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  1. honestjohn

    Corsair Pulse 600

    I thought there was a red one in Perth about 2 years ago too, there was some video posted on here I think. I just found this, from Geographe Bay race week, is this one of the east coast red ones now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcuMAHW6qBQ
  2. honestjohn

    2019 Aussie Nationals

    Anyone got a link to the results?
  3. honestjohn

    Heaven Can Wait Race 2019

    YES!!!! looking forward to it. should be some long down wind legs!
  4. honestjohn

    Heaven Can Wait Race 2019

    The 2019 Heaven can wait starts tomorrow, The classic one Lap Dash, 12hr and 24 hr. a few multis Entered, EVIL GNOME F85sr, MAD HATTER F85sr, FANTASTIQUE,Fontaine Pajout Cat. CATTY SHACK Seawind 1250, CURGLAFF,Weta tri, DOGWATCH turrissimo 11, FOXY,Lynx 8.8, GRINNER,Weta tri, ICHI,Nacra 17, ITS ALL GOOD, Ostac Tramp, PREMONITION,Multi 23, REFLECTION,seawind 1250, SEEADLER,Seawind 1160 lite, TASHA ,Spirited 380, TWO UP TOGETHER, Crowther 50. A pretty diverse group, all in it for the Cancer Council Fundraiser. Good Luck to all See you out there. LINK TO MY FUNDRAISING PAGE, If you would like to donate to the NSW CANCER COUNCIL(tax deductible for Aussies) Thanks in adanvce: https://www.doitforcancer.com.au/fundraisers/teamitsallgood
  5. honestjohn

    TF10 foiler... what could possibly go wrong!?.....

    In Australia virtually any inshore regatta will require either 5 or in some cases $10 million in Public liability , that would be as part of a full comprehensive policy, as im yet to find a company that offers only public liability. my 20 ft trailerable daysailer tri, was refused by most of the major marine insurers and even the company I am with, tells anyone who contacts them they do not insure trimarans. Most of the online quote pages,will boot you out the second you type trimaran in, they seem to accept cats, they also dislike moored boats. Anyway guys a bit of thread drift going on here.
  6. honestjohn

    TF10 foiler... what could possibly go wrong!?.....

    Well informed source says its on a ship but ,not being landed in Australia, is sold and heading back to Europe, unable to get racing insurance in Australia, is I believe, the reason. This insurance issue with tri's in Australia needs to be addressed.
  7. Fast boats! the div 1 boats shortest race has been about 15 miles, the longest well over 30. No race has started in under 10kts so far.
  8. Sorry Overlay we don't seem to be able to provide the type of entertainment, you require, maybe you need a play station.In the mean time we will deal with the wind ,waves lives, regulations, etc that occur outside your loungeroom. Or perhaps you'd like to show up here in your Boat and show us how its done?. The weather station that provides that info is Know where near the actual lake, and is wildly inaccurate, but lets not let facts interfere with your fun.
  9. I stand corrected Overlay, pretty sure it was called something else in there pre event publicity, it certainly caused some issues with the established event having such a long history.
  10. Sat on AP all arvo, got canned at 2.30pm
  11. This is correct 5 boats in div 2 boats rated for OMR , the others are just marked DNC in the OMR scores but included in PHS scores.
  12. Completely incorrect Overlay, the Australian Yachting Championships, ran last year at Sandringham, they had a Multihull division, This"shindig" is the Australian Multihull Championships Run by Multihullers For Multihullers, has been around since the early 1980's, started as the trailer tri nationals back then.
  13. a couple of pics from today
  14. Please note results for day 1, DIV 2, at the time of announcement at post race meeting where only provisional, we had received late info of a typo in one of the boats OMR spreadsheet data, at this point i'm unsure if these results have been corrected. It will be sorted before race start tomorrow.
  15. Things are starting to happen, Morticia arrived in town today!