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  1. European Bloke

    Tanker hijack

    However we all know that actually using your insurance isn't great for next year's premiums. So he'll have that to answer for to his boss.
  2. European Bloke

    Turnbuckle Cover Anarchy

    So as soon as you crack off a bit, unless you rerun the sheet, then the sail is chafing on the shroud?
  3. European Bloke

    Has the Proverbial Shoe (prices) Dropped Yet?

    Bikes, SUPs, canooes. Dealers couldn't get enough around here. Went into the bike shop on Saturday and it finally looks like a bike shop again, they just got a big delivery in. There's going to be some good stuff on eBay at some point, question is when exactly.
  4. European Bloke

    Tanker hijack

    The stowaways are sometimes handed over to the police on docking, as they should be. To avoid this they have a tendency to jump over the side and try to swim ashore when they get close to land if they think this will happen. Tides are strong, it's a lot further than it looks from a big ship, and they often don't make it. Giving the crew credit it's possible in this case that they intend to hand them over on docking and asked them to go into a cabin as they got close to shore to avoid them jumping. The stowaways saw it coming and didn't react well. That could be supported by the area where this all kicked off. Or it could be something else all together.
  5. European Bloke

    Tanker hijack

    Hands to dinner, officers to lunch as they say.
  6. European Bloke

    Tanker hijack

    So you've been doing a bit of gentle stowing away, you've almost reached your destination, and 6 helicopter loads of the SBS turn up. That's a disappointing end to the trip, and probably a pair of trousers. It's not quite the Iranian embassy, but not every generation get to do that.
  7. European Bloke

    Anchor Geekdom

    You can also easily haul it up by hand, unless your boats really big, then you probably have a man to worry about shit like that.
  8. If you want to going foiling buy a Wasp. If you want to build it yourself build a moth. The others, including the add on kits are a bit shit. Sure they foil, close hauled in 15 knots.
  9. European Bloke

    New winner - boom height/LOA ratio

    The only thing they're watching is the level in the bottle and if the ice us running out. Hard to criticise because if I was on that shitter I'd be the same.
  10. European Bloke

    the subtle pleasures of returning to your own mooring

    Nice spot. We used to do the Easter and autumn open meetings there until so many of the N12 sailors had kids not enough turned up to make a class. I couldn't cope with that bar every weekend. Probably easier as you get used to it.
  11. European Bloke

    New winner - boom height/LOA ratio

    I think you need a head up there as well. Don't want to be going up and down those steps all the time.
  12. European Bloke

    How I bought my boat

    Fantastic. How is Greece at this time of year, we hear about winter storms, what's it like the rest of the time? Are there boats in the water?
  13. European Bloke

    Moving Jib Tracks

    Ideally I'd put something easy to sand in the old holes, and something strong in the new holes. So two different mixes. I do see your point though. Generally the runny mix seems to shrink more as well.
  14. European Bloke

    Moving Jib Tracks

    For the new track I'd drill big, at least 3x diameter of bolts, more if practical. Brown parcel tape under holes, fill with reasonably runny epoxy, cirtainly not the peanut butter. Slight countersunk on the real bike holes to hold a bit of sealant. Use the same stuff on the old holes, possibly a little runnier. Why buy the tube, mix it yourself and you can get it how you want it? Small syringe as suggested above is how I'd start. Might put a little really runny in first and follow up with something thicker.
  15. European Bloke

    the subtle pleasures of returning to your own mooring

    Where are you on the Deben?