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  1. Marine Surveryor

    It's worth shipping pat Goodrow down from Marblehead. He is fantastic. Hightechmarinesurveys.com
  2. The Jobson Retort

    Sailing down that run the gains were on fort Adams shore. We draw 10 feet and sailed through a couple of 12 foot spots to stay out of the tide and maneuver around the fleet. The reason they tried to stay inside as long as possible was so they could realize the same gains we made in front of them. If Courageous jibed out instead of pushing inside extreme they would have been shot out of the pack and lost a lot of boats
  3. titanium fasteners resolve most of this
  4. Source for teak?

    St Angelo hardwoods in tiverton RI was in bristol
  5. 8mm too smal for J/35 genoa halyards?

    We run 8mm sk 90 or 99 as spare jib halyard on a club swan 42 with no issue. But you need to leave it on the winch. Should be doing that regardless of diameter
  6. Merry Christmas Bitches

  7. Gorilla rigging

    I get all my rigging from them. Great service very nice gear. Thoughtful craftsmanship.
  8. J/30 Modify for PHRF racing?

    yes but from a loading standpoint short of an upwind code zero, the sheave sees the same load as the asail would be: and with the 3' penalty pole so wider than standard pole length luff angle
  9. J/30 Modify for PHRF racing?

    Add a cathedral to the rig. J22 spreaders will work. Did it to put masthead mumm 30'spinnaker von my Pearson flyer. Exact same rig as a j30 and rig layout / spreader envelope is essential the same. Worked very well mast was super stable. Also easy to add the sheave into the existing cranes front side
  10. Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Sexy blocks
  11. Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Sexy blocks
  12. give me a ring 401-368-1743 or you can try my office 401-396-5136

  13. Hey Skip, your name was given me on a thread about Flyers on SA. I have a new-to-me 1983 Flyer. I just bought all new North 3DL sails, new Asym, new Spin, new everything. I am trying to figure the boat out. Anything you could tell me about tuning, crew organization and placement, and how to win with the boat I would appreciate. I plan to sail coastal ocean races in San Diego.

  14. 20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    If it works works for me!