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  1. Ha! Is that what your masters told you? Check your 'facts'.
  2. Why does the plot always have to base itself on fear? Go live somewhere remote where you have...well, you to protect yourself. I had some issues and took care of them myself in calm and calculated ways. I'm not a big, tough guy. I'm pretty kind. I just don't get these narratives. Got a problem? Take care of it. It doesn't even take violence (to date); just a little courage. You guys are nuts.
  3. I think that's great! Congrats. That's why I couldn't understand why they wouldn't harvest local talent. There's a shitload of it.
  4. Haha. Too bad those grads are a hell of a lot smarter than you or I can ever hope to be. Wisconsin was the birthplace of the Republican party and their first meeting was in Mchigan, so you may be right.
  5. What? UW Madison and UofM have fantastic engineering schools. Michigan in particular. Last I looked, Ann Arbor was a hell of a lot closer than China.
  6. austin1972

    Brussles tells Jagdflugzeug, Dassault & Sabb to shove it

    Screw that. I love America's Hat. Some of the nicest people I've ever met.
  7. austin1972

    Ridgeline News

    You can go way north of that with a work truck. Get a cab on chassis and do it up? Yikes. $63K and you still have to put the back on.
  8. austin1972

    The Best Drunk Food

    +1 for drunk. There is nothing better. 6 cheeseburgers with the ketchmustard stuff. It won't help your hangover but in your drunken state, you'll think you just ate a prix fixe meal at Alinea. Hangover? A good biscuits and gravy and 2 eggs over easy. Lots of water, no coffee. Go home and couch-nap it for a couple of hours then hit a bloody mary with a cheap beer sidecar and a multi vitamin. Back to the couch-nap for an hour. You'll still hate yourself but not as much.
  9. austin1972

    Brussles tells Jagdflugzeug, Dassault & Sabb to shove it

    Wow, this thread is a wet mess.
  10. austin1972

    Migrant Caravan

    Why do you say Chicago? Honolulu has worse crime rates. Besides, the Chicago cops know who's causing the trouble but nobody will talk so they don't have enough evidence to get the bad guys off the street.
  11. austin1972

    Ridgeline News

    Natures Miracle and some Iron Out should clean that up. Maybe some Oxy Kick too. Black interiors are the best fix. You live in CO. I think it's obligatory to own a Subaru..Do they even give you a drivers license if you don't have at least one? We'll see what the future holds for me since MI and/or WA seem to be in my future and the farm will be a thing of the past.
  12. austin1972

    Rant: I'm sick of PC/Diversity bullshit.

    I didn't know that. We do a lot of philanthropic stuff at work but it's usually people power/knowledge and collections that we contribute. I personally give to PAWS Chicago and The Open Door financially, and volunteer at the food shelter for my part. It's sad to hear this.
  13. austin1972

    Rant: I'm sick of PC/Diversity bullshit.

    I didn't take it as being pissed at those less fortunate. I took it as having a successful program going and blowing it up under the auspices of 'doing the right thing' when that's utter bullshit. $2K? Fuck, I donate that much to philanthropic causes every year and I'm dead on middle class. That's just cash and doesn't count my time I donate...And there are a lot of people I know that do a shitload more than me who are in a similar station in life as I am.
  14. austin1972

    Ridgeline News

    Horses for courses. My need for a diesel HD is declining and I look forward to the time when I don't need E-rated tires, 3 gallons of synthetic diesel oil, sets of rotors and pads that weigh nearly as much as I do and the constant whine of a giant turbo that thinks it's an engine on a 737. I'll still need a pickup but I'm looking forward to getting into a 1/2 ton or less. I'd love to get into a Honda or Subaru but sometimes I need more than they can do. That may change if I move and don't have to do farm shit.