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    To t-bone a j class boat while on port tack at a bucket regatta.

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  1. The Commodore

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    News to me, but I can ask. Last I knew JT has no intention of creating any more screen names on this website nor continuing support there-of. AFAIK he is contemplating taking a hiatus from racing all together with. Like many, he has had his fill of the BS of the WLIS scene. Perhaps he will venture off again as he did several decades past and see how many countries he can add to his passport that say "Entry by Sea".
  2. The Commodore

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    oh dear Lord, I believe you owe me a new keyboard good man!
  3. The Commodore

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Well Mr. Murgatroyd, all I can say to that is; Choo Choo Charlie was an engineer, Choo Choo Charlie had a train we hear, He had an engine and it sure was fun, He used good n plenty candy to make the train run. Sing along at home if you know the words dear boy.
  4. The Commodore

    FICO Score

    Just bought a car and so they ran me and the little lady. Financially we are tied at the hip, so I don't quite understand how I pull an 840 and she an 835. Thit btw, is the highest I have ever seen it. Usually is in the 795-815 range..........
  5. The Commodore

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    are you actually serious about that, or are you being tongue in cheek? Which part are you referencing sir? I do know that our president, while giving it his best, could use encouragement and support. As for T-Bone's off-hand comment, PHRF with local politics and partisanship removed would have merits, no?
  6. The Commodore

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    T-Bone while you jest, that is pure genious. I suggest anyone disappointed in YRALIS PHRF contact the current persident and express your concerns and displeasures. <> I know he is looking for input.
  7. The Commodore

    What's happened to the C&C 30?

    I think you spelled quija wrong Snaggerpie.
  8. The Commodore

    espo is a dick

    Re-instate the Esposito fellow! We all only respect those who best us troof. When Espo disses WASPs it is all about his great respect for tribe Saxon kicking his dago arse.
  9. The Commodore

    New York 36 strange story

    I am affraid the op broke two of the cardinal rules of yacht ownership. Putting aside he purchased a beater NY 36 and brought her back to life, he 1.) fell in love with the damn thing and 2.) sold her to someone local. Experienced yachtsmen know never to do either of these.
  10. The Commodore

    espo is a dick

    Kindly address and refer to the artist formaly known as Espo the Dick as The Great Spandexpo. ​Thanks in advance. And Edgy, somewhere Peng Chang-kuei rolls over in his grave.
  11. The Commodore

    espo is a dick

    Would you chaps be so good to move this conversation over to "Men in Tights Anarchy"?
  12. The Commodore

    espo is a dick

    He isn't dead, he's just resting....... The crew still speaks fondly of our old mate. A day that will live in infamy indeed. Strava can lie. Big controversy in our town last summer because someone drove a hill with their bike on the back of their car and drove it slow enough that they clearly were trying to make it look like they were riding but accidentally did it about 15 seconds faster than the current record - held by an ex-pro cyclist and over 30 seconds faster than the second fastest time. Oops. And categories are just PHRF for humans If he's beating up on his Cat 4 brethren then it's time to upgrade. Sandbagging sucks. Mr. Esposito has been sandbagging for years.
  13. The Commodore

    Who is snaggletooth

    Clearly heroes amongst mere mortals.
  14. The Commodore

    Who is snaggletooth

    I didn't realize.... complete with yellow bottom??
  15. The Commodore

    Who is snaggletooth

    How can you be so sure he hasn't? Innocent question, don't go reading too much into it.