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  1. how to ruin racing, part 2

  2. Manhasset Fall Series

    I have no idea. Are you saying he does?
  3. Manhasset Fall Series

    Maybe he just did what most people are doing and said fuck it with the weight limits and went sailing with his friends.
  4. Manhasset Fall Series

    Have you ever seen in bowl?
  5. Manhasset Fall Series

    Do any of these people even race?
  6. Manhasset Fall Series

    So why wasn't Hustler's protest allowed? This doesn't make any sense.
  7. Manhasset Fall Series

    You can get chucked out for doing things like that. Ask the old guy who sold his boat. Been there....done that! i was witness to a most excellent wipeout that had something to do with those results, i wish i had my phone to snap a few pics but it was way too wet that day. pics or it didn't happen i guess, plus we took the go pro right off the back of the boat either while jibing at 17k or doing the takedown at 22k great regatta MBYC well done Sue!! The wipeout on the first downwind leg had nothing to do with the final finish position, dumass. We passed everyone back up wind and put plenty of time on both boats to come out back on top. Not knowing the course was the big fuck up that screwed us over. And the hack that was driving Smoking J for the owner who could not sail that day due to family plans thought it was ok to luff a boat without hailing them in 30 knots of breeze. Putting a lot of his crew and ours in harms way. We and I handle it like Pro's and kept everyone safe. We should have pulled a flag and had his ass chucked out. But trying not to hurt the boats and crew became more important than pulling a flag. The hack that drove Smoking J that day will have his day handed back to him. Might not be on the race course but his day will come, promise. I understand being aggressive but on the last day of sailing and 30 knots of breeze it's bullshit to luff another boat the way he did. This guy should slither his way back into the shit hole he came from and stay there. I think others will agree. Plus if you came to the club you could have gotten the real story.
  8. espo is a dick

    Do you think you can hang with us???? I think you might be too soft. I had a pic of you and your pal in NYC on Halloween I knew that would come back to haunt me one day. Dammit. I'm really a pretty tough guy- it takes self-confidence to parade around like that, not to mention imperviousness to cold if you're doing it in NYC in October. True that! OK as long as you bring your little Asian pal along--you can come. WTF? Gays and gooks on Hustler... did you fall off the wagon? Whay is your obsession with John/Hustler/Gays? Do you want to tell the world something?
  9. espo is a dick

    OK OK--Now the insults have gone just a little too far!! Wait just one more... I hear you do pit for them on that J105. I hear you manually masturbate caged animals for artificial insemination
  10. espo is a dick

    Becasue they were in the way.

  12. espo is a dick

    You haven't heard? He's a DICK!
  13. espo is a dick

    Why 10 paces? Make it 5 - I would hate for either one to miss. I was hoping Sailor Joe and RandNJ would have the same shootout. No way he could miss himslef twice. And would certainley rid the earth of a serious douche!
  14. He hates everyone, get over it!

  15. gotta be a miserable life...

    hope thing sget better for you, or you adopt a new attitude