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  1. Things are starting to happen, Morticia arrived in town today!
  2. the weather gods are starting to align too,it appears.
  3. will have a list out soon.
  4. A week to go, still time to enter, https://www.revolutionise.com.au/wangirsl/regatta/multi2018/
  5. fair question, i'll talk to our web guy see if they can be included.
  6. late entry fee begins at midnight tonight.
  7. follow the link above, there is a "whos going" box
  8. Giving this regatta a bump to the top of the list again, pre entry closes in a few days,we need numbers for dinner, shirts etc. Entries will be accepted right up to the 18th of November there is a late entry fee, (cannot gaurantee a dinner ticket or shirt though) If you intend coming along(and why wouldn't you!) head to the link below. Thanks to our Sponsors. MAJOR SPONSOR : CH Robinson, SUPPORTING SPONSORS, Quantum Sails Qld, Farrier International, Wichard Pacific. linky, https://www.revolutionise.com.au/wangirsl/regatta/multi2018/
  9. Sure is Evil Gnome, We need some Div 3 boats now, anyone got a Haines or Ostac Tramp , Windrush 600, TT680, TT720, or know someone that has.? come on enter I want someone to race against.. Also div 4 cruiser boats, got a bigger slower boat? Seawind etc, enter we have races for you too. https://www.revolutionise.com.au/wangirsl/regatta/multi2018/ And a quick mention for the Important People, or Sponsors. Thank you guys for your support, Major Sponsor, CH Robinson, supporting sponsors,Quantum Sails, Farrier International, And about to come on board ,Wichard Pacific.
  10. Good to see, you guys are as Slick as Snot!!!, see what I did there!
  11. Pre Entry for this regatta closes on the 28th October. (Late entries will be accepted but an additional fee may be required). That's only a couple of weeks away, Please get your entries in ASAP if you intend competing. You will need Evidence of current Insurance,and a current AS safety audit(cat 7). Go here to enter : https://www.revolutionise.com.au/wangirsl/regatta/multi2018/ Pm me if you have Questions, Cheers, John
  12. That's bad luck, looks like the boat has come together well.
  13. just getting back to the top of the list Chidz, Anything with you, and Grind ,in it is best left alone!
  14. Bump! for entry documents , follow this link, https://www.revolutionise.com.au/wangirsl/regatta/multi2018/