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  1. mattyc

    Trogear Bowsprit ????

    38' Newick Native trimaran.
  2. mattyc

    2020 Caribbean Multihull Challenge

    Both amas filled up with water on the trip from St Croix to SXM. . Maybe know the facts before before passing judgement.
  3. mattyc

    Trogear Bowsprit ????

    I thought I might build my own using a 100% carbon windsurfing mast as the starting point. However with time being in short supply, Trogear might be a wiser option.
  4. mattyc

    Trogear Bowsprit ????

    I would like hear from anyone how has installed one of these on their multihull. Quality, engineering, any breakages, worth the money?
  5. Nobody? Anyone know anybody on the posted crew list?
  6. Does anyone know if the owner of the Nigel Irens trimaran Shockwave (ex Paradox), one Erik Prince, is "the" Erik Price, CEO of Blackwater Inc? Currently entered in the 2020 Sint Maarten Multihull regatta.