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  1. austin1972

    '20's Grilling Thread

    Pull and tent at 135. It'll cook to 142 which is your goal.
  2. austin1972

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    No creakeing. The joys of virgin timber. Balloon construction with fire breaks staggered. Not easy to insulate but it's a brick of a house. Horsehair, plaster and slats for walls. It's old and not cheap to operate. 2 50K furnaces and 1 60K wood insert. Blankets are your friend in Janurary. My house in town is like $45-$55 to heat. And it has A/C.
  3. austin1972

    Used Car Anarchy

    She's got a Willys too.
  4. austin1972

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    Too early for asbestos but lead paint is likely.
  5. austin1972

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    Farmhouse wood. Built in 1851.
  6. austin1972

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    I only eat beef a couple times per year but when I do, it's big and prime (bone-in ribeye in that case). Normally, I eat seafood when possible. I love sushi and shellfish. But yes, I can't afford my beef. My cattle are beyond butcher USDA prime...Lazy and custom bred. Those fuckers eat better than I do and have better hair.
  7. austin1972

    Used Car Anarchy

    Convertible? My GFs. Hub cap is back on.
  8. austin1972

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    Any time. The more the merrier. The beach is free and the water is clean although sometimes cold when the Lake upwells.
  9. austin1972

    For Lovers of Interesting Wood Grain

    I've got a big olive dining table at the farm with inlays but don't have a pic. Here's the table at the cottage.
  10. austin1972

    '20's Grilling Thread

    Lime for me! Never thought about bitters. I bet that would go good though. A kick of vermouth probably wouldn't be bad either. Hey, maybe a new drink! I'm sorry liver...
  11. austin1972

    '20's Grilling Thread

    I've been on a G+T kick lately since it's finally warm. Bombay and tonic with a lime and ice. It's a dangerous combo in the sun since I got laid off. I'm seriously considering retirement and volunteering at the local animal shelter as my new gig. This Bailey's and coffee with eggs and bacon in the morning, beer at noon and G+T in the evening can't end well even if my last blood draw shows my liver and cholesterol looking good.
  12. austin1972

    '20's Grilling Thread

    Meater+ is good. I just use a Thermapen and cook slow so I don't screw it up. Low and slow just means 2 extra beers with a nap in between.
  13. austin1972


    Probably wheelbase.
  14. austin1972

    '20's Grilling Thread

    That looks fun! You're going to figure out the heat control so you might want to do a dry run first. And don't trust the grill thermometer.
  15. austin1972

    Dave Chapelle was born at 8:46 in the morning...

    The pen is mightier than the sword. That said, if white people of power keep suppressing people of other colors then they can make their bed and sleep in it. With everything that folks of a different color have been dealing with, I'd be pissed as hell too. Hell, I've gotten my ass kicked several times over this...Won a couple too.