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  1. Rockbox blue firmware update?

    They died a slow but permanent death. Nothing left on the interwebs. I would really like to have the compass function back. They really pissed me off. It is a good piece of kit even so.
  2. J27 Class Events 2016

    Looks good. Keel sump repaired too. Going to pick her up this weekend. Cant wait to get her back.
  3. J27 Class Events 2016

    For those who were wondering. Then Now
  4. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    It finally dawned on me that it reminds of this.
  5. Anacortes, WA was my first thought. Schools are good, 4 bed house will cost 350K. Cruising is awesome. Severna Park, MD is super. Schools are the best in the nation, but that same house will cost 700K and I am not sure it fits your idea of small/medium town, but you can easily cruise the whole Chesapeake. TX has some great wind, though cruising is not super and neither are the schools. The same house will cost 300k Taxes are steep though.
  6. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I don't think it actually "works functionally". I mean to say other than it floats, carries stuff and uses wind to power it. I suppose it functions "basically", but I'm not going to sail it or on it. It would drive me crazy. I do admire the junk rig though. If you have a hull that wont go to wind, you might as well have an interesting rig.
  7. need help naming J88

    There have been 8 USS Hornets since 1775 including this little guy on the left. Quite the company you are keeping. OBTW, I think there will be another in a few years that will look like this little guy on the right.
  8. need help naming J88

    Schnellbomber https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junkers_Ju_88 Hi Hound. Hope you had a good season. This is what I was going to use, but I'll never have an 88. Boat or plane. Cheers, PATSY
  9. Family boat with some pace for San Diego

    Our J27 is a great family boat and has good pace in light air, fits the slip bill and has just enough below space for the kids to set up shop, the bartender to work and some overnight camping. It sails along with the J80 comfortably, though the SYM spin is more work. They are relatively inexpensive and fully trailerable.
  10. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Its best to see objects AT NIGHT by not staring at them because of cone and rod cell geography.
  11. My Wife HATES my Olson 30

    Wow...you can buy a J/105 for $15k-$20k? Sign me up. Did you even read the original post? Pretty clear his price range is $15k-$20k plus 5'10" headroom. Exactly how does a J/105 meet those criteria? Subtle attempt at humor you ass. Go back to practicing holding your breath.
  12. My Wife HATES my Olson 30

    S2 9.1 races to its rating very easily and is quite comfortable. CAPRI 30 is good in light air, only moderately comfortable, but is a wicked broach coach in heavy. If you like ULDB and are thinking about a CAPRI 30, you should look at an Evelyn 32. They are more readily available. Hobie 33 is very similar to the O30 in how she sails and provides a good deal more comfort, but like the CAPRI rating, hers can be difficult. So in conclusion, buy a J105.
  13. H-Boat Renovation Project

    Super. Great to hear that you are out racing her. You know you were racing don't you?
  14. H-Boat Renovation Project

    Start calling the wife Pooky.
  15. H-Boat Renovation Project

    Looks brand new. You should lay up a fiberglass box inside the cabin, let cure, then throw the box away, just to get that new boat smell!