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  1. Seascape 18 outboard

    Very good motor. The largest issue, which likely applies to most small outboards, is NEVER use fuel with ethanol. The ethanol gums up the carb and makes your life a misery. One season I cleaned the carb extensively and had good results. The next season, I bought a new one it's run great ever since. Very little maintenance. The air cooling is a plus: easy to work on outside of the water, I can warm it up prior to launching, etc.. Others will likely disagree, but I'm not a huge fan of the centrifugal clutch. Most of my issues stem back to when the carb was gummed with ethanol and the clutch would engage while I was trying to keep the damn thing running.
  2. Joke

    That reminds me of the infamous ... How do you know your dad is gay? . . . When his dick tastes like shit.
  3. GPS Spoofing

    The phrase that has stuck with me for a long time is "when you think conspiracy, believe incompetence". It's rarely been wrong.
  4. Whiskey Anarchy

    Scotch is like blow jobs. There's no such thing as a bad one - just some are better than others.
  5. Whiskey Anarchy

    If you're in NYC get some no 77 rye from brueckelin distilling. It's sold at astor wines and other places listed on their website. Also, the absolute best perfect Manhattan you'll ever have can be found at the side bar of Le Zie on 20th St Thursday and Friday nights. I have not found a better one anywhere in the country. She uses Templeton rye but has a few other tricks. That drink has brought many good things into my life: sex, potential wife candidate, closed large business contracts, made new business contacts, and is one of the few things on the planet that makes the world tolerable.
  6. Whiskey Anarchy

    For those with some interest, this article is excellent. As is the handy chart. https://www.gq.com/story/bourbon-whiskey-family-tree
  7. Whiskey Anarchy

    You've probably tried it, but it's worth revisiting Aberlour's A'bunadh. It varies slightly from year to year - hence my suggestion about trying it again. There's a story about workmen finding an old bottle from the late 1800's when building a new still on the property - or something like that. Some scoff at adding water, but it's cask strength and I think the water opens a little more flavor - as well as keeps me standing up longer. For the individual looking for a mid-priced whiskey, Cardhu 12 is similar to Aberlour and often lower cost. It was purchased by the Diageo cartel in the early 2000's and they messed around a little and I couldn't buy it any more. Around 2008, I started seeing on shelves in the US again. Someone said it was due to Spain's financial woes as they were the largest importer of the good stuff, but that may just be conjecture. Regardless, Aberlour A'bunadh and Cardhu are typically present in my home. Try the Aberlour 18, Aberlour A'bunadh with/without water, and Cardhu and see which you like.
  8. FP Anarchy kicked out of race

    Are you suggesting that he take responsibility for developing a positive solution and not just whine about things that others do? Even worse, it seems that you're suggesting that he put in the time, effort, and stress of running a regatta and then dealing with various wackos and yahoos who badger you and speak ill of you in public forums - thereby dragging you away from the tasks associated with running a good regatta. Madness!
  9. Seascpe Skunkworks - rumours

    Interesting. Keep the updates coming.
  10. Cheap Bastard Anarchy

    Pool noodles make very good low cost bumpers for boats with rolled joints for hull and deck. You could probably run a line through one and use it as a hanging bumper as well.
  11. Reasonably priced 24-28' with a trailer for a novice

    The most creative solution I've heard for this was to buy an old school dymo label maker. The kind that punches raised letters into a tape-like label. Then create a reasonable VIN with the label maker and apply to the trailer. Then place a paper over it and run a pencil over it and submit to the DMV as a sample taken from the trailer. Your mileage and luck may vary, but consider that few DMV employees are overly motivated and just need to check enough boxes to get you out of their face.
  12. espo is a dick

    That's not all she does...
  13. what is it?

    Agreed. And I'm only being bitchy because I want to see that thing fly.
  14. Which mid range receiver/speakers for house

    Things have changed a lot in the last 20 years. Lots more to consider and the "cheap" stuff is significantly better. Things you need to worry about today include how many HDMI ports, what version of HDMI, upscaling for lower quality video sources, the quality of the DSPs, what devices will be providing the content, how much, if any, of the receiver's features will you really use, what does the app look like, is it on android/iphone/.., will you send digital content direct to the receiver or through an HTPC or xxx, etc. It's a pain to navigate and some choices nullify the benefits of other choice and the you'll feel foolish for spending money on features you won't use instead of on a higher quality amp or speakers. When frustrated with all that, buy something and it will likely be fine. As mentioned above, the "cheap" stuff is very good now. The Yamaha Aventage series have performed well and are 4-ohm stable. The 4-ohm part is important if you want to try speakers like these: http://www.magneplanar.com/
  15. Single handed mast raising gear?

    Apologies if this is one of the videos you've looked at, but it may be worth your time to reach out to this guy. He may be able design and build something similar for you.