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  1. There was one of those that use to do our local club racing circuit. The owner was about 120 and his wife seemed a bit older. They double handed it and went much faster than you could ever reasonably expect.
  2. The bowman bodge repair is a different topic, but one I can't resist. Doing bow on a small sportsboat my pockets contained leatherman, tape, bits of line and some seizing wire (we used to reset the rig regularly). One breezy wet day the mainsheet man started screaming about the smoke coming out of the hatch around the kite bag. I reached down the hatch and pulled out a handful of wires that connected the small motor bike battery to the basic instruments and the smoke stopped. The lads were initially relived and grateful, but soon started to bitch about the lack of numbers. On the run I managed to rewire them using the seizing wire and electrical tape. I've never been good with electrics, but that was simple enough for me. Your tool kit needs to suit the job, a world cruiser set on a weekender isn't going to help anyone. You're wasting beverage storage.
  3. Yep, they support a bit more roach to help reaching. It might also to be to keep them quiet and also to prolong life, because many boats leave them up all weekend rather than bothering to take them down overnight.
  4. My father in law has an MG335, which can be quite a nice sailing yacht, he however has the winged keel version. When attempting to sail upwind, I'm never sure if the winch handle would be best used to improve sail trim or to beat myself senseless so I don't have to experience it any longer. I've stuck it into the soft UK south coast mud on a number of occasions, and had no more or less trouble getting off than a normal fin keel.
  5. These bad boys know that the mizzen is pointless. They have a rule that if you lose the mizzen during a race you can't do anything to bring it back aboard or move it, you have to leave it how it falls, or retire. If you're lucky and it falls 'well' you'll be quicker around the course than the poor bastards who are still sailing with theirs. According the bloke who builds them they can't be too flat. 8
  6. It is a weep hole. It stops water collecting in the space above the plug and below the lower pennant hole. You push the plug a fraction past the weep hole.
  7. Was I the only one mentally half way through the window replacement project the moment they saw that picture? I bet the bastards used that sealant you can't actually clean off but doesn't seal.
  8. I've always liked the X's. The slightly older race oriented ones are a bargain, as no one wants one. I always liked the 99, the runners scare cruisers off so they're very cheap, might be a bit smaller than you're looking at. The IMXs are bigger.
  9. I remember those from 30 plus years ago when my Dad kept a yacht in Holland for a few years. There were loads of the small ones about and quite a lot of the big ones. They always sailed very well, or they did compared to the bastard IOR offspring everyone else was sailing.
  10. Sorry to hear that, we've had some fantastic sailing in Croatia. Lovely spot, great people. We did notice last summer that anchor lights seemed to be rather optional, for those on buoys and anchors, amused the kids.
  11. As said you need to get the tides right, especially around the headlands, but that's not hard. Loads of places to stop as you require, just check the pilot book for tide/wind direction constraints. Can be quite cold at that time of year, but not a big deal as long as you've got your warm kit with you. Fortunately the coldest air temperatures tend not to be combined with the strongest winds and/or rain. Can get some windy weather in northern Europe at that time of year, but the forcasts are good for days out. You don't get surprised by anything like you can other places at other times. Periods of very bad weather typically only last a few days. You can have beautiful sailing around there at that time of year if you've got some decent warm kit. Edit: Misread sorry. I thought you said you had to go before April. After April obviously just gets warmer with less chance of strong winds. Should be a lovely trip.
  12. 1. Yes. I don't see why you would, the kids really struggle to get enough tension on when adjusting things on the water so why make it hard for them. 2. No. Sprit halyard part to cleat and kicker part to cleat seem to work best with 6mm as it holds best in the cleat. The other parts low stretch. Mainsheet what ever the kids feels comfortable in their hands. Sail ties at the three corners get much higher loads than most would expect, 3mm vectran/dynema best. I understand some of the other points made in this thread, but I can tell you from trying to help the kids just getting into racing that their boats not working makes their life very difficult, and at this point they don't understand that they boat's not helping them. The experienced kids will set their boats up just how they like them with the kit they want. And don't waste your money on one of those stupid tapered mainsheets.
  13. It's very simple, as soon as you're getting overpowered you start to pull it. The more breeze the harder you pull it. You pull it harder and harder until you bust something. Good trimmers on OPB always pull harder than owner trimmers. I've only dropped one rig from too much backstay tension and that was a different issue...
  14. The gents I saw sailing one the other weekend spent quite some time holding it on it's end draining the water out at the end of the day. I've no idea what they might have done to it since they took delivery of it. I would cirtainly want to have a very good look at a couple, and a test sail, before I handed over my card details.
  15. My father in law has the winged keel on his MG 335, it must look something like this. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=mg+335+winged+keel&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAWoVChMIiOms38_WxwIVQu8UCh34IAlY&biw=1920&bih=965#imgrc=5-vrcHhtYicX0M%3A While it’s all right once you’re cracked off a bit, it goes up hill like a fat kid on a bike. Tacking is even worse, it’s going sideways like a BWM on ice until you get some flow over the keel and that can be a frustratingly long time. I remember Crusader mentioned above going on the putty at Burnham. The race officer was on the radio asking them to drop their main so he could see down the start line, and he was getting told to fuck off. As previously stated, getting off the putty is tricky, you can’t just heel it over. Those lifting keels are a different game. I was moored next to a chap in one of those Ovni yachts. He claimed that it ‘went up wind better than you’d expect’, but he did admin it was nothing like a proper fin. I can understand wanting to minimise the draft of your cruising boat.