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  1. PatsyQPatsy

    The Rant

    Let me know. My program starts up in earnest after Charleston this year.
  2. PatsyQPatsy

    The Rant

    I'm down the street - Severna Park. I'll take him beer can Wednesdays if he would like. I usually have a bunch of newbs and mids to train up every year, but so many say they really want to and don't show for whatever reason so i usually have room.
  3. PatsyQPatsy

    Crew memberships required for racing at yacht club?

    Is the crew membership a requirement to crew on a boat at the yacht club? I can probably drink my 105 in beer, but I'm not paying to crew on your boat.
  4. PatsyQPatsy


    He he! I think technically the side fell off.
  5. PatsyQPatsy

    Family Freindly Beach Cat

    That would be "en masse" It's Franche you know
  6. Upwind, we can balance our 105 out for long periods under bungee. On the 27 we can hike on the rail until we run out of sea space. I would suspect your 45 wants to put her nose down and keeping it up into the wind is a challenge. They seem to have the COE forward in the sail plan. We think we will do the Chesapeake double-hander this season. Baseball got in the way this past year.
  7. Not really. I don't have it and single hand often and for many years.
  8. PatsyQPatsy

    Don't Anchor Here

    Look over at the North East corner of Egypt. That is the most strategically vulnerable area of undersea cable. What anchors off of the entrance to the Suez? Nothing big.
  9. The purest in me likes the no autopilot thing. I’m not sure that’s even a thing with anyone else. With a really long tack line I think you could launch/recover the chute out of the companion way, but it would be messy. The 105 is not really friendly on the trailer either.
  10. My J27 single hands very nicely. On a medium to strong wind day, upwind or reaching, I can usually find a balance point with a couple of bungees on the tiller that allows me to hike on the rail. It has a comfortable cabin for over nights and stays dry. It has a big cockpit, but all of the controls are led back to within reach while on the tiller extender. If I were to single hand cruise most of the time, I would put a sprit on it and run an asym as well as roller furling. Tending to the symmetrical in over 10-12 is a challenge. Somewhere I have funny video of me running back and forth on bring a guest who only drinks day. They thought it was funny. I thought it an unnecessary work out. The boat is single point haul and rides nicely on a trailer behind a V8. The price is well in your wheel house with a suit of new sails. I am a fan of the O30 too. If I didn't have this I'd have that. The 105 would be cool too, but it kinda doesn't match your parameters. I've thought a lot about how one would set it up for single hand. The hardest thing would be dousing the chute without an autopilot. Everything else would be fine.
  11. PatsyQPatsy

    opinions on mainsail trim

    You could use it for mainsail hoisting practice. Crews always need that. It would be nice for crew movie night. Those crappy carbon sails don't even come in second place for crew movie night.
  12. PatsyQPatsy

    roll and tip mast with Perfection ??

    This is the advice of an industrial hygienist that I subscribe to: In all honesty guys, 2 part paints should only be sprayed in downdraft booths by painters in full chemical-resistant clothing and supplied-air respirators. There's a reason why this equipment is standard-issue in professional body shops. Spray booths are partly used because obviously they improve the finish quality, but they also are there to protect the workers. A shop not using one is putting a bulls-eye on their head for an EXPENSIVE OSHA visit. My suggestion is to do the prep work yourself, which we all know is 80% of a good piant job anyway, and then get a body shop to shoot it for you. You CAN adequately protect yourself from solvent vapours (i.e styrene from polyester resins/fillers, acetone from cleaning tools), and sanding dusts with a properly-fitting half-mask respirator, assuming your work in well-ventilated conditions (i.e keep the garage doors open, use a fan to create a cross-breeze, etc.). For solvent vapours, you need an "organic-vapour cartridge", which will be black. For dusts, get a P-100 cartridge, also known as HEPA cartrige, which will be a purepleish colour. You can also get cartridges that combine these, so you don't need to switch back and forth. Here is the 80 percent
  13. PatsyQPatsy

    Too Young to be a Snowbird?

    Corpus Christi- Padre Island
  14. PatsyQPatsy

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I've recently come across this Narrow Boat video fella. I think he purposefully cruises at 2KTS. The videos are a bit boring, but oddly mesmerizing. He runs an old diesel, but I would think the canals would be much nicer on electric or even hybrid. I took a look into it and British Marine had some good info on power use etc.