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  1. Have you actually measured the daggerboard trunk? or is that the only thing left to check?
  2. here is a link to MASTMATE, some other methods in videos on here too. http://www.mastmate.com.au/ disclaimer ; not my company I have no interest in it.
  3. I have a Farrier Tramp trimaran 20ftlong, the mast is around 30 ft, and stepped on the cockpit floor, supported by a raised stand at the aft end. I raise it on my own frequently, I use a bungy set up. it was with the boat when I bought it a previous owner designed and debugged it. the basics are you clip it to the headsail halyard and the bow eye, then preload it with a halyard winch,once the mast begins to lift from the roller you just get a hand under it and lift, it actually takes itself up, you need to control the speed and hold it on center, which happens already due to the forward pull, I have a mark on the halyard so it is consistantly repeatable. lowering is the reverse,truely a one handed operation, to guide it onto the support. it is about 6 strands of 10mm shock cord and 4 strands of 12mm,in pairs, plaited together, it is about 6.5-7ft when relaxed, and is stretched to at a guess ,2-2 1/2 times its length. it is easily the best thing I own, apart from the boat ,I launch mast down, unfold, clear the ramp, stand the mast either nosed up the beach or at anchor. I believe a commercially available on is/was around in Australia, called 'Mastmate" google may be your friend here.
  4. Just jumping on your line "as long as it gets used" giving you a wind up TF. Joyriding on other peoples boats,is a poor substitute! Training wheels, my boat is about 27 years old, its been "wet" more times than parts of me lately that's for sure. If you get my drift!
  5. Hey TF when did you use yours last?
  6. The Actual "Yellow Submarine" maybe!
  7. Basildog, great to see some more small tris get into the HCW, great day out! see ya there. Re those bow wings on the S22, there was quite a bit of discussion on them, predicting the dive, it was a windy week at Wangi, there seems to be enough flotation in the bows to overcome the dive, it sort of dips then comes up, I kept a bit of an eye on it waiting to see its underside, never happened!, 2 local guys sailed it the last 2 or 3 days, drove it like they stole it, experienced sailors, but not in multis,mixed it with boats with bigger reputations quite well.
  8. Sunseeker, you seem to be getting a little anal, about Uranus, loosen up man!
  9. Basildog that S22 is a pretty quick boat, watched it at Wangi in November, it was totally unsorted when it arrived, but got quicker all week, jury still out on the little wings on the bows, it didn't do any handstands that I saw , so maybe they work, nicely finished and equipped.
  10. long pole helps the gybe, not having to drag the kite through, it blows through, watch an aussie 12 ft ,16ft, 18ft skiff.
  11. Across the line Evil Gnome won the 12 hr, Chidz 3rd. Corrected, they got smashed, well to the rear of the fleet. good effort guys
  12. The one lap dash started out in around 10-15kts then wind slowly dropped all the way around, it was the calm before the storm, nothing like the hail storm in Sydney though, Heaps of lightening and thunder, wind change into the south, rain and increasing wind, right at the finish,of the One lap dash, held up for a couple of hours after, apparently patchy cells all evening.
  13. Evil Gnome completed the Heaven Can Wait 12 hour Yacht race yesterday/last night, lead from the first leg I think, won by a large margin , looked impressive,I'm sure he will be along soon to tell the story
  14. Bump, Race is this weekend.
  15. thank boys, its going to a good cause!