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  1. European Bloke

    Young and Full of Promise

    You're doing an amazing job, and is fantastic to watch. Thanks for posting. I saw quite a lot of Freddie years ago, you're going to have a great boat.
  2. European Bloke

    Leading Vang to Cockpit

    Exactly this. Two part cascade with beefy blocks, attached to as much purchase at you need of the last part of the cascade, perhaps 4 or 6 to one. Double end out of that into swivel cams. Make that last part to the cams continuous so you don't end up with all the line on the side you can't get to when you need to.
  3. European Bloke

    Here we go...

    Could be not afford the other 6 inches of forestay? Looking at that would put me off my gin.
  4. European Bloke

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Perhaps you can lay part of a few columns at low water and then complete them as the tide rises, thereby working all tide. If you build in rows then to start with you can only build at very low tide. So better utilisation of time. I made that up...
  5. European Bloke

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    This is thread drift even by local standards.
  6. European Bloke

    Here we go...

    The idea of having to find/pay for 6 other goons to go sailing rather spoils the concept. Belongs in the admire but don't want thread.
  7. European Bloke

    Cruising in the Caribbean During Covid

    Check the thread down the page
  8. European Bloke

    Day tanks - who’s got one, how did you set it up?

    Years ago I was consulting for a client who were based on the top two floors of a tall building. Building had two sets of services, one top and one bottom, with a day tank for fuel at both locations. One morning we turned up and the pump filling the day tank overnight haven't shut off when the tank was full. I was one of the first in and it wasn't very nice. Two floors uninhabitable for weeks. I'd have a good think about the failure scenarios.
  9. European Bloke

    Tasteful, low-windage solar panel installations

    Do you have a problem with the shadow from the top wire?
  10. European Bloke

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    All you need is Snaggy fixing your homework... Even if he's right.
  11. European Bloke

    Anchor Geekdom

    Yep. I swear I've had some Med charters where we've done more sailing in the anchorage than the entire rest of the trip. Blasting madly around the anchorage during evening thunderstorms and then motoring in a flat calm to the next anchorage to repeat. I put it down to dock queen windage and crappy ground tackle.
  12. European Bloke

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I'm not sure. In your example the rabbit's road kill and the tortoise has arrived to the detroitous left by the rest of the fleet and supporters who've already been and gone.
  13. European Bloke

    Increase in Rope Weight when Wet? I think you're missing the point, storing is what is all about. No idea what it weighs 5 minutes after you recover it.
  14. European Bloke

    Increase in Rope Weight when Wet?

    I've seen polyester webbing, possibly nylon also available. I do recall it being a bit of a sod to pull up, probably no worse that too thin dyneema.
  15. European Bloke

    Increase in Rope Weight when Wet?

    On El B's point is be very interested to know how heavy nylon is after hanging and drip drying for 5 minutes. It seems a much more suitable product if the weight drops off quickly. Have you considered those reels of webbing? I'm not familiar with the details but we had one on a boat I raced for kedging. I think it's Ankaroline or something. Relatively light, easy to stow. Did some funky sailing about in the water in strong current...