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  1. ita 16

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    Simon , what the hell are you talking about, it is logical that I speak about A cat (classic) as I started here posting the results of a new prototype of my A cat classic, but what goes through your brain. it is you who deflected the discussion on A cat foiling by talking about rules and rudders of foiling A cat . you speak about new boats sold because you want to use "only" this data, but it would be right to add to the list also all the ex classic boats then converted into foiling and currently converted to classic, or new foiling boats converted into classic, or sailors who after having tried the A foiling they sold this and bought old classics, and many other options. probably the international A cat is now having good numbers because the classics are returning to it, sailors waiting for this turnaround to return to this beautiful class "before foiling" , while some foilers are leaving. anyway, the international A cat does not have the high numbers as when it was exclusively classic, and everyone knows this, the data that I published are IACA data therefore real and indisputable but as usual you always have to distort what I wrote to be right on me . in these cases it is better to keep quiet.
  2. ita 16

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    Simon, I do this job exclusively for passion not for business as you always try to make it reader believe, if I wanted to do business 10 years ago I would have built the current A cat on foils and not the S9, I would add that if I wanted to do business I would have built a standard A cat not a totally different one like the current S1A. about numbers of international class A: I asked above to you because you are the experts and knowledgeable about everything but only 2 answered, so I published all the numbers that Im find on the IACA website, I did not invent anything. I add that this forum is not A cat so it would be better if you move the discussion about rudders to another forum. ps: I spoke here about A cat Classic also because for 8 years you and someothers attacked and denigrated me because I claimed that the A cat should have stay Classic, while you claimed that the A foiling would have been the future, currently the numbers show that you were wrong , so please try to be more correct and polite towards me in future. We compete in water not out of water Regards
  3. ita 16

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    you can write long posts such as encyclopedias and try as always to divert the readers , but numbers are numbers and do not change it , and the source of infos is IACA, unquestionable, so it is evident and above all """ true """ that currently the trend is Classic , and surely there is a very valid """ Why""", but this time you can't rage against me even if in the past I was on the right. Take it easy.
  4. ita 16

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    In Italy : A cat Association its 60% classic 40% foiling , Classic association 70 classic France : A cat association 120 members 90% classic , classic association 35 members. Sweden : mostly classic sailor in the fleet, ( IACA REPORT 2019) Austria : 18 members , 9 classic 9 foiling ( IACA REPORT 2019) UK : 40 members , 40% foiling 60% classic ( IACA REPORT 2019) Belgio: We have between 17 and 20 members depending on the year. There are 2 ‘A’ Class specific races in Belgium - The Onecup at the Lac de l’eau d’heure (SNEH), which this year had 22 participants (and a very nice exchange programme with the guys from Strasbourg: they come to us, we go to them). The Belgian Championships tend to get a good twenty or so Classics ( IACA REPORT). Someone know more number about missing countries?
  5. ita 16

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    I have seen publications on IACA website, concerning statistics and members' data, the classics are increasing, data from NZL, USA, Spain are missing. does anyone know number of classic and foiling members of these missing countries?
  6. ita 16

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    Thanks Maxstaylock . you say right, I think the A cat classic will always be the largest and ever-expanding fleet, in Italy they have all gone to classic, as well as almost all nations in europe, and this is the right way, unlike what many want to believe. Hellecat its not in our roadmap, for this year we have chosen to do only 2 national races to test the boat because we still have a lot to develop, I think we are about 80-85% of the potential, and the test data are already on the levels of an A cat classic built east Europe, on the other hand we have to face 50 years of evolution at the highest levels and topgun sailors.
  7. ita 16

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    Straight boards little bit canted.
  8. ita 16

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    Tests on S1 Acat go on quickly, data improve, improve upwind angles, improve top speeds. yesterday 12 knots wind, angle upwind 45 degrees, 18 knots top speed in downwind (excellent). S1 A seems to love medium and strong wind, accelerations are brutal, it pitches less than an A cat, it feels very safe and stable on it, this allows us to push boat to the max, tack are lightning fast. we are very satisfied and aware that we still have a lot of room for improvement. almost ready for debut at the italian championship A cat.
  9. ita 16

    To Foil or not to Foil, that is the question

    On every forum where we talk about foiling catamarans it seems that only A cat exists. how boring, always the same things.
  10. ita 16

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    Good. So about 10 S9 around USA. where are placed?
  11. ita 16

    iFLY15 - bullshit marketing?

    I write here both as a builder and as a sailor, after a little experience of 25 years in the A class at the highest levels, I have tested the softh wing sails many times as well as Arno Terra and M.M. on his ifat, I think I am sufficiently able to give real results (from my part ). speaking of upwind mode, I can say that the Moth is the best foiler, following the S9 with a good vmg, then class A and Phantom, whaszp, ifat, I have not had the opportunity to compare myself with others foilers. speaking of wing sails softh I think it is fair to specify that these sails have been tested on Moth, windsurf, S9, S1, A cat, ifat, for at least 6 years, but nobody has chosen to use these sails on races , there will be a reason, no ? only ifat has opted for these sails, I think it's for marketing, certainly not for performance.
  12. ita 16

    iFLY15 - bullshit marketing?

    Many test was made along last 5 years on s9 , A cat , windsurf , Moth , both foiling mode , never had good results in upwind against classic sails , specially when wind was down 8- 10 knods ,like we have see at Garda lake foiling week 2019 , S9 vs iFat .
  13. ita 16

    iFLY15 - bullshit marketing?

    1 - I did not mention insults but to the fact that what you wrote is not true but pure invention. 2- Mikael at first attempted to steal the project by scanning and replicating the s9 equal to how it was mine originally. 3- I never said that the S9 is the best boat on the market but I always said that it was built and designed for: very wide types of sailors, races and funclubs, large range of wind and wave conditions, weight and age of the crews , facilitates replacement of spare parts and their cost-effectiveness, and many other aspects that are not present on most foilers like Mikael boat. 4- it was been shown that the sail currently in use on Ifly is not better than the classic sails (on beach cat), I have tested this sail on the S9 without obtaining same performance than the classic sail, so what I see is only the result of marketing and current trends but which does not have an effective response in performance, so you cannot say that the S9 is old or worse finished than ifly because it is not true. 5- I add that the S9 was the first of its kind so it is logical and normal that all the most current projects have taken their cue from S9 trying to improve some micro gaps, but do you think really they managed to make a better boat? ;);););););)