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  1. The online entry form is now up and running, you ,can pay by credit card, direct debit, or paypal.
  2. The Regatta is open to any Cat 7 compliant multihull, its roots are the old Trailerable Mutihull Nationals, but it is certainly open to all comers, and has evolved to include larger non trailerable boats over the years, either in the racer Divisions,1 and 2 or the laid back cruiser Div 4. Top Gun entered today(50ft Crowther Catamaran) . .
  3. The 2018 Australian Multihull Championships, Sponsored by CH Robinson are on November 18th- 23rd 2018 at Wangi Sailing Club ,Lake Macquarie NSW, I apologise for the lateness of these documents. We Have Had a Few I.T. Hurdles, but almost sorted now Here are the links to the NOR and offline Entry form, (there is an online entry form a couple of days away,if you can hold off) . https://www.revolutionise.com.au/wangirsl/regatta/multi2018/ there are links here to accommodation , and some additional info within the NOR too. if you have any Questions please contact me, direct either by PM here, or my email and mobile numbers are on the docs. Please circulate this info to your multihull mates, lets make it a good one. I will bring updates here as things progress, as well as other online areas. Cheers John
  4. honestjohn

    Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta

    its on chidz, details going live in the next couple of days.
  5. honestjohn

    R2AK 2018

    Anyone know what happened to Team "Hard Lee" in the Farrier Eagle? They are back at the start now, looks like it was a quick trip back, tracker shows a straight line over land.
  6. honestjohn

    Hydroptere abandoned - Available for $20,000

    I'm with you snags, to many PC people, its called anarchy for a reason. And Bigrpowr you forgot the other welcome"FUCK OFF NEWB" followed by the tits comment, that's how it was when I came here. anyway back to watching the paint dry, i mean watching a famous record breaking tri ,slowly deteriorate until it sinks. Sad
  7. honestjohn

    Hydroptere abandoned - Available for $20,000

    Its an unwritten rule for Newbie on SA. any tits will do really,......... not grandma's though!.
  8. honestjohn

    8mt Grainger Racing Trimaran For Sale

    On your doorstep Chidz, get the moths out of your wallet!
  9. Might blow the $10k limit though. The alternative is a Tramp trimaran, (Pyramid Eagle in the USA) or Ostac tramp, a lot closer to his budget too, the absolute perfect family daysailer, floats in 8 inches of water too.
  10. honestjohn

    Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    Not looking good for Mad Hatter or the Evil Gnome there!
  11. honestjohn

    Marley Point 2018 50th Anniversary

    He usually cant reach them!
  12. honestjohn

    Heaven Can Wait charity race 2018

    Dare I say it?........ a Three Way!!!!
  13. honestjohn

    Heaven Can Wait charity race 2018

    Well done Evil and Chidz and Madhatter too, Looked good from where I was, i was heading south at Wangi point as you were heading for Belmont, smoking along on one hull, looked quicker than 19kts to me. A bloody top day, but that light stuff at the start put us way back ,that and the dickhead in a40ft leadbelly running along the line on port as the whole fleet tried to start on starboard,i left him my traditional starboard float bow signature on him as I tried to go down to minimize the impact,about 10 boats downwind all got tangled as the bare away cascaded, lucky we were not going fast. A 720 degree penalty doesn't seem enough sometimes! .