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  1. Aluminium Centerboard 46-52ft blue water go anywhere

    The Garcia has put the helm positions where you can look around the shed. The Cordova has a traditional wheel in the middle, where in reality you'll see fuck all through the shed so you have to stand up.
  2. Junk on the trunk

    And it looks like the outboard said, 'fuck off'.
  3. Hull Flex on Trailer

    Run away, do not walk. There are plenty of cheap old boats around, no need to buy a fucked one. If for some reason you insist then have a good look in the local area on the outside for any sign of cracking. Then look for the same on the inside, as well as any sign of internal framing in the area becoming dethatched. That said I see no reason to buy that boat.
  4. Marklayers get too much shit from coaches

    In the UK we've had parents involve lawyers. Seriously. They make POD or whatever the fuck he was called look like a reasonable member of the human race. In another recent breeze event many of those in the rescue boats had followed their kids to the finish and were so busy with them they wouldn't go back and help the tail enders who were struggling. Frankly if I'd been the safety office I'd have sent everyone home for the day. As it was he jumped up and down, had a fit shouting down the radio, and everyone ignored him. Many of the oppie parents have to be seen to be believed. It's hardly surprising that some of the kids behave like dicks.
  5. Clipper Does a Vestas

    I can save everyone a lot of time summing up. The fucking fucker's fucked, cos some useless fucker fucked up. It's not complicated, let's not try to make it so.
  6. Aluminium Centerboard 46-52ft blue water go anywhere

    Love the Cigales. Noto so sure about the latest ones. Currently fashionable fat arse to drag about and lots of space to fall about in the cockpit. As Pap says, if I was looking for this type of boat I'd be keen to have the deckhouse. That said their saloon layout is pretty cool. Water ballasted , big rig and lightweight (by cruising standards), what's not to like.
  7. Crew commentary from the Clipper race

    No need to get sarcy here, it's easy enough to hit Africa. They even seem to have left some of the sails up, that'll save time when the tide comes back in.
  8. Aluminium Centerboard 46-52ft blue water go anywhere

    One thing I always notice about those big expedition boats is their set ups to handle seriously long lines. When I think about the shit show we go through dealing with a couple of lighter weight 50m jobs I can see why.
  9. Aluminium Centerboard 46-52ft blue water go anywhere

    They do the enclosed deckhouse better than most the other centreboard options, which would be a massive bonus if you're serious about high latitudes. There a various one-offs about, but you'd need to have a very good idea what you're buying and the resale values are often low.
  10. Aluminium Centerboard 46-52ft blue water go anywhere

    Those Boreal are apparently well built and have a bit of a following. They also don't seem to build to demand and as a result the second hand prices are always very high.
  11. Pyewacket T-Boned at Campbell Cup?

    The 8 year olds at our club struggle with the port tack approach rules, but most of the 10 year olds have got it. One of the reasons that most of the 8 year olds sail cheap boats.
  12. Five months "adrift"?!?

    Hardly a wonder they missed the island they were aiming for, they forgot to put any windows in when they were finishing the piece of shit. Must have gone straight by while they were sat at the salon table smoking and working out how to get that shit to grow up the side of the boat. Lucky not to hit it.
  13. Asym's on boats designed for symetrical kites

    As Semi pointed out at the beginning of this thread an 'asym', with minimal shoulders, set off the bow, or a very short sprint used to be called a cruising chute. Nothing wrong with that but it doesn't sound cool. An Asym will have a lot more shoulder, and typically be on a longer pole. Trimmed right it'll project to windward and allow you to run deep, but require a lot more attention to keep flying like that than a sym. I think an asym on a very short pole is as hard to gybe as an sym with a pole. Getting it around the forestay without wine glassing the top, our outside gybing without yachting over the sheets is not dead easy. The cruising chute option is easier because of the lack of shoulder makes it less likely to wrap, but you don't get much more sail are than a big jib. You need to be pretty clear in yourself, and then with your snailmaker which sail you're really after. If you want a sail with proper grunt then it's not going to be much easier to gybe than the sym.
  14. Making the perfect cockpit table - or not

    My father in law did a fine job in that respect. His design is supported by and folds down against the binnacle, with holders for a couple of cans/cups on the top, small enough to get the wheel cover over it (varnish doesn't last long here otherwise). It then folds up forward with a single leg for support, makes it large enough for gin and crisps with plenty of room to move around. The final unfold makes a full size table for a meal.
  15. Irma

    Is that a bunch of inflatable tenders on the bottom left? Who'd have expected them to still be there?