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  1. Well, homeless people aren't going to live in Grand Marais, MI...
  2. “In fraud we trust”

    I couldn't do it. I'm staring at that picture...No way. I'm too small. It's haunting. The stuff just strewn around shows how much desperation was going on. I can't do that. I can do it when it's fun but that doesn't look fun. That looks brutal.
  3. “In fraud we trust”

    Holy moly. That's a wet mess right there. I've never dealt with a human shit show. I have dealt with cattle issues that would make that look small but they weren't people. I have the luxury of pulling out a .45 and saying, "It's FUBAR", and ending it.Then I just cry for a week. I just did it a few weeks ago for the first time in years (busted leg from slipping on ice.) I'll never stop thinking about it. Thank the stars it's not often.
  4. “In fraud we trust”

    Wasn't that to keep rockets from corroding? I use that stuff lie some people use Windex. IOW, for just about everything. A hammer and duct tape, and I'm pretty much fully prepared.
  5. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    Not an AR15. A guy is dead. http://wgntv.com/2018/02/17/friends-family-arrive-in-bridgeport-for-funeral-of-slain-chicago-police-cmdr-paul-bauer/
  6. Oh good. Another gun thread that will change nobody's mind and result in stupid arguments.
  7. too early to talk about AR15s eh lads?

    It's a NATO tracer round.
  8. spacex

    https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/02/three-years-of-sls-development-could-buy-86-falcon-heavy-launches/ "However, these improvements come at a very, very steep price. Consider just a single data point: NASA annually spends about $2.6 billion to develop the SLS rocket and ground launch systems for the massive rocket at Kennedy Space Center. The SLS rocket was originally supposed to launch in 2017, but now the maiden flight of the SLS booster has slipped to 2020. That is understandable; most large aerospace rockets experience delays. However, the cost of a three-year delay is $7.8 billion. For the sake of argument, consider the costs of this three-year delay against the lift capability NASA could have bought by purchasing Falcon Heavy rockets from SpaceX in 2018, 2019, and 2020. That $7.8 billion equates to 86 launches of the reusable Falcon Heavy or 52 of the expendable version. This provides up to 3,000 tons of lift—the equivalent of eight International Space Stations or one heck of a Moon base. Obviously NASA does not need that many launches, but it could buy several Falcon Heavy rockets a year and have the funds to build meaningful payloads to launch on them."
  9. TV -

    I really enjoy Netflix. Well, except they dropped M*A*S*H. +1 on a marine tank. I've wanted to restart one for a long time now. My last one was 120 gallons. Clowns, a yellow tang, a blue tang, a puffer named Dizzy and a banded coral shrimp. I never understood why Dizzy didn't eat that guy. I lost it when I was on vacation and the power went out. The hermit crabs in the terrarium survived but that's it.
  10. The most dangerous game

    They determined he had bad taste.
  11. I kinda feel like that about both sides of the isle, Dem and GOP. They just have a different MO.
  12. dry rub for tri tip

    Raspers, they'd never make it through our winters. It was -1 when I woke up this morning. In 5 months, it'll hit 100. Along with the Hereford I mentioned above, I also have Charolais in the mix to help with our fucked up weather. It gives them the ability to change out coats, depending on the season. I have about as much alternate DNA shoved into my cattle that will allow them to still qualify as certified Angus. This is my 15th year with this experiment. Crazy.
  13. dry rub for tri tip

    Angus is typically leaner but a quality 80% lean burger will taste the same no matter what breed it came from. You can tell with steak though. I actually have bred some Hereford into my angus to get better marbling in the steaks/roasts. 100% angus is pretty damn lean. Their disposition is awesome though and they have a good frame for meat production.
  14. Way to miss the point. Look at your thread topic assertion and get back to me.
  15. dry rub for tri tip

    Yup. London Broil. Super tasty but I'm not paying that kind of money for a crappy cut. Hanger steak is my new cheap beef. It's $3.99/lb at my local grocery store right now. The have eye of round for $3.49 too. Flank steak isn't the 'right' cut for it but it's what we always used. There is a top round London Broil and a shoulder cut London Broil. Those are true London Broils. Doesn't really matter. I think that's a Kosher thing and I'm not Jewish.