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  1. The Next Boat-----2020

    How about all electronics allowed except the following conditions. No hydro allowed. No electric winches or systems allowed. No systems except mechanical to be used for any crew member duties. That way we move forward on technology but limit to what the crew's ability on the boat will do on the overall race. Just a thought.
  2. Life Vests?

    I got a Hyde Wingman and a Astral Ronny. Both work well for my outrigger sailing canoe but the wingman is about the smallest and thinnest on the market. It works better in a capsize when I have to duck under the hull to grab the dagger board. https://www.nrs.com/product/40087.03/astral-mens-ronny-pfd
  3. Race Replays

    Thanks Rudder! You made my day.
  4. Proa question

    That is one thing I found out on my Raptor 17.5. When it starts getting gusty I roller furl my main to a sliver and she still is moving quick. I have a track half the length of the boom to control main clew angle when partly furled. This really helped with the sail shape when it is blowing. Pointing ability goes down a bit when furled but with the water ballast is comfortable and steady and gets me where I needed to go. The main benefit I have is there is no assembly before launch Just slip the mast onto the mast base and launch off trailer. All the lines are attached so no need to rig. It also only takes one space in the garage so always ready to go:)
  5. Corsica 15R

    Having a Supercat 15 many years ago sitting on the hull after many hours got me sore. Seeing your videos on the Asus reminds me of those times:) After 63 I do not have that kind of stamina to do what you do. Being able to sit in a relaxed position while still working the sails works for me. I still think the Ninga Pro was my favorite as it was a great design. Too bad he could not make a go of it. A nice design and getting it to work correctly is a whole new ball game. I have been modifying my Raptor 17.5 for ten years but getting pretty close:)
  6. Proa question

    I will! Living on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin I saw a great decline in sailing. There are still the Tuesday night races but less people show up. The good thing is as we get older we have more time on our hands but slowing down kind of makes it even. I found out you need a machine that is easier to launch and to be able to do it solo as most of your friends really do not care to do it anymore. Being retired I worry more where I can launch and what the launch fee's are. But once I am on the water with some wind it really does not matter what direction I go. I can dial in the excitement with the roller furling sail and active water ballast. With the modifications I made in the last two years it only takes less than a minute to right and practice it once in a while on a hot day to stay competent. The ultimate is on a steady breeze day getting everything setup and just flying the ama for a long distance upwind at 7-8 knots is a worthy feeling. At 35 degrees to the wind it is not too shabby in my book. I have plenty of drinks to prevent hydration onboard and if need be I can always call my soulmate to meet me with the trailer in case I venture too far and do not want to sleep on the cot that night. I have the minimum aboard always for those kind of days. Sure the F24 would be more comfortable but I still have some adventure spirit in me after all these years:) It is just a different lifestyle that I am glad to experience in my retirement years.
  7. Proa question

    Amati Since the main hull is 17'6" long by 13" wide and the ama just kisses the water there is very little drag so it moves right along in the lightest of air. Once you hit a puff you accelerate and are gone. It really is a blast to sail and with all the controls available you can tweak to your hearts content:)
  8. Proa question

    Wess John Slattebo designed it as a Raptor 16. I did major modifications in the years I had her to what it is today. Some worked and some did not. The link below shows what I did up to 2011. After that I modified the sail and fitted a new aluminum daggerboard. I also added the Speedpuck and hand tiller so I can lay on the tramp to sail or when I want to stretch my legs. The overall weight ready to sail is 160 Lbs. but is pretty much bulletproof now. It seems like many older guys like Meade like sailing a smaller size boat for ease of use. I also found that out coming from my F24 many years back. I can launch or retrieve in 5 minutes and go in 6" of water. It also goes well in light air. I also plan on getting a electric drive for when I am over 5 miles out and the wind dies completely . I can paddle all day at 2.5 knots but it would be nice just to lower the drive and go 3.5 knots till I get close to my destination. For me it has everything I need to go for a quick sail whenever the mood strikes. http://www.raptor-uk.net/guests/eddievb/comments1.html IMG_0154 by evanbelkom, on Flickr
  9. Proa question

    Amati The average speed went up as I had better control in windy conditions. In lighter air I was consistently 1-1.5 knots faster with the water ballast when I also had the foil installed. I was able to test using either one or both combined. After a season of testing all parameters I removed the foil as using the water ballast alone gave me the best overall performance. This season I will be able to see what the last improvements I did will effect the performance on all points of sail. With the Speedpuck you will be able to see the true speeds I am doing at those points of sail.
  10. Proa question

    It was fun at first but either the wind picked up or got gusty and the foil did not have enough down force to correct. As the ama went up less of the foil was in the water making it worst. In perfect conditions it was a blast but now I can fine tune the ballast weight to have the ama just off the water. After all the experimentation and different setup's it is now the most comfortable way to sail. I always get asked where my laptop is when sailing past the monohull fleet:) I will post some videos this year showing how it sails with my Speedpuck aboard. IMG_3323 by evanbelkom, on Flickr
  11. Proa question

    My Raptor also had the Bruce foil that I removed for an active ballast system. I found in many tests it was faster overall on the course. Since I could dump or fill the ballast in less that 90 seconds if needed it could be done while tacking. With the foil you need speed to work so many times with full sail I would capsize before getting the speed needed to hold the ama down. Now between the roller furling sail and the amount of ballast needed I can go on both tacks in complete control without worrying about capsizing. It has worked very well and makes it comfortable to sail in heavier winds. Also with the foil it was such a delicate touch between the optimum angle and causing drag when you went over that amount. With the wind shifts and gusts it was too hard to control the angle with extension handle it had. With the water ballast I just roller furled the sail to the right size for the conditions and added just enough ballast to keep it steady. I used the mainsheet or traveler for gust control. In heavy air I might have a sliver of sail up and maybe 1/2 a tank ballast. I can go on either tack without having to change the amount in the tank. I am still doing 5-7 knots upwind but in a nice relaxed state.
  12. Proa question

    I have been sailing this since 2005. It took a few years to perfect it but with the roller furling sail it has worked very well for me. IMG_0277 by evanbelkom, on Flickr EVB68_Full_ballast by evanbelkom, on Flickr This is the tank that is installed in the ama. The ama weight is 44Lbs empty and 102 Lbs filled. With the 8' beam it works well. It takes 90 seconds to fill or drain with the electric pumps powered with the NiCD battery in the ama. EVB36_Ballast_bag by evanbelkom, on Flickr
  13. Waiting for the presentation? Bueller Bueller ....
  14. NEW ASTUS 16.5

    Tom I thought you were getting the carbon mast?
  15. NEW ASTUS 16.5

    Tom fingers crossed you end up with a keeper. Someone had to do it to keep things real. I sold my F24 to go powerboating but the sailing kept coming me back. I hope the improved outrigger sailing canoe I rebuilt will do it's job. The Gougeon 32 is the only other boat at this time I would consider. Hope you prove everyone wrong. Good luck and keep up posted. Eddie