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  1. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Up hear in our part of the world we refer to it as "the east coast phenomenon"
  2. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Prada Cup

    The Louis Vuitton Cup went ahead as scheduled in San Fran without Artemis in attendance. I remember many "races" of ETNZ & Prada sailing the course solo.
  3. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Prada Cup

    More like the reflection of the buoys on the bow.
  4. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Prada Cup

    Soiled underpants.
  5. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Prada Cup

    Not of the US but, which is who it's being suggested he sail for.
  6. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Prada Cup

    Won't qualify under the nationality clause.
  7. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Australian Sailing

    You mean that ginger fella that that the round blue & white logo on his shirt?
  8. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Christmas Regatta

    Whats the chances there's a meeting and revision of wind limits after these races?
  9. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    INEOS Team GB

    Nice sandbagging there Ben & Co. Keep up the good work.
  10. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Somebody mentioned up thread that they saw Alive leaving Sydney yesterday. Their Facebook post last night says they were planning on doing the L2H if the boat was allowed to enter Tasmania, but given the conditions we've had up here i highly doubt they would have made it that far south so quickly.
  11. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Stand by for tomorrow morning's press conference mentioning disappointment and hurt feelings that they weren't consulted before the Tas government made this decision.
  12. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Alive has now also withdrawn from the Hobart race due to border restrictions.
  13. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Christmas Regatta

    I remember people said the same thing about him during the challenger series in Bermuda.
  14. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    INEOS Team GB

    I assume all of the team members took a dump before racing today, so you could safely say they're over allocation from my maths.
  15. Gorn FRANTIC!!

    Dog Tucker

    Wouldn't even feed it to my dog.