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  1. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Dear ICOM....

    Just buy one of these instead, doesn't need either 12v or 120v charging and you get unlimited talk time as well.
  2. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Dear ICOM....

    Uber Superior Booty. No man should put to sea without one...
  3. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Dear ICOM....

    Like most people these days if the answer isn't spoon fed to him or in 10ft tall neon lights it's too hard to work out. My suggestion is the OP returns the radio and sticks to semaphor flags.
  4. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Hanuman for sale

    This one won't be on Hoppy's hit list then?
  5. Gorn FRANTIC!!


    I was just trying to work out if it was an attempt at humor or hes just retarded
  6. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Todays Race Boat getting Spanked by old school

    Closer, but more accurately the F400 is the Mustang, the XP is a Toyota Corolla.
  7. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Triple Crown??? Peter Burling

    If Mapfre win Blair Tuke is in line for the same honour.
  8. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Todays Race Boat getting Spanked by old school

    I'm still stuck on the first post trying to work out in what galaxy an XP44 is known as a proven rocket
  9. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Adam 10m

    Correct, now back on the lake with a new owner.
  10. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    The requirement for SATELLITE PHONES is antiquated

    Surely there are parts missing? Where is the sun dial that goes with it?
  11. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Adam 10m

    IRC rating for Scarlet Runner is 1.014. You'd never be able to convince anyone that an Adams 10 was a cruiser/racer, straight up racer, standard ones are a bare shell inside, if you want cruiser/racer look at the Adams 10.6.
  12. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Adam 10m

  13. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    No, just retarded.
  14. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Is that some kind of weird sexual fetish?
  15. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Doyle hands down