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  1. austin1972

    What happened to all the dump trucks?

    They're synonymous, I guess.
  2. austin1972

    good laugh for the day

    Soupy chili is disappointment in a bowl.
  3. austin1972

    good laugh for the day

    Try adding some Cascabel, California and New Mexico chilies. I boil and puree them, adding beef broth to desired consistency. Give it a shot. A little pork sausage and lime (lime at the end) works good too!
  4. austin1972

    Who have you been mistaken for?

    I was mistaken for a smart person. Got me a job. Fake it 'till you make it!
  5. austin1972

    Rap/Hip Hop

    No. It was on the Warner Brothers property. Like I said, I'm just a dumbass project manager. I have no real knowledge or talent. I'm good at organizing and getting stuff done but that's about it.
  6. austin1972

    Rap/Hip Hop

  7. austin1972

    What happened to all the dump trucks?

    That's what it is - shipboarded fir.
  8. austin1972

    Rap/Hip Hop

    I'm a project manager. I schedule and organize stuff, and make sure it goes smoothly. Everyone is my bitch until something goes wrong. Then I'm a punching bag.
  9. austin1972

    What happened to all the dump trucks?

    Yeah, nail guns don't work on the farmhouse. 1851.
  10. austin1972

    Rap/Hip Hop

    Full disclosure - I was involved in this one.
  11. austin1972

    Rap/Hip Hop

    If you're going to do this, do it right.
  12. It is a science -the dismal science. Economics does a good job with scarcity but that's really about it. I have a degree in it as well as art history (the latter being a mistake; it was just interesting). They're about equally useful with the farm and being a project manager in digital marketing... The former works well for the former. The latter is just enjoyment when I go to the Art Institute or the Oriental Museum. The MMA doesn't do it for me nor did the Louvre. I guess it helps a little with the graphic design side.
  13. austin1972

    Terrified police shoot and kill unarmed dog

    I grew up with Airedales; my Mom bred and showed them. They were usually cool with people but one of them would get turned off by certain people. I just assumed they were picking up on something. I have German Shorthairs. I swear they'd just show an intruder around the house.
  14. austin1972

    Terrified police shoot and kill unarmed dog

    My buddy is a mailman and dog lover. His biggest issue is with bees. In grade school, I got bitten by a standard poodle. One of our dogs was in heat and I think that was the cause. Darn thing wrecked my favorite jacket but got me out of school for the day.
  15. austin1972

    Worlds most expensive Home Stereo ?

    I had Advent Legacy speakers. They were pretty good. edit: I was moving and just didn't want to deal with moving my sound system, so I gave it all to an off-the boat Jamaican guy I called Kwazy Sam because I couldn't pronounce his real name. He comes by and I have everything in the garage. He comes in and asks me to help him. I said that none of it is overly heavy, what's the deal? "Well mon, a black Jamaican packing up a stereo out of someone's garage in this neighborhood...It doesn't look too good." Me: "Oh hell, I didn't think of that."