drink at least as much as him. What got me through that night was the aforementioned realization and the strategy of inserting pints of Guinness and drams of Scotch into the rotation when it was my turn to order. They put him off balance somehow and he (misinterpreted) it as some kind of tolerance superiority. He then worked like crazy and collected many raises and promotions. If the above doesn't get me flamed, I'll add that I never fully understood Vodka. I understand and enjoy getting inebriated, but I also enjoy the flavor, taste, and experience of most forms of alcohol (red wine, beer, Scotch, bourbon, and a few others). I don't understand a drink where the goal is to not have taste. That said, my current boss has a similarity my former employee. He's not comfortable with people that don't consume similar quantities of booze ... and he drinks vodka. When trapped at events with him, slipping in a well made Manhattan or a pint of Guinness has managed to provide me some reprieve and get him off my back.