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  1. Well, at least this one made it out of the shed before the owner lost interest,,,
  2. My newest project

    In some weird turn of events she was told that she would be the winner. The interesting thing is that a great deal of the correspondence concerning this contest has been collected and preserved. I looked at the file. I read letters from the committee members. One letter says something like, "We can't let this get out" meaning her guarantee as the winner. Sounds like present day, doesn't it Longy
  3. If you're still in the hunt position you might check out the Peterson designed Deerfoot advertised in the So Cal Log. <john.fradkin@gmail.com> Has good gear and great condition and could be ready to go without much work. Don't be put off by the length, likely no harder to sail doublehanded than a 45' - 50' catamarangue.
  4. Hope this isn't a modern day Donald Crowhurst,,,,
  5. Help Plan our Australian East Coast Cruise

    There's a wonderful wooden boat festival in Hobart first week of February 2017 followed by an organized cruise around the island if you're so inclined. Southern Tasmanian weather is usually wonderful February through early May, though you can often have a hiccup with a cold spell. Port Davey on the south west coast is fabulous, but it can be a bit of a challenge getting past SW Cape.
  6. Baffling boats

    sorry, I didn't get it at first
  7. Baffling boats

    Bob Perry "I know for a fact, that this will be more fun for me than a week cruising on that nice boat. I'd just sit there thinking , "Fuck! When can I get back to designing." Did that come out right?
  8. CATARI comes along at Pacific Seacraft

    The Kardashian sisters?
  9. Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    About 8 yards of concrete in the bilge would fix it
  10. Coolboats to admire

    Bob, Rowena was Barry Stephen's yacht and before that she belonged to Dennis Reigler whom you knew at Sparcraft.
  11. My newest project

    K1Wi's have Kauri, Tasmanians have Huon
  12. Coolboats to admire

    Ol Fart, she's called KITE. Built by Hugh in a sandstone building down the street from the Empire Hotel. Hugh used to have his shop there. He often has coffee at Jackman and McRoss on Hampden Road with Lee Stevens, so one of the waitresses might know his whereabouts. Also a member of the RYCT so could be traced at the front desk. Rob

    Going to sea in any conditions inside the living room (as in GB 55) seems like a recipe for disaster. How can a deck watch possibly be expected to have any feel for the real wind and sea condition from inside the enclosure, likely on autopilot with sheets cleated or in self tailers? The Nantucket rescue is attracting much deserved criticism, and it seems to me these "experienced" sailors took the same risks, albeit, in what is claimed to be an unsinkable catamaran that may well have sunk. And we now have criticism discouraged.
  14. Coolboats to admire

    AFAIK there are three of those 41' BK ketches. All are cold-molded. The first was Bruce's boat Unicorn launched in 1976, built by Gil Iwamoto and finished out by Driscoll. The second is called Mentor, launched in 1981 and built by Jim McClelland in Kenora, Ontario. She's been trucked out to BC and back to Kenora a couple of times. The third one was launched in 1991, originally called Daybreak, re-named Warm Rain II by the Mate's in 2000. Her hull was built in California and then trucked north for completion by Jim McClelland after he moved shop to Duncan. Thanks Tad, a fifth one was built in Hobart by Andrew Wardrop, not sure where she is now. The pictured ketch is Unicorn, currently named Maggie Wadsley (or similar) but current owner indicated a rename back to Unicorn was pending. She's looking pretty good, some cosmetics need attention but overall in fine condition. The 46' done for Hugh Wardrop certainly draws inspiration from Unicorn, but is a completely separate and all new design. I made all the drawings for her in 1988. Wardrop46.jpg Nice work Tad

    What's the consensus about the rocket still floating? Speed = Storm Avoidance The ultimate safety feature is pure speed. Sail around storms. If a storm is unavoidable, safety is derived from the ability to surf sideways. With daggerboards up, the round bottom hulls will skate sideways along waves, and the long high bows offer tremendous reserve buoyancy. We believe mega catamarans are the safest platform for surviving the worst weather. Ultimate Buoyancy Six water-tight bulkheads, and a carbon reinforced underbody make flooding very unlikely. The composite laminate’s foam core acts as the ultimate reserve buoyancy.