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  1. Norm

    Baltic 45 custom

    seemed to address the bathroom issue very well....bit light on the cooking and eating facilities
  2. Norm

    REO 770 starts production

    I am assuming trailerable ball park figure $$
  3. Norm

    where is it?

    interesting view of modern underwater shape - appear quite flat particularly aft. i guess going up wind it is always heeling making a V shape to the water
  4. Norm

    safety first

    hate to be his teenage daughter growing up ... she would have had a lot of clothing on
  5. Norm

    What to eat ? 4 day regatta

    thanks - All good,. rum - sailboard/dinghy regatta with lunch breaks - race course was close to club. didn't vary too much from usual - club had good lunches - meat and salad rolls cheers
  6. Norm

    What to eat ? 4 day regatta

    thanks zonk - sailboarding
  7. Norm

    Smart Watch

    any thoughts on apple watch specifically. I am low end user - just want a countdown for starts on dinghy. As an aside i will also use as bike compute and i like the model which allows me to use as phone which is handy when don't want to take whole phone - i understand charge time can be restrictive.
  8. Norm

    Wooden boats thread

    Flamingo looks nice. in fact all great - looks like a peter cole 40 in background - i think there i s one for sale now but - what sort of boat is in far background with flags down backsaty ?
  9. Norm

    J97 Tuning Hints

    Race with 7 min ? are they tender ?
  10. Norm

    Kids on a 16 foot skiff

    Vee Ess ? - 3 people smaller boat one rig 16 with small rig - older cheap one would always be repairing and as above poster say not light to carry need three adults - especially getting out of water to answer your question - i think too much of handful for 16 at the current age
  11. Norm

    Coolboats to admire

    Nice boat KDH - i think i will use your model of ownership.. .. what is it ?
  12. Norm

    Coolboats to admire

    i like the hood 32 - bit exxy for me though
  13. Norm

    Coolboats to admire

    why is dorade in brisbane ? actually google has the answer
  14. Norm

    Something different for CA

    Bob - why did you go for Beam of 10.7 ? Why not 12 - 13 which would stlll be a narrow boat but give a little more interior ?
  15. Norm

    Coolboats to admire

    what sort of boats are they on the front page ...Sweetness in France