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    Sailing, sails, sailboats, 80's bmx, and Iceboats
  1. Melges 24 US Nationals

    I'm a bit north of chucktown right now and it's blowin 40+.
  2. Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    MAST ABEAM !!!!!!!!
  3. Radio controlled sailing

    What are you guys using for sail cloth and where do you get it?
  4. Fixing Sails

    ^^^^what he said.
  5. Saving an "abandoned" 24

    Right on. Looks like a nice boat. Amazing what a little soap and water can do. I sent you a pm I've got a spin you can have
  6. Production MORC boats

    Easy go was on the Clinton river (lake st clair) for a minute last season. I never saw it out on the water and haven't seen it this season.
  7. Chicago Area III

    It's always sweet when a Detroit team dominates in chi town. Nice job Grizzly!!
  8. Bouyancy bag alternatives

    Pool noodles
  9. Looks like an ericson 30 not a catalina.
  10. Is the NOOD Chicago Dead?

    Go the muskegon one design regatta!
  11. BYC - Mackinac

    Al d will win with a questionable rating.
  12. Check gills clearance section they have some deals on smaller sizes
  13. Blokart Worlds 2016

    What does the happy hour mean on list of registrants?
  14. I put my registration on the boom and haven't had anybody question it btw there's a marine sheriff station at the mouth of the river I live on. Not saying it's legal but it's been 6 years.
  15. 1985 Pearson 34??

    I saw that thing on a mooring around CCyc a few years ago. Had to do a double take, I guessed it was a modified Pearson 32.