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  1. mrybas

    Over the horizon

    Personally, I'd take Shooting Star over Kiappa.
  2. mrybas

    Over the horizon

    I was on Kiappa while in Fiji in 2015. I was anchored around Musket Cove while crossing the Pacific on my old boat. The owner of Kiappa at the time was from South Africa and spending the season at Musket Cove. He was also a surfer/kiter, but broke a rib on the trip up from NZ when the boat lurched and he lost his balance. We had the surf/kite thing in common, so we would make small chit chat at the island bar. He did invite me to check out the boat one afternoon. The build quality looked very high quality. He did insist on telling everyone it was a Gunboat, which I thought was a little queer since Gunboat never built a '52
  3. mrybas

    Over the horizon

    I don't really know my ass from a hole in the ground, but I'd image the ride in say a gunboat 62, Outremer 5X, any long slender cat at 12-14 knots would be rather comfortable compared to an Outremer 38. Sure the Outremer 38 can sail at respectable boat speeds, but it is not comfortable at those speeds (in the open ocean) compared to larger boats of similar design sailing at 50-60% of maximum speed. That's the catch 22 with these high performance cats, you need 60' of waterline and skinny hulls to get the performance, but you only get the accommodation of a 45' condomaran. The actual market for performance cats is pretty small. Most people with $1,000,000 to blow on a boat expect to never leave the comforts of home. I remember seeing this boat for salea couple years ago and wishing I had the $!
  4. mrybas

    Over the horizon

    Am I missing something? How do you know its Balsa?
  5. mrybas

    Over the horizon Not much info in the add, but from the photos seems like it theoretically ticks a lot of the boxes.
  6. mrybas

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    What are you figuring the weight savings is with Acrylic vs glass?
  7. mrybas

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Made any decisions on type of glass or Acrylic? What about coatings that reduce heat transmission to the interior of the boat? Or These guys do lamy tempered glass with IR interlay but it costs an arm and a leg:
  8. I was lucky enough to go for a sail on SKATEAWAY in October. We were regularly sailing in the low 20knot range with a top speed of 24.something knots! If I recall correctly, I think it was single reefed main and jib. On top of that, Keith was pretty much sailing the boat single handed as I tried to stay out of his way and another guy took photos. I still get a little tickle in my pants thinking about that day! The boat is perfectly maintained and has a suprisingly comfortable and livable interior. It’s certainly a special boat and I hope it ends up in the hands of a worthy new owner.
  9. I found him through the Dr office he used to work at. Thanks though!
  10. Dr Phillipe from New Caldonia, I have your old boat. I'd like to have a chat. PM me if your on SA.
  11. mrybas

    Foam deck I just got 20 sheets (3'x7') to do the deck of my cat. It worked out to about $50/sheet with shipping.
  12. mrybas

    Crowther 43 project.

    and about to be even more purdy!
  13. mrybas

    Daggerboard case maintenance?

    Just slop some bottom paint in the bottom of the trunk and call it good?
  14. mrybas

    Daggerboard case maintenance?

    I haven’t had a problem getting the boards up and down when no load. I didn’t know if there was any slick coating to help when there there’s a bit of load (right after a tack, short handed).