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  1. Kids on a 16 foot skiff

    Vee Ess ? - 3 people smaller boat one rig 16 with small rig - older cheap one would always be repairing and as above poster say not light to carry need three adults - especially getting out of water to answer your question - i think too much of handful for 16 at the current age
  2. Coolboats to admire

    Nice boat KDH - i think i will use your model of ownership.. .. what is it ?
  3. Coolboats to admire

    i like the hood 32 - bit exxy for me though
  4. Coolboats to admire

    why is dorade in brisbane ? actually google has the answer http://dorade.org/2017/07/27/press-release-dorade-arrives-in-australia/
  5. Something different for CA

    Bob - why did you go for Beam of 10.7 ? Why not 12 - 13 which would stlll be a narrow boat but give a little more interior ?
  6. Coolboats to admire

    what sort of boats are they on the front page ...Sweetness in France
  7. Butt Hurtt from FP

    what sort of boat is that ?
  8. Open Bic Australia

    sons been saiiing bics for 5 years in nsw - its not my experience of bevan and bic Take your gripe up with the association - not on the net
  9. repair windsurfer one design

    i had a look at board lady - she does great work, i couldnt see polyethylene repair though OK sounds like g flex - many thanks,
  10. i have acquired an original one design which i use to sail many years ago. they are made form polyethylene which is hard to repair once cracked. apart form a 3 inch crack in the underside everything is complete- hardly been used what is best way to repair crack - plastic welding sounds good but doesn't seem to last - any suggestions ? i was actually thinking of putting epoxy or sikaflex in small air bubble then Sikaflex or glue a a thin sheet of aluminium ( or plastic) as patch - it would be proud but hopefully the plate would stop the plastic from cracking ?
  11. Scow by Thomas Tison

    yep reminds me of an Australian moth 60's/70's a modern version would be intersting
  12. I'm in Oz - we don't do a lot of meat smoking like you guys - I got a weber A few basics first - I'm a novice - I want to do ham for Xmas I put the raw pork in freezer until I brine don't I and then brine leading up to Xmas ? We don't have big fridges
  13. I bought a pig I Didn't really know what I was doing and I've about 60 kgs in meat coming my way. What's best way to make ham from leg pork ?? Amy other suggestions ??
  14. what is it?

    ironic that this is brought to you by stuart knockabout .....couldn't get two more different boats.
  15. Great start, keep us posted k8